Tuesday, March 3, 2015

No Wonder they don't want Bibi to go to Washington UPDATE

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UPDATE:  March 3, 2015 Stephen Lendman watches Bibi's address to Congress so you (and I) don't have to.  Thanks's Steve.  You saved my blood pressure.

9/11 New York City

Netanyahu is apparently speaking to the US Congress as I type....Israel owns both US houses of government, Congress and Senate, lock, stock and barrel. Obama according to news sources, did not want him to come to the US. No wonder Obama and other factions didn't want Netanyahu to visit the US.

Netanyahu has a habit of being in important places at critical times.  He was in New York City on the morning of 9/11 and was in London, UK on the morning of 7/7.  He was also in Paris at the time of the Charlie Hebdo massacres.  This guy has timing. Actually IMO, Netanyahu is just a high level Mafia Don.  That is why he was in those places at those times.  Netanyahu is a psychopathic liar, madman and megalomaniac--who should be defeated in the current Israeli election and then brought to justice.

I read on another blog over the past weekend that all Jews are responsible for Zionism. This is where I disagree. Not all Jews are responsible for the rogue government of Israel and its octopus-like tentacles that clutch the entire planet. All you have to do is mention Palestine martyr Rachel Corrie or Norman Finklestein as a response to those people. Norman Finklestein is one of my great jewish heros. There is nothing more courageous than to be a Jew and speak up against ZionismBrother Nathanael is another one even though he calls his site "Real Jew News". Gilad Atzmon is another "exceptional" example. Or, I could think of all the jews I know personally and back to my former boss G.L, many years ago. He's a lawyer and a good one. When I read or hear people deriding Jews I think of his gentle humour and his generosity. G.L. gave me the biggest Christmas bonuses I ever got!

I'm saying that Zionists/neocons/globalists are fanatics, extremists and mafioso who hide under the cover of the religion of Jews.  This is not a new tactic. Empire has been using the tactic of religious wars throughout history. In the 1500, 1600's Catholicism was used by France and England and Spain to spread their empires and power and to loot indigenous peoples all over the globe. The Jesuits dragged the small pox virus on their black robes from one Indian tent to another all over North America. Face it folks, man is a "one trick pony". He doesn't have a lot of originality.  If something works...use it. Today its Zionism/neoconservativism that has co-opted Judaism and is hiding behind it to do all manner of nefarious criminal activities. Zionists/neocons/globalists love nothing more than when the average guy starts to blame Jews in general.  That shows their subterfuge is working. Most people know (or WWII has taught them) that to blame a people for the crimes of fanatic criminals is a zero sum game.


rubbell said...

Weak analysis, homespun stuff is high in G.M.O. content, fit for draft animal?

greencrow said...

Hi rubbell:

What's your take (or analysis) on the topic?

rubbell said...

What is the glue that holds the group interlocking tight while it's various members conduct themselves as if they had roles in a gay parade? Look at who controls an inordinate influence in the various badge programs that eventually translate to status.

greencrow said...

rubbell says "... the glue that holds the group interlocking tight." This is the question. There is a pervasive evil force all right...it is pervasive/dominant but it is NOT total. That was my point. I used the example of Catholicism in the 1500 and 1600's as an adjunct/facilitator to empire. It was just as "tight" then as Zionism is today.

I was trying to make three simple points:

1) Zionism is not total vis a vis Judaism, and Judaism is not 100% Ziofascist...there are a few notable exceptions.

2) It's the same old Imperial dog and pony show...just with a different religion.

3) If we fall for the ruse that all Jews are in on/in charge of the evil that is going on today...we are falling for their game...which is to hide amongst the innocent.

rubbell said...

Yes, Zionism is operating system and extremely dangerous to the inferior operating system under name of Islam. Population control will not be random as Israel pointed out in explosive fashion and in a typical, revolutionary way. G.W. Bush say, no room on fence and declaration of war on Islam is take away. So, we are all down at the O.K. Corral and the shooting is about to begin. Best to treat this as a trademark war, with no legal niceties. As a person who's spirit has entrained his mind to take control of rebel body, the present world reality is delicious. The one thing you can count on the material world for is unending fireworks.So if brought to a military tribunal,my defence is, "my material body loves fireworks too,Your Highness".

greencrow said...

rubbell says:

"... Zionism is operating system and extremely dangerous to the inferior operating system under name of Islam..."

I see Islam as similar to the religions of the "savages" in North America at the time of the conquest. Islam is like the "potlatch" (sharing gathering/ceremony) of the Pacific West Coast Natives...which needed to be banned because it was "dangerous". Islam is just a meme for "othering" the victims, and for causing chaos and dispersing/mixing the races. I don't see Islam in and of itself as a threat to the world in any way. ISIS and al quaeda are just forth generation constructs of the western imperial forces used as patsys.

But it is an interesting discussion and I thank you very much for your input.