Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Russia shuts off gas valve to Europe - drops Petro$

UPDATE:  January 16, 2015 According to DAHBOO77...Greece is lining up with Russia over the Ukraine gas pipeline pullout.

UPDATE:  January 14, 2015 According to DAHBOO77, Russia is pulling out of the petrodollar:

Russia -- not so comfortable in Europe anymore

Russia, claiming that Ukraine has been up to its historical nasty habit (yet again) of siphoning off Russia's gas as it travels through the Ukraine part of the pipeline towards Europe, has shut off the gas valve....thus denying several European countries their gas.  Russia is saying that its gas will be diverted to Turkey instead.*  If Europeans want any of it, they will need to build their own pipeline to Turkey to get it.

Late last year, Russia announced that it was no longer planning to build another pipeline (South Stream) to Europe.  The plans to build this pipeline foundered on the EU's insistence that Russia could not both build and own the pipeline.  They had to sell it to one of the EU's energy companies to run. Russia is not into this kind of deal as it wants to become the same kind of energy powerhouse (i.e. control its own resources) that other countries take for granted that they can be.

So, the gauntlet has been officially dropped.  The US, through its meddling in Ukraine and forcing its' European client states to invoke sanctions against Russia, has pushed Europe into a very cold and dark corner indeed.  But, no doubt, Obama et al (already in frenetic M$M spin cycle) will respond by paraphrasing that famous statement:

"Let them eat cake in the cold and dark!"


* Just wondering if Russia's sudden decision had anything at all to do with this.  Just askin'.

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