Friday, February 15, 2019

Under Pressure

Freddy Mercury of Queen
 Singing "Under Pressure"

Canadian politics these last few weeks has all been about actions and decisions that politicians have made or who have been accused to have made while "Under Pressure"In the case at hand, former Minister of Justice Jody Wilson-Raybould is reported to have resisted undue pressure by the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, regarding a Federal government decision whether or not to allow a huge Quebec-based construction company, SNC Lavalin, avoid prosecution for fraud and settle with a remediation paying a fine in lieu of conviction.

Trudeau insists he did not exert pressure on Jody Wilson-Raybould.  He says he simply told her that "the decision was hers to make and he expected her to make it."  Wilson-Raybould hasn't said directly that she felt she was being pressured to direct the Office of Prosecutions to go along with the remediation decision.  But, the old expression I always use comes into play here.  "Res Ipsa Loquitur"--the thing speaks for itself.  The fact she resigned within hours of Trudeau publicly saying he never pressured her certainly leads onlookers to believe her memory differs from the Prime Minister on that score.

Readers can certainly empathize with Wilson-Raybould in the situation she was in.  First indigenous woman cabinet politician and new cabinet minister.  Sitting down with the Prime Minister, a "macho male"... with his "macho male" staff in the PMO.  Perhaps she was in a room with three men, Trudeau and his two honchos.  They tell her how important it is for SNC Lavalin to continue to bid for government contracts....something it would no longer be able to do if found guilty of fraud.  After all, SNC Lavalin had lobbied long and hard to the PMO for just such a meeting with Jody.

Hey, as a sidebar, I can remember, believe it or not, when lobbying was regarded negatively by Ottawa.  It was only three or four decades ago that lobbyists were officially condoned, had to register and became able to prowl the halls of power in Ottawa trying to circumvent Canadian laws and, just like in our USrael neighbour to the south...they've virtually taken over.  They ARE the government...with the politicians just being the factotums tasked with carrying out their wishes.   The lobbyists hired by SNC Lavalin were/are certainly more powerful than Jody Wilson-Raybould was at that meeting she had in the PMO last Fall.  Res Ipsa Loquitur.

Another new thing that's going on in Ottawa these dayz.  In olden times when the Federal cabinet met, it was only the prime minister and his cabinet ministers in the room--which allowed for some freewheeling conversations/debates.  Nowadayz, the Prime Minister brings his two Office staff.  What are those guyz doing in the room anyway, you might well arsk.  THEY weren't elected.  What is their background?  Are they subversive foreign moles, listening in and reporting to their superiors on what goes on in the Canadian Federal Cabinet?  Who knowz.

Yes, I'm sure Jody Wilson-Raybould was under incredible pressure when she met with Trudeau and his henchmen last fall.  I'm sure the conversation was rather short and to the point.  "Tell the prosecutors to call off the trial and go for remediation."  "And if I don't?"  "It's your decision and I expect you to make it."  If she still didn't understand what decision she was "expected" to make...she sure found out when she was demoted after Christmas.  "Res Ipsa Loquitur."

But all this focus on the minutia of the scandal that was pre-selected to bring down the potential electoral loser in next Falls Federal Election is just falling for the old "Forest for the Trees" ploy.  The "forest", in this case is that Trudeau is being targeted for elimination and if it wasn't the Jody Wilson-Raybould scandal, there would be something else. In fact, there IS something else.  There's another scandal on the Back Burner, the "Navy/Vice Admiral Norman" scandal...which can be stoked if the Jody Wilson-Raybould scandal doesn't do the trick.

How do we know all this?  Res Ipsa the way the globalist, Ziofascist-controlled Canadian media is currently putting Trudeau through the patented 24/7 media frenzy wringer. Can anyone point out any significant difference---between the way the pre$$ is treating Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro---and/or the way the press is treating Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau?  Total frenzy, total lopsided coverage.  Both "Fake Newz".  All with the same goal....putting these targeted politicans "Under Pressure".

