Monday, August 10, 2020

FreakedOut Update On the CovID Plandemic: Masks and 5G


My regular contributor FreakedOut has sent us some great links on the sentient War for Humanity against the Communist "Global Health Security" PerpZ.  First, he has a video showing how Montreal sentients rallied against the Australian Lockdown.


“100,000 March in Montreal as 25 Million Aussies Hide Behind Masks”

March against Masks
H/T to FreakedOut

FreakedOut says:  RichieFromBoston is on the road heading west to Oregon, mostly along Interstate 80, and is seeing convoys of what he is calling white telecom trucks heading easterly (to the East Coast)? Are they assisting with outages after the recent tropical storm that came up the coast? Fortunately for us some of his subscribers, who are working on the 5G buildout, have contacted him for anonymous interviews! They already told him that when they bring the new 5G equipment online @ Approx. 20-40% power levels they’re seeing birds drop dead instantly! Sound familiar?

 Anyway, he also mentions a report coming out of Dallas Texas talking about all these 5G(?) polls going up and the article asked,” what are they for?”  Judging from the one picture in the article I saw, it does look like cellular equipment (second video link).

Report from 5G Technicians here:

“5G as a Weapon CONFIRMED !!”

“5G as a Weapon CONFIRMED !!” 
Richie from Boston
H/T FreakedOut

Report on white telecom trucks rolling east and comments on many issues affecting us (Richie’s take on the Beirut explosion [hint: DEW]) here:

“The Invading 5G armies are rolling”
Richie From Boston
H/T FreakedOut


Greencrow says:  Thanks a lot for these links, FreakedOut.  The WiFi is so powerful here in Silva Bay that I woke up last night and the fingers of my right hand were numb and tingling.  I've learned to recognize that as a sign of 5G5G is an integral part of the "Global Health Security" plot to enslave humanity.  If what we've posted about nanobots and 5G is true...we'll all light up like those "glow in the dark" radioactive watches they used to sell to kids via mail order.  Remember those?

We won't need flashlights anymore...we'll just hold out our hand in front of us. EEeks!


Solving the Face Mask Syndrome
Symptoms:  Itchy face, sweaty pimples, rashes, bacteria,
fungus, CO2 inhalation leads to oxidases

Good morning folks.  It's a cloudy, cool and blustery day here in Silva Bay Harbour on Gabriola Island. Silva Bay Marina has full WiFi service so I can blog from the comfort of our boat again...not sitting on a log, like I was doing outside the Gibsons Marina for a couple of days.

We made it over here yesterday across Georgia Strait under full sail all the way.  We were on a beam reach which is one of the most comfortable points of sailing. Most of the time we were doing 5 knots or better.  It was brilliantly sunny...a wonderful day for a sail but now today it's back to what has been normal for this summer.  Cloudy and windy.  Glad we're snug in harbour and having a "down day"...just relaxing.

Joey our elderly malti-poo is hanging in.  He's kind of out of it now with all the meds prescribed by the vet we saw the day before yesterday.  He's on two kinds of pain killers...something for his stomach and a vitamin. The doctor said in addition to his chronic bad back he's got gas.  So Joey is also on Beano.  Our other dog, Macki, the Papillion is doing fine and is an enthusiastic sailor.

Today I was going to write a post about the Mask Hoax which is a sub hoax of the CovID-19 Plandemic/Scamdemic Hoax.  But after checking my favourites this morning I find I don't have to.  My blogging colleague, Penny of Pennyforyourthoughts has done an excellent post on this topic and has covered nearly all the bases here.

While Penny covered the "Paranoia" psychological effect of mask-wearing IMO there's another psychological aspect that I call the "Humbot" effect.  When everyone is wearing a mask their humanism is diminished and they become somewhat robotic in their interactions.  People are anonymous to one another.  That's the ticket.  And that's the purpose of the Mask Hoax.  As I've said in previous posts, the BLM and Antifa hide their identities behind their masks because they're most likely re-cycled ISIS fighters.

