Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Breaking News: US setting up legal precedent for future mass torture

UPDATE:  December 10, 2014 Here....is a post with a list of all the torture methods used.  My point is....unless someone is punished for each and every one of these criminal acts...they are hereby formally sanctioned by the government for future use.
Edward Snowden agrees on this point...(Not that I don't have issues with Edward Snowden):
 The Senate’s report is a good step forward in terms of acknowledging the reality of what we have done. But this does nothing in terms of holding the officials who ordered this behavior and the officers who actually directly engaged in torture to account.”  


Folks...why is the US releasing this Report on Torture?  Is it so they can show the world what a 'free and open' society they are????  NAW.....what they're doing here is "normalizing" and institutionalizing their government's ongoing policy of torture. 

Step One:  Torture a whole bunch of folks

Step Two:  Write an Official Government Report about it and publish it widely

Step Three:  Have no legal recriminations...thereby allowing the top level planners and systemic factotum torturers to go free, and;

Step Four:  Legal precedent is then set that the US government can torture folks and nothing will happen.


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