Saturday, March 14, 2015

Canadians finally waking up to oppressive police state/torture C-51 Bill UPDATED

UPDATE MARCH 17, 2015 - The Canadian Parliament is showing the world it's complete irrelevance and dysfunction in the commission hearings into C-51.  This is exactly why Canadians HAVE NO ONE TO VOTE FOR!

Marches against passage of C-51 are taking place all across Canada this weekend.

Will the protest demonstrations be enough to defeat this draconian, repressive, yet disturbingly vague law (that gives enormous power to CSIS and the RCMP--but which lacks government oversight)? Governments did not listen to Canadians when we opposed the war in Afghanistan. They don't listen to Canadians when, over and over again, we oppose oil tanker traffic in our navigably dangerous and ecologically vulnerable coastlines. We oppose pipelines and fracking--but they still don't listen. Another blogger reports that a former CSIS agent said over the weekend that Canada was "due for a 9/11".  Was that a thinly disgused threat?  Is that the extent they will go to shove this bill down our throats?

Well, I for one wouldn't put it past them.  I personally believe the Ottawa shootings near the Parliament buildings a few months ago were both false flags, perpetrated for the purpose of terrorizing Canadians into justifying this bill.  Frankly, folks, Stephen Harper and his government are merely "change agents"/facilitators of harmonization between Canada, the US and Mexico...towards the North American Union.  This bills is to harmonize Canada's Security State apparatus--with the US's "Patriot Act". I can't see Harper admitting defeat to his globalist handlers in the US and Israel by allowing Canadians more freedom than Americans. He doesn't see Canada as a separate state--that's the sum and total of it.

The only thing that might upset his plans is the First Nations wildcard....just like they did during the hated Meech Lake Accord in the early 1990's....the First Nations might play their ace card (The Indian Act--that gives them a defacto constitutional veto against any law that they believe might negatively affect them).  First Nations might save Canada from this mess...Again!

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