As the months of this horrific annus horribilis drag on it becomes more and more evident that the perpZ have attempted to place planet earth under a Communist "Medical" martial law.  They've been more or less successful but there is a significant portion of the human population (that I call the sentients) who are in opposition and who now know that this is all a Communist caper done under cover of the GateZ-owned WHO and the Communist controlled United Nations.  It has been planned for at least a decade and has been activated under the aegis of a United Nations Agreement, signed back in 2010 to have two "simulation exercises" in 2020.  One, a simulation excise of a global pandemic and the second, which has not happened yet...a simulation exercise of the deliberate release of a pathogen.  We know that the key words in the agreement are "Global Health Security" and that the "security" involves mandatory vaccinations of all humans.

We know that Baal GateZ has invested all his money, reputation and power into the digital vaccines that he's working on which will connect our human bodies to a global payment and financial transfer system.  So, this is what we know to date.  That the masks are just one dehumanizing aspect of this global project of Transhumanism.  Those who wear masks are wittingly or unwittingly collaborators and are no longer humans (sentients) they are "Humbots".

Saturday, August 8, 2020

Hockey - in a time of Perp Imposed Sensory Deprivation

Good morning readers.  Before I get to the topic of this post just a brief update on the sail.  We're going to be staying in Gibsons for at least another day.  Two reasons for this.  First, our elderly dog Joey took ill last night, crying out in pain.  He has a chronically bad back and I guess walking on the docks [and having to be carried because he's afraid of falling through the cracks in the wooden planks and into the ocean!] pushed his back over the edge.  Luckily I carried a few dog pain pills with me for just such a happenstance and gave him two this morning.  But he is virtually immobile and we're going to have to take him to the local vet when they open later.  Best case scenario is they give us an adequate supply of pain meds till we get back home.  Having been through this before I know there's nothing they can really do to fix his back.

The second reason we're glad to stay for another night is that there is a "small craft warning" for Georgia Strait.  It has been very windy and bouncy for several days now and we don't want to subject ourselves and the boat to that.  Hopefully the winds will settle down in the next day or so.

Now, on to the topic of this post which is the pathetic and disgusting "constructive dismissal" tactic of denying humanity team sports.  This was always so obvious to me right from the beginning a petty and cruel effort to grind us down and leave us depressed.  Last night we listened to the Canucks play the Minnesota Wild for the right to be in the truncated "Stanley Cup Playoffs".  It's sad to watch the games on TV.  The stands are empty but there's still the weird sound of crowds.  It's like "The Twilight Zone".  The PerpZ who planed this WHO/UN 'simulation exercise" no doubt know that when it comes to team sports, the crowd is as much a part of the action as the players.  Particularly hockey fans.  The fans and the team feed off one another's energy and everyone benefits with an endorphin/adrenalin rush.  Sports have evolved along with humanity and are woven into our human culture.  So they cut us off--Cold Turkey.  

If you turn on the TV and watch the newZ every single story has a CovID angle...even the sports.  What team member has CovID...whatever.  Still...I haven't met a single person who has had the CovID...or knows anyone who has had the so-called virus.  When I go around the small town of Gibsons...most people aren't wearing masks.  People here are a very independent sort.  They seem to be defiantly not going along with the scam.

NHL pipes in audio of fans yelling insults about opposing players’ mothers

So the above link from The Beaverton puts a humourous spin on the weird aspect they've created to try and lend some authenticity to the "new normal" hockey games.

I saw a headline yesterday where 42%  of  the UK people will not be taking the vaccine.  Surely the Plandemic People must know they're screwed.  But it's the same as the Lunar Hoax and 9/11 and all the other's too big to fail...the media will NEVER tell the truth because they're criminally complicit  to the bone.  The big question are they going to extricate themselves from this box they've got themselves in now.

