Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Je ne suis pas Sheeple

Sheeple lined up in Paris to buy filthy bullying magazine

Browsing through my list of "Recommended Blogs" to the right this morning, I notice that a lot of fellow truth bloggers are summing up their thoughts on the Charlie Hebdo False Flag. These are my two cents.

First of all this was a masthead false flag, probably perpetrated by the primary cell of the world wide cabal.  It looks a lot like 9/11... as so many bloggers have pointed out...the "conveniently dropped ID"...the "suicided" investigator (just like "al qaeda" investigator John O'Neill was suicided in the towers that morning.  Correction:  John O'Neill died when the tower he was in, on his first day of work at his new job, collapsed.  Actually, I am going to leave in the word "suicided" because, for all I know, he could have been shot in his office.  I have read 9/11 eye-witnesses reports that assassination squads were roaming the site that day, "randomly" shooting people)....the conveniently-timed filming of selected segments of the attacks.  What is missing so far is the money-making component.  Knowing these perps' mindsets...there should be a monetary greasing of the wheels to complete the profile.  Is it the money they're making as the sheeple (above) line up to buy the toilet paper?  I doubt it.  That's not nearly enough money.  9/11 had all the "put options" and the insurance fraud.  There has to be a big amount of loot.  I know the French government has paid a large amount of money to save Charlie Hebdo from impending bankruptcy.  Why?

I note that a few bloggers haven't even touched the issue.  What's up with "The Corbett Report?"  That's a pity.  He recently covered the Federal Reserve...but even a lot of Main$tream blogs cover that massive fraud.  We need people to speak up when these satanic guerrilla attacks against humanity occur....calling them out for what they are.

Truth bloggers should never forget who we are...We're the grunts...the front line foot soldiers in the war against humanity.  We get down and dirty.  We counterattack.  We band together for strength of force.....while we still can.

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