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Valentine's Day Post 2019

Valentine's Day Unicorn

It's Valentine's Day and time for some schmaltz.  All year long I avoid schmaltz and cheesiness like the plague...but on February 14th I revel in it.  The above photo I took a few minutes ago here in my office.  It's of a half-finished wood carving of a unicorn I'm working on.  I put some temporary beads in his eyes for the photo shoot.  When finished he's supposed to have "sapphire" eyes.

This year, I've chosen some personal favourites for my Valentine's Day romantic music.  The first song was a hit in 1977, the year I met my husband.  It's from the classic Fleetwood Mac "Rumours" album.

You Make Lovin' Fun
Fleetwood Mac

The second one is ultimate Schmaltz by Michael Bolton but also reminds me of my husband because it really describes my feelings for him.  They're beyond mere words.  Enjoy! and a very happy Valentine's Day to all you lovers out there...which includes all of us, whether in a relationship or not.  We're All Lovers and particularly on Valentine's Day!

"Said I Loved You But I Lied"
Sung by Michael Bolton

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

5G Street Lighting is very Dangerous to Humans, Birds, Bees and Other Living Things?

5G Street Lighting - saving money?
It's on all day AND night

According to this video linked to by Philosopher's Stone blog this morning, the Huawei 5G controversy is about more, way more, than just "back door" security breaches.  According to this video blogger, with a very thick northern UK accent [barely comprehensible at times] who is shooting the video while driving around his community, the newly installed remotely-managed led street light system is very dangerous.  He says that the lights are very hard on human eyes and could perhaps even lead to blindness.  The led street lights should be covered by "diffusers" which not all the lights seem to have installed.  Worse than that...the led lights emit powerful radiation throughout the surrounding environment which which can cause cancer in humans.  The cancer is manifested..not over a period of decades or years...which has previously been the case with technological carcinogen risks...but within days or weeks!  Lastly, he notes that many of the street lights appear burned out, and asks why?  Wouldn't this mean that the regular maintenance/upkeep would make these lighting systems financially untenable?

But even more disturbing, if possible, the video blogger alleges that the radiation emitted from the street light systems kills birds and bees.  He asks the question which a lot of folks have been asking:  Why have there not been any health studies done on 5G?  He then offers a rationale:  Because the 5G technology would never pass health studies.

So, the greencrow is wondering whether all this geopolitical/legal hullabaloo about the 5G company, Huawei, is not just a distraction from the technological flaws/dangers aka health risks of 5G.  I'm also thinking back to my trip to China last year.  Remember I reported after I returned that there were "no birds" in Shanghai?  I asked the locals why not and they simply looked at me dumbfounded.  Why was the lack of birds even a problem?  Now, I'm thinking that the absence of birds could have been the result of saturation of Shanghai and China with this 5G technology.  The "canary in the coal mine" takes on a whole new relevance now, doesn't it?

Oh, to be able to return to a simpler time when "Blinded by the Light" was a metaphor..or a song title...not a clear and present reality/danger.

Manfred Man - "Blinded by the Light"

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Political Newbie finds out What Happens when you Play Politics With the Big Boyz

Jody Wilson-Raybould
Former Canadian Minister of Justice
and Veterans Affairs Minister
has now resigned from Trudeau Cabinet

Last week I gave my readers a heads up that "regime change" will shortly be coming to Canada.  True to my thesis, more developments serve to confirm my suspicion that the PTB have confronted the reality that Trudeau does not have the poll numbers to pull off an electoral win for the Ruling Liberals in the Federal election slated for the fall.  Even with the installation of an unpalatable drone candidate in the third party NDP, the numbers just aren't there.

This is how politics works, folks.  When the poll numbers are horrific...all of a sudden a lot of "scandals" come out of the woodwork to bring down the installed puppet and get him out of the way so a "fresh face" can appear just in time to go before the voters.  And this is exactly what is happening in Canada this week.

