Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Reflections on my 154th post - Predictions Past and Future

Crystal Ball

Well, folks, it's mid February so let's check that prediction about the economic collapse that I diarized back last January.  Seems the dollar was suppose to collapse by February 17, 2015. Hmmmmmm. Another apocalyptic prediction gone down the swirly. Re economic collapse, I generally go to Paul Craig Roberts (who has a doctorate in economics) who says that the West can keep the dollar floating almost indefinitely, by dint of having the ability to not only print fiat American dollars---but the power to force other currencies such as the Euro and the Yen to print their currency in co-ordination as well...keeping the economic hamster wheel spinning. So long as BRICS doesn't bring the whole house of cards down, we're laffin'.

This post is one of my "reflection posts" (some would call "rants") that I do every fifty or so posts...covering random topics--with not a lot of links in support.  I have this compulsion to provide links for just about everything I post and sometimes it's a major drag.  I've been reviewing the news coming out of Ukraine very assiduously of late and it's not good.  Well, it's good in the sense that the Novorossiyans have not given away the shop (aka the cauldron full of surrounded and trapped Ukraine military and NATO contractors holed up in Debaltsevo).  This gain in the battle should not be frittered away, as it's a major strategic and propaganda advantage (when those NATO contractors finally do "come out with their hands up").  It was also gained at tremendous cost to the good guys...the pro-Russian militia.

Why do I side with the pro-Russians?  Simply put, I believe in a multi-polar world.  I believe in the right of every nation to develop its own culture and economy and thrive under the rule of international law.  This is polar opposite to what the ZioAtlanticist cabalists believe.  They believe that the US is "exceptional", and must economically and militarily rule over all the world, propped up by all its vassal states, including Canada.  They believe in ziofascism and that the laws (including international law) are for everyone else.  They are above the law.  In pursuit of their hegemonic obsession, the West has brought this planet to the brink of ruin. Only Russia, IMO stands between humanity and total panopticonic tyranny of the ziofascist mass murderers.

But, I digress.  Putin seems to be thumbing his nose at the West by travelling outside Russia...making deals with this country (Egypt) and that (Hungary).  They thought they had him penned up in Russia after MH17.  Putin is very good at beating the West at their own game....to ignore something is to deny it's existence.  That's the game the West has been playing for decades and Putin is showing that he's just as adept at ignoring them--as they are at ignoring him.  LOL.

Lastly, I had a good chuckle at my old nemesis BBC (Biggest and Best Calumny) getting forced into admitting one of their patented lies the other day.  Seems that one of their zio-stooge BBC reporters was standing outside the Donestk airport pretending that the artillery fire in the background was outgoing (fired by pro-Russia militia) when some incoming shots almost took him out...proving they were fired by the Kiev Junta military.  Too bad the incoming shots missed their mark.

Regarding predictions for this blog in the near future. I've been working on some posts on chemtrails/bioweapons/militarization of the weather...with lots of links. Also working on a long promised essay on "Putin's Russia", which will combine some more (unpublished) photos taken in Russia last summer together with a book review of Putin's biography "First Person" I recently read. I've also been working on some more wood carvings for my Arts and Crafts page....lots of fun and exciting projects.  

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