Friday, October 17, 2014

Russian Talk Show

NOTE  October 22, 2014:  I have updated my art page with some fall photography.

UPDATE October 22, 2014:  Dimitry Orlov has written one of the best analysis of Russian/American Geopolitics that I have read.  All I can add to it is "What he said."  But Dr. Lasha Darkmoon did improve it with this annotated version.


Russian Crest

Watch this Russian Talk show...from a link copied from The Vinyard of the Saker

[I'm sorry, YouTube won't allow me to upload these videos directly onto my blog, for some reason.] find out how Russians view the west...following Obama's recent horrific speech to the UN.  As stated during the talk show, Russians regard Obama's remarks about their country--in a list that also included Ebola and ISIS--as an "official declaration of war".

Interesting glimpse into the Russians' viewpoint.  They are right about most things, but the elephants in the living room are: 1) the clout of the western main$tream media....which, like the psychopathic liar Obama, lies inexorably to Americans.  This all-pervasive media controls the "west" and prods humanity relentlessly towards war.  Who runs this system?  2) The Russians give way too much credit to "Americans", not realizing that the US is a ZOG....Zionist Occupied Government.  So are many other western countries, including the 5iZOG (U.S., Canada, Australia New Zealand and UK).  To many of the nationals who live in them, these countries now feel like oppressive prisons.  Many westerners look sadly towards Russia as a saviour.

Russia should encourage its natural and potential allies in the west to throw off their shackles.  Russia can help those millions of us who are imprisoned by lies in the west by supporting the "truth community"....As an example, if they provided us with intelligence/evidence, we could crack the 9/11 false flag/coup d'etat wide open and send the perps to prison. Then the problems for Russia and the West would be solved. Because....IMO, the 9/11 perps and the enemies of Russia are one and the same.

Finally, someone (Matt Lee, the intrepid AP White House Reporter) speaks truth to power and tells the US State Department and Pentagon Press Secretary Rear Adm. John Kirby how Russians perceive NATO:

[viewer comment: "Matt Lee gets some fresh meat, Psaki gets a break while Matt makes a US military spokesperson look a fool."]

The Rear Admiral is easily baffled by unaccustomed logic.


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