Sunday, February 8, 2015

Ukraine Update: Battle of the Holographic Figleaf

UPDATE:  February 9, 2015  A brief review of the headlines this morning would indicate that the huge explosion last night missed its mark...a chemical factory in Donetsk.  But it is a message that the Kiev Junta is willing to escalate the bombing of the Novorossiyan militia.  What was it the Yanks said about Viet Nam?  "We had to bomb the village in order to save it."  Here is a "must read" analysis and update by one of my favourite blog writers, Mike Whitney.  As in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, etc., etc., etc., the ZioAtlanticists in control of the US believe that even when they lose, they win. After all...when your ultimate goal is worldwide chaos...a huge bomb is a beautiful thing.

UPDATE:  February 8, 2015 Report of huge explosion going off today in Donetsk.  Now...who is behind just about every GD bomb that goes off in the world?  I Wonder!
PressTV reporting 45 Ukrainian military and 11 pro-Russian militia killed today.  The Ukraine military trying to break out of the "cauldron"?  Also today, RT is reporting that the estimates of casualties in the Ukraine so far could be as high as 50,000.  Also, from the RT report:  "...The situation on the battlefield is dire for the Ukrainian forces. Some 8,000 Ukrainian troops are believed to be surrounded near the village of Debaltsevo in Donbass. Militia units cut off the only road linking this pocket of land to Kiev-controlled territory.
READ MORE: Thousands of Ukrainian troops thought to be trapped in Donbass"

Statue of Soldier with Figleaf

First, a bit of Sunday HumoUr from India:

Obama greeted by Indian Prime Minister on his recent trip to India

Watch this and enjoy the "Fresh Take" on Obama's recent trip to India....They really should have included a bit about how Obama (in behaviour symptomatic of Aspergers Syndrome) ignored and thus embarrassed his wife Michelle once on the his excitement at being sychophantically welcomed by the Indian Prime Minister.

Now, for an update on the situation in Crimea.  As described in earlier posts, the world is waiting on tenterhooks for the results (if any) of the 5 hour meeting last Friday between Putin, Merkel and Hollande.  Latest reports are that representatives of the three (plus Poroshenko) are going to meet again next Wednesday in Minsk, Belarus to finalize their Agreement.  I am relieved to hear that Putin is not going personally to the meeting, as I believe he is at high risk for assassination any time he leaves Russia (and is not completely safe even within the Russian borders).

The Internet is full of analysis of the arguments on both sides of the crisis.  The Russians are being stoic (see Lavrov's speech and question period in Munich on Saturday) while the Americans are frenetically grasping at fig leafs of credibility and morality.  See this analysis:

Well worth the read if seeing the truth turned on its head doesn't turn your stomach.  The ZioAtlanticist always quantify any crisis in monetary terms.  The author of the above analysis posits that Russia might pay Ukraine for the Crimea and that would solve the matter.  The moral fig leaf they are clinging to, i.e., -- "Russia's 'annexation' of the Crimea"-- would then be torn off.

The ZioAtlanticists are twisted into moral pretzels over Ukraine. When NATO destroyed Yugoslavia and Serbia and scooped up referendum of the people legitimized the land grab. NATO just took Kosovo and ran. Crimean's were consulted in referendum and by a majority of over 90% voted to re-join Russia...a nation they had belonged to for centuries. I keep asking the Zios on newsforums..."What is it about a majority in a referendum that you can't understand?"  I never get a response to that question.

The other issue the Zios ignore is the language question. IMO, Ukraine lost Crimea and Novorossiya when the Kiev Junta signed into law a respressive language act, outlawing Russian as one of the official languages of Ukraine. As a Canadian, I have had it drilled into me all my life (every time I look at a cereal box) how important language is to national unity. Trudeau saved Canada by making French one of the two official languages from coast to coast to coast in Canada. How Harper can mealy mouthedly deny Crimean's their right to their native tongue (Russian) is beyond belief...but then Harper acts more like an alien from another galaxy than a Canadian.

Meanwhile, all has gone deadly silent on the battlefront.  Last we heard, the pro-Russia militia of Donatsk and Lugansk had 7000-8000 soldiers of the Ukraine military penned up in the Donbass, awaiting orders from Putin.  I believe when those soldiers are finally marched down the highway...sans weapons...with their hands in the air...there will be a few surprises as to who exactly is fighting in the Kiev Junta army.  Not only will we see the expected bedraggled Ukraine draftees...young men, wet behind the ears and reluctant---along with their authorities...the neoNazi private militia of Ukrainian oligarch Kolomoisky...but we will also see American Blackwater contractor types...CIA "advisers"....and the ubiquitous Israeli mercs.


rubbell said...

I grew up amongst Ukrainians and if I do not quibble, my parents arrived in Alberta at more or less the same time as they. Most people were brought up with little sense of personal history and those that did know history, kept it in the club. Now we get to see Ukraine in action and the coming out party explains the smell of garlic I have endured these many decades.

greencrow said...

Thanks for your comment, rubbell. Garlic has a certain supernatural significance that seems appropriate in the situation...perhaps we can wave it before those who set off the huge bomb in Donetsk last night.