Well, that's it for now.  Better get back to the boat and take care of old Joey.  Over and out from Gibsons Marina, BC


Friday, August 7, 2020

Constructive Dismissal - Tactic Used by WHO/UN to "cull" Humanity during Plandemic Hoax

Constructive Discharge |
Constructive Dismissal in the Workplace

Hi everyone:  Here I am sitting on a log bench outside the Gibson Marina office.  The only WiFi available is here and very uncomfortable.  my laptop is actually perched precariously on my lap as I type.  I had a great post lined up because I had a brainwave the other day.  What they're doing to humanity is what the corporate world calls "Constructive Dismissal". This happens when an employee is no longer desired in the corporation but there is no real reason to fire.  In private business they just harass the employee out the door.  In Government services which is where I used to's much more subtle because employees are protected by a union. So what they do is have a "Re-org".  I've discussed that in a previous post some time ago.  A "Re-Org" is designed to make things so uncomfortable for the employees that many of them will just leave. Re-orgs are particularly hard on older employees who are used to things done a certain way and, because they've been through so many Re-orgs already, are skeptical about the necessity for another Re-org (everythinalways works out to be more or less the same afterwards).  Some of the unpleasant things about Re-orgs are moving smaller premises meaning that people have to work closer together and lose their own office, etc.  New computer systems which are difficult to learn.  New policies, etc. Other forms of constructive dismissal are having a mean supervisor come in and force everyone to obey "the letter of the law".  "The letter of the law" means that all kinds of stupid rules are enforced and someone is watching closely to see that people take exactly 15 minutes coffee, etc., etc.

Do you see where I'm going with this?  This is exactly what is going on with humanity under the CovID Plandemic/Scamdemic HOAX.  We're all being Constructively Dismissed!!!  Just like in the Corporate/Government work environment...this covert Constructive Dismissal is hardest on the older it is intended to be.  In the work force, older people have a lot of seniority, more holidays and better benefits/retirement packages.  The employer wants to get rid of them BAD.

With the CovID-19 they also want to get rid of the older people...the baby boomers like moi who, for over 50 years have basically fueled the Western Economy with our labour and our purchases.  Now that we're not buying anything and/or working...but we still have lots of retirement benefits...they want us off the planet--BAD.  So they're going to get us off under the guise of a pandemic.  Constructive Dismissal of a most egregious and murderous kind.

Unfair Dismissal in the UK

The only question I have is ...  in the absence of any system of justice anywhere in the world...where do we file our lawsuit for "constructive dismissal"?  Here is an extreme example of Constructive Dismissal that is taking place in Melbourne, Australia but which will be soon coming our way.

So, folks, that's my insight into what they're doing and where they're going.  That's why they planned this caper way back in 2004--they knew the boomers were aging and they wanted a plan"A" to "take care of the problem". 

I'm going to sign off for now but keep in mind that I have NO WiFi on the boat and so don't know when I will be able to post again.  We had a very rough ride between Snug Cove and Gibsons.  The winds/waves were so high that our rubber dingy blew off the boat!  We were lucky, however as the "Spill Response" (Coastguards) boat was nearby and came over and captured our dingy and returned it to us.  We also lost our cover to our barbeque which also blew off.  We are sailing on the Pacific Ocean...which never fails to remind us of that fact!

So, for the meantime, I'm signing off.   Over and out from Gibsons Marina


Wednesday, August 5, 2020

"Tam The Man" Threatens Canadians. We'll be Forced to Wear Face Masks for 2 to 3 years.

"Tam the Man" - Threatens Canadians with Lies
CO2 for 2 to 3 years - What kind of a "doctor" says THAT?!

There are rumours based on a since redacted Wikipedia bio that Teresa Tam--who is the official doctor in charge of the CovID-19 Hoax/Plandemic/Scamdemic/Communist coup in Canada--is actually a man or what they call a "transgender". Look at the above photo and view the video linked HERE and make up your own mind.

Tam is the WHO/UN global government authority for Canada.  She has taken the place of all the elected Members of Parliament who have been sidelined forever ever since Canada fell under Globalist Communist Rule.  Teresa Tam tells us the latest on the Scamdemic that's been going on since January 2020 but which, in fact, is the "simulation exercise" signed onto by all UN members back in 2010.

Today, I was in one of the cute little boutique women's clothing stores here in Snug Cove.  I'd been going into this store for years if not decades as Snug Cove is always the first stop on our summer cruise.  The "Masked up" proprietor and I were in the shop alone.  She asked me to put on a mask [they were kept by the door].  I said I "never wear a mask because I consider them unhealthy and unnecessary". I asked if they were mandatory.  She said "Yes, for your protection and MINE!"  I replied: "Okay, I'll leave--for your protection."

