Monday, January 12, 2015

Breaking News: BBC calls Charlie Hebdo attack a False Flag Hoax

UPDATE:  January 13, 2015  - Morris108 comments on the removal of the BBC video calling the Paris Attacks a False Flag.  I got the information originally from Morris108.  Here's what he says:

At the end of Morris's comments he shows the "Hoax video" in his video.  Of course, Blogger won't allow me to directly upload the video.  As frequent readers know....I have a very jaundiced view of the BBC.

Comment:  I am inclined to believe that the video was a hoax and the BBC's report was published to further muddy the waters.  Truthers are going to be divided and conquered like the rest of the population. According to psychologists, there is a hard core 37% of the population that likes to think for itself. This segment will be targetted more and more on the Internet by drills, hoaxes, slow-downs of Internet services, hackings, and mass Internet crashes.

BBC report* calling the attack a False Flag Hoax

If this charge sticks it could be a turning point.  Of course, how many times have I said (and hoped) that would be the case.  It could also be a lone truther mole at the BBC who will be successfully eliminated from the BBC payroll prior to the next "Drill the Media" event.

*UPDATE:  The video of the BBC report has been removed for "too much truthiness".  I will keep my eyes open to see if it shows up on another site or Vimeo, etc.  Otherwise, as rubbell says in the was sucked down the memory hole....along with countless other "snippets" of truth that have leaked out through the wall of lies.


rubbell said...

Memory hole seems to be working as designed. R.Olausen Alberta. Canada.

greencrow said...

Yes, rubbell

Didn't take long for the perps to patch the hole.


Penny said...

Dam missed it!!!!
If you get it back somehow let me know?