The scandal they chose to inflate was a stereotypical one where the PTB have already seized the "high ground", and are forcing the loser out with allegations of legal impropriety.  Little Jody Wilson-Raybould just happens to be caught in the crossfire.  Or, she could be called a "decoy" set up outside the blind to lure the target(s).

Please read the "Breaking News" report from News1130 regarding the decoy's sudden resignation and I will have further comments to follow:

TORONTO — Canada’s former justice minister has quit Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s cabinet amid allegations Trudeau’s office pressured her to avoid prosecuting a major Canadian engineering firm.

Veterans Affairs Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould released a letter Tuesday announcing her resignation. She was demoted from the post of justice minister last month.

The Globe and Mail newspaper reported last week that Trudeau or his staff pressured her to arrange a deal with Montreal-based SNC-Lavalin that would let it avoid criminal prosecution on allegations of corruption involving government contracts in Libya.

Wilson-Raybould has hired a former Supreme Court justice to advise her on what she can say publicly about the matter.

Her resignation is a potential blow to Trudeau as he faces re-election this year. He has denied directing Wilson-Raybold to arrange such a deal.

The Associated Press


Greencrow says:  Trudeau was in Vancouver over the past weekend and met with Wilson-Raybould.  According to Trudeau, she reminded him that he had, in fact, discussed the SNC Lavalin legal matter personally with her last Fall.  That is the "smoking gun".  What was discussed in that conversation will be the tool that separates, like a surgeons scalpal, the tumour from the organ...Trudeau from the Canadian government.  Below is a video of Trudeau admitting that he discussed the matter with Wilson-Raybould:

PM Trudeau admits he discussed SNC Lavalin
case with Wilson-Raybould last fall
[aka the "limited hang out"]

Have you ever watched one of those "nature videos" where, out on the African savannah, a lioness is stalking a herd of wildebeests She separates one from the herd and then pursues it, chasing this way and that, sometimes it looks like the wildebeest is going to escape...but then it stumbles.  The lioness, patient and persistent [she has a family to feed] circles the prey, darting in and out of the wild grasses.  Finally, when the wildebeest is flagged from the chase, the lioness charges and grabs the wildebeest by the throat with her jaws.  She holds him around the neck with both paws while she attempts to force him off his feet. Finally, he flops on one side on the ground.  Tastefully, the high grass obscures from the camera what comes next.  

So what we're seeing this week is all about the drama of the chase.  What's left out of sight is the bigger picture, the reason for the chase...the family of hungry little lions back home...waiting for their meal.

Setting the table: M$M Commentator says
if Trudeau interfered in legal process

What neophyte polititian, former Minister of Justice Jody Wilson-Raybould might learn from this harsh first exposure to "Playing Politics with the Big Boyz"..... is that she is no more a factor in the above drama than the grasses on the savannah of Africa where the lion met the wildebeest.  She's just meant to "tastefully" obscure the final kill.

More Venezuelorwellian Nonsense from the Trudeau Regime

BC Snowmageddon February 2019

Second day in a row of snow in the lower mainland.  Another "inside" day.  I shot the above video from our upstairs window.

Want to post a couple of updates on stories I'm following.  First, we have a few more tidbits on the "failure to launch" regime change operation going on in Venezuela.  According to RT, Russian and Latin American news outlets were denied access to cover the recent "Lima meeting" that Chrystia Freeland convened in Ottawa.  This was the meeting of USrael vassals who were assigned to "put lipstick on the pig", Juan Guaido.  The ham-fisted effort only served to consolidate opposition to the daylight robbery attempt at stealing Venezuelan resources.