This is the kind of testy exchange that "Tam the Man" hopes to provoke all over Canada with her stupid and grossly unscientific dikats.  S/he's heavily into "Divide and Conquer" = Communist Coup,  She want's the 'sentients' defeated--purely on the basis of "virtue signaling"--and separated from the national human pack.  She also wants to "soften up" Canadians for the finale of this grand hoax for, as reported in Dissident Voice:

"Masks are a Psychological Preparation for Mandatory Vaccinations"

By the time that stage in the Hoax/Scamdemic/Plandemic Communist Plot rolls around, they want their target group--the dyed-in-the-wool the shopkeeper I ran into today...virtually lining up to have their body's protective envelope of skin punctured with god knows what.  Literally, NOBODY [other than the perp Big Pharma honchos/MIC]...not Teresa "Tam the Man" nor "Bullshit" Bonnie... will know what's in the vaccines.  Here's what epidemiologist Dr. Judy Mikovits suggests might be in the CovID-19 vaccine:

"50 Million Americans will Die if they
make the CovID Vaccine Mandatory"
Judy Mikovits - H/T Aangirfan

I'll tell you what..,I'll believe what Judy Mikovits says any day, rather than what Teresa Tam and/or Bullshit Bonnie say about what's likely in the vaccine.  Heck! I didn't even get the flu shot for at least the last decade, because I doubted what was in THAT!

So I guess what is coming down the pike is even more silly unscientific rules and then consequent social isolation for the sentients.  Now, Dr. Fauci of the US is hinting that SOON we may all have to wear masks AND GOGGLES!

But, look, over on the Eastern Horizon, the Spanish and other European Doctors are lining up for a medical "last stand".  They're coming out with the truth:  That the CovID-19 is a politically-based Hoax.  [perpetrated to install Communist "Global Health Security" throughout the world] "Doctors to the rescue!!!  Finally!!! Isn't that what doctors are for?

But don't try and find out about the "stand for truth" being taken by Spanish and many other European doctors--Google has airbrushed any links to this important news out of their search has Bing.

When a Bomb Goes Off ANYWHERE in the World Ask Israel

Note: Fire is away from semi-collapsed Tower
Map of Blast Site in Beirut, Lebanon
Note distance between fire and bomb blast(s)

Good afternoon readers.  Here we are, moored at Snug Cove, Bowen Island...always the first stop on our summer sail.  Snug Cove is just a few hours sail/motor from our home marina in Port Moody.  We arrived here yesterday afternoon after a very bumpy ride across English Bay.  One would think that the sheltered harbour of English Bay would be permanently protected from rough waters but, not so.  Sometimes English Bay can be like being out in the middle of the Pacific.  This time the waves were so high that our sailboat bow was launched clear over the crest of the waves only to slap down HARD on the trough between them.  I worried about the old Limerence.

Today we're just stocking and organizing our supplies.  There's a very good privately owned grocery of the old style just up the road from the marina.  You can always make a list and get just about anything you forgot.  It's over 30 degrees outside so we're just relaxing in the cabin with the fan on full blast.

Catching up on the NewZ I see there's been another big, Oklahoma Murrah Building-style bomb blast in Beirut, Lebanon.  "Somebody" wants to steal the Litani River again. perchance?  I have said over and over on this blog that anytime, anywhere in the world a bomb bigger than a firecracker goes off...look to the Israelis as the cause.  They love a big bomb blast...especially one with mass casualties.  Remember the "high fivers/dancers" at the WTC on 9/11?  That's quintessential MosCIAd.

So, now that we have THAT mystery solved...let's add a snippet from The Saker courtesy Ed(itor)  where I got the photos as well.


