Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The Disposable World #2 - On Second Thought

Pink Floyd Mutant 
Applying my standard "reverse engineering" strategy on the theory, posed in the first part of this post, I have come up with an interesting supposition about why some "humans" are deliberately despoiling this planet (the only one we have) with toxic substances, notably radiation.  There is the systemic use of depleted radiation (which is the waste left over from nuclear power plants) by the US military all over the world....but over and above that....we also have deliberate radiation events like Fu*k YOU Shima.  In that instance, evil doers deliberately caused a tsunami (nuclear explosion under the ocean) and a meltdown (Stuxnet virus) of the Japanese Fukushima nuclear power plant...sending huge amounts of radiation into the air, soil, but most grievously...the Pacific Ocean...from where it is now being carried by current to North America and all over the world.
My reverse engineering theory, which is as good as any attempt to bring logic to this insanity...is that the evil ones are deliberately "radiating humanity" in an attempt to cause genetic human mutations...with the hope of creating a human species that is ultimately resistant to radiation ...and therefore able to traverse the Van Allen Radiation belts that encircle the world and keep our species "grounded".
Getting into their diabolical minds is a very depressing affair....so much so that it makes me fear for my own mental health and that of all of us bloggers out there who are condemned by altruism to examine the entrails of demons.... to see what the future portends.  On a happier more productive note, 'Tis the Season of Peace and Love...and I will soon be sending out my annual gift$ of appreciation to bloggers that I feel are contributing substantially to our alternative communications.  I urge anyone out there who is reading this to do the same if you can. 

Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb


Unknown said...

Wait, isn't it mostly the serf class that's being irradiated and mutated? Why would the elites want to send them into outer space?

greencrow said...

Thanks for your comment Poppadop1. We are ALL being mutated by the radiation emitted by human activity. No doubt the elites would like to send a few serfs into space at the outset as a test of the safety...prior to risking themselves. Good comment, though.