Russian and Latin American alternative news outlets denied access to the so-called "Lima meeting"

The story is interesting from the POV of the Canadian Federal Liberal government's overall approach to freedom of speech in this country.  Freeland has been going around making sure that all the Main$tream media are "on the same page" vis a vis the "official story" on Venezuela.  She even arranged for the small number of Ethnic Venezuelan CUPE [Canadian Union of Public Employees] members to break ranks with the Union leadership and demand that Guaido be recognized.  As I've already reported...CUPE is the only Canadian entity of any note to oppose the Usurper.

On a personal note...the CBC has still 'permanently' banned me from their comments section...with the insistence that I use my own name rather than greencrow, after posting at the CBC under "greencrow" for more than a decade. This restrictive, "silencing of opposition" policy change in CBC policy followed close on the heels of Freeland's installment in her Cabinet Post.  With the growing likelihood that Freeland and her Liberal ilk will soon be history...I'm looking forward to the policy being changed back--and again being able to join in the comments forums on my taxpayer-funded national broadcaster.

Guaido is [amongst everything else] yet another Ziofascist tool

Tidbit number two is the Reuters report that Guaido is promising Venezuelans that, one of his first acts of government...once he finally emerges from his hidden location in the Columbian Embassy in Caracas...will be to re-establish diplomatic relations with Israel.  Apparently Hugo Chavez cut off diplomatic relations with Israel in solidarity with Palestinians.  I have said right from the beginning of this faux "revolution" that one of the main goals of taking over Venezuela is to provide a "Plan B" homeland for Jews....for that day that is coming when Israel disappears into the sands of time...sinking under the weight of its own iniquity.  I said then, and I insist now...that the perps behind the attempted regime change coup are almost all either Jews themselves [including Venezuelan Jews] and/or their Zionist goyim factotums.  In fact look at any of the modern regime changes whether in Latin America or even Ukraine... It is ever thus.

Monday, February 11, 2019

The UNZ Review puts the current "vendetta du jour" into perspective: Blackface History Is Jewish History

Jewish music publisher Isidore Witmark created and
 distributed disgraceful “coon” images of Blacks
 for world consumption. Witmark, along with his
 Hollywood brethren, were leaders in institutionalizing anti-Black racism.

We're snowed in here in the Pacific North West.  Currently 7 degrees below zero [Celsius].  Good day to get some carving done.  In the meantime, I'm presenting this excellent article from the UNZ Review.  It is a revelation of the real history behind the current controversy in the Jewish-owned media about "blackface" in the United States.

When I was a young person, the concept of blackface was nothing out of the ordinary.  We saw it on the TV all the time.  It started during the "vaudeville" era in the United States entertainment scene.  Funny, the article linked above does not reference the peak era of "blackface"--the Vaudeville era.  Vaudeville was before my time but, when I was young, we saw blackface in movie depictions of vaudeville [Al Jolson] and even on variety TV shows like "Ed Sullivan".  We took it for granted and I was oblivious to its "racist" elements.  It seemed an intrinsic component of American history and "culture".  It was kind of like how leprechauns, with their "pots of gold" were emblematic of "Irish culture"...or how "Dracula" characters were emblematic of eastern European culture.

Now, "blackface" has been resurrected by the proponents of "identity politics" in the Jewish-controlled media...and vilified as damnably racist.  So racist...that anyone who ever covered their face with blackened cork must immediately resign from whatever meaningful and/or gainful employment they might have and go into permanent hiding.  Thank heaven I'm retired...because I can vaguely remember trying to blacken my face with cork for Hallowe'en when I was about 10.  Hopefully, there's no photo of me lying around in an attic somewhere.  Whatever.

BUT...What a distraction!  The media frenzy should be good for a couple of weeks or maybe even a month of obsessive media coverage and, perhaps, even hatch a mini #me too movement.  Like the other "victims of blackface" I can also shout out that I had to watch black-faced Jewish performers all the time on my black and white TV.  What harm did it do to my tender psyche?  I'll never know.  But I can state that it was only a small part of a completely bogus US history narrative  [like the cowboys/indians of the "Wild West" and the Apollo lunar landing hoaxes] that North Americans were being fed all the time and continue to be fed even today!