Lebanon SITREP: Letter from a Lebanese friend

The Saker | August 4, 2020

This was just sent to me by a good Lebanese friend:

Huge disaster, investigation underway, on face value was caused by utter negligence, corruption and incompetence of Lebanese state, but I am one of those that has been stressing that the enemies could have exploited this state negligence and corruption to trigger this disaster through sabotage. Few simple reasons for this, including:

a) this disaster completely serves current US-Israeli efforts to pressure Lebanon economically to bow down to their demands

b) the site of the explosion, Port of Beirut, was the transit through which 50-80% of Lebanon’s commodity and trade needs were met

c) the explosions struck wheat reserves stored there as well, exacerbating the dire economic situation and inflation further

d) Israeli officials few days ago were warning the Resistance that if they struck Israeli army targets (a response to recent Israeli crimes by Resistance was imminent), Lebanon’s infrastructure will be targeted

e) one year ago exactly Israel’s ambassador to UN said at the Security Council that the Port of Beirut had become ‘Hezbollah’s Port’. Lebanese ambassador said this was a direct threat to Lebanon’s civilians and security

f) last but not least, the 2,750 tonnes of ammonium nitrate (that exploded) were reportedly stored there 6 years ago, and they have been described as a ticking time bomb considering the irresponsible way that they were stored. Is it really coincidental that this ticking time bomb goes off today, at the worst possible moment for Lebanon (Country is falling on all levels, coronavirus, US siege at its peak etc)?

So, while initial reports have said this disaster was caused by the utter negligence, corruption and lack of accountability of Lebanese state institutions, an official investigation is currently underway, and the Resistance will certainly be doing its own investigation, because there was no worse possible time for this disaster to occur to Lebanon than today. Sabotage by the enemy must remain a strong possibility (though actually proving that may be difficult)."

1. In 1997, the Central Bank of Lebanon pegged the Lebanese Lira to the U.S. dollar at 1,507 to 1. Now, with Scamdemic, sanctions & IMF destabilization, the Lira trades 9,600 to 1. Was the Beirut explosion US-Israel retaliation using photovoltaic golden nanoparticle technology to blast Lebanon into submission after self-preservation forced them to dump the US dollar for cryptocurrency? Is that why altcoins took a dip today?

Integration of Gold Nanoparticles to Modulate the Ignitability of Nanothermite Films

Is that what caused all 3 of the World Trade Center towers to collapse on 9/11? If so, it confirms both US & Israel pre-planted explosives in the towers & explains why Building 7 collapsed and why Flight 93 was shot down after it missed its target.
Is it just a coincidence that Scamdemic has caused David Bruck, the new defense attorney for five men charged in the 9/11 attacks, to requests a 30-month delay to prepare his case for a trial that was scheduled for January 2021?



Greencrow concludes:  The only unknown now is how this successful destruction of foreign property and human carnage will affect the political pickle that Netanyahu is currently in...with public demonstrations against him, etc.  Generally, in the morally upside down world of Israeli politics...killing a lot of gentiles, especially Christians who make up the majority in Lebanon...gets you bonus brownie points in Tel Aviv.

Look for more events of this type as Netanyahu attempts to prove to his fellow Israelis that he's the only one with the keys to the military-grade thermite storage closet--and, therefore, designated to "lead" the pyroclastic, arsonist, tiny, borderless entity.

Monday, August 3, 2020

Dry-run for World War III? Covid-19 is practice for future biological warfare, says top Russian doctor - Plus: Notice to Readers

Photo Courtesy of RT

This long weekend Monday morning, the Canadian NewZ is full of articles castigating truthers for reporting the truth about the fake UN/WHO-created Plandemic exercise.  They're warning their diminishing reader audience that the Internet is full of "conspiracy theories" about the CovID-19 Hoax.  Saying that the truth coming out is creating a "major health crisis".  The Canadian media, totally owned and operated as it is by the 1% Communists--like Charles Bronfman--feel threatened by the number of sentients in the general population--who they have been tasked with forcing into Communist slavery via Technocracy.

On the other hand, the Russians do not feel quite so threatened.  They have been able to do a "limited hangout" in THEIR media...admitting that the Plandemic is an "exercise" or, as the Doctor in charge of the Russian medical response to CovID-19 admitted a few months ago in an interview, "Bullshit!".

Today, RT is reporting that another prominent Russian doctor is calling the Plandemic hoax an "exercise":


"Russian Top Doctor ADMITS that CovID-19 is an "exercise"

By Jonny Tickle

The Covid-19 pandemic has functioned as a “rehearsal for biological warfare,” says a leading Russian pediatrician, who believes that the rapidly-spreading virus was a test for the world's healthcare systems.

In an interview with Forbes, Professor Leonid Roshal