Sunday, January 4, 2015

A short list of some of the most boring topics for Bloggers

Yawning Baby

As we broach the  New Year 2015, and setting goals/ is yet another list.  It is a list of things that completely bore me.  Now, I won't say that I'm correct at being bored by some of these issues/subjects...a few of them are very important in the overall scheme of things.  It's just that they bore me. 

They bore me because: 1)  Many of them are like the weather...everybody talks about it but nobody does anything about it;  2)  Some of them provoke "circular arguments" or "black and white thinking" amongst those who deal with them in any depth;  3) Some promote "navel gazing"....narcissistic obsession with things North American and dismissal of anything that is NOT North American; 4)  Many are genuine frauds/big lies that any idiot can see--and if you have to convince an idiot of something....not worth the calories burned in the effort; 5)  Almost all of them are deliberate distractions and product placements--to divert humanity from what is being done to this planet and life thereon.

In no particular order here's the list:

Corruption in the CIA

American Football

American Movies/Celebrities

Fundamental (or any) religion

American politics

Global Warming/Climate Change

"Jews" being responsible for everything bad...when Jewishness is not a race.  It's Zionism that's the culprit

Sexual Peccadillos of celebrities

Canadian Politics

Sexual Peccadillos amongst the British Royal Family

British Television

The Weather

Aliens and/or any NASA space project

The British Royal Family

The Stockmarket

Any one of the countless financial Ponzi schemes, pyramid schemes and/or shell games played by the global banksters

The coming economic meltdown...."it's's really coming....honest to gawd it's gonna come!"

Peak Oil

Canadian Television


One of the Bushes or Clintons running for President, again!

any sport--other than Hockey

Sandy Hoax

All the other False Flags and Hoaxes....that will never result in justice matter how obvious the evidence.

Now...what would be really interesting is, in a "Man bites Dog" style headline....something would happen to even one of the above items that goes against the current ennui.  Now that would NOT be boring.


Penny said...

oops, I addressed on of your most boring topics and you are correct, i almost never do royal or celebrity stuff unless they relate to broader agendas-

like the abuse of humankind- then I am there!

but, an interesting list thanks GC

greencrow said...

I am sorry that some of the items on the list bore me. Perhaps it is more frustration than the fact that nothing ever happens to change the status quo. But, as for celebrities/Royalty....that is truly getting boring. We have KNOWN that the "Duke" is a sexual exploiter for years (at least I have) but he will never be made responsible for it. That is the game THEY play.

Penny said...

gc, don't be sorry- :(

If it bores or frustrates you it does and that's that!

Your right we have known for years that his princiness is an exploiter, but, then so is the whole family- what is really to be expected- but every once in a while the subject has to be addressed in the hopes of raising awareness in one more person