So, my dear readers...ask not why the perps are distracting you with this "blackface" twisting of history into a pretzel at this time.  INSTEAD, ASK WHAT THEY'RE DISTRACTING YOU FROM.  What satanic maneuver are they perpetrating behind the curtains of this "blackface" show?  Most of the article linked above and learn your history!

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Globalmonetarchy - New form of government that is replacing "Democracy" in the West?

Orwellian Double-Speak Session Held Recently in Canada
© Provided by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Minister of Foreign Affairs Chrystia Freeland, and Peru's Minister of Foreign Affairs Nestor Popolizio Bardales, bottom left, look on as Venezuelan Opposition Leader Juan Guaido makes brief remarks via video link at the opening session of the 10th ministerial meeting of the Lima Group in Ottawa on Monday, Feb. 4, 2019. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Sean Kilpatrick

Words fail me.  No.  Literally.  There is no extant vocabulary to describe what is actually going on in the photo above.  We have a man who has never even run for the position of president...sitting in a presidential setting, with the Venezuelan flag draped behind him, talking with a group of foreign leaders.  Usurper Juan Guaido is presenting himself as the lawful leader of a country that has been targeted for "regime change"--the de facto Plan B when "democracy" fails to elect the leader that the Global Monetarchists want.  There.  I have created a new word to describe what is going on.  The flunkies sitting below the Orwellian photo/video of Juan Guido above are actually not Democratic leaders but "Global Monetarchists" [see definition at the end of this post].  They want to establish a Global Monetarchy in Venezuela.  In plain language, this is rule...not by national leaders but by local puppets installed and controlled by sovereign international banksters, corporatists and the "MIC-Military Industrial Complex".  This is what it looks like:

Globalmonetarchy has replaced Democracy

I'm not the only blogger who is desperately in search of a new vocabulary to describe and discuss the geopolitical transformation that is going on before our eyes.  The Saker is doing it HERE.  And Stephen Lendman is doing it in the snippet copied below.  Please read and I will have final comments to follow:

…..At the same time, an ongoing attempt aims to replace democratic governance in Venezuela with fascist tyranny, perhaps by military intervention if other Trump regime methods fail – the fate of the nation and its people hanging in the balance.

Trump’s theme was “choosing greatness” in a nation posing humanity’s greatest threat, run by its criminal class, a gangster state, a totalitarian plutocracy, oligarchy and kleptocracy, hypocrisy, not democracy, a notion Republicans and Dems abhor, tolerating it nowhere, including at home.

Rule of the people in America means of, by, and for its privileged class exclusively, most others exploited.

The world’s richest nation doesn’t give a hoot about its most disadvantaged citizens, including combat veterans, treated with disdain – lied to about democracy building abroad, Washington’s deadliest export, their mission all about pursuing imperial dominance worldwide.


There is no alternative (TINA). The choice between freedom or fascism is simple – living free or under the yoke of tyrannical rule.


Greencrow says:  William I. Robinson offers the word "polyarchy" to describe the kind of dictatorial governance the perps are relentlessly maneuvering to install globally. Whatever the correct word is, the concept, if it is to become successful, i.e., "global", will require a lot of group amnesia...the populations will be required to forget not only their national history...but their moral values and their culture.

That's what is going on in the photo at the top of this post.  Canadians are being brainwashed in the most blatant, Orwellian fashion to forget their national forget democracy, to forget morality and to embrace the New World Order.

Global Monetarchy

This is the mechanism that will be employed locally to impose sole sovereignty throughout the world--Global Monetarchy. I have created a crude definition of the term below:

Global Monetarchy:  A global monetarchy is a form of government in which a group, generally a group of local people, selected by, representing and acting on behalf of an international power network, embodies the country's national identity while its head, the foreign, anonymous, monetist Ziofacist globalists, exercise the role of supreme sovereign.