Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The World According to Joaquin

Joaquin Flores on Morris108

One of my favourite bloggers is Morris Herman of Morris108. Morris, originally from the UK, is a world traveller. Currently he's living in Cambodia.  Morris travels around on a rickety motorbike and this provides excitement/adventures in and of itself. He's had a few motorbike crashes. Sometimes he does videos while he's travelling around on his motorbike without a helmet!

Joaquin Flores, as I understand it, is an American, born in New Mexico.  Currently he's employed as a geostrategic analyst at a NGO thinktank in Serbia.  Morris regularly interviews Joaquin about geopolitics in Europe, Russia and elsewhere.  Joaquin, for such a young man...has an extraordinary grasp of events and trends in geopolitics.  He provides a background to the events that are unfolding and paints complex shades of grey where the main$tream media provides only black and white viewpoints. There's nothing I enjoy more than to have my morning cup of coffee and watch/listen to Morris interview Joaquin about the latest developments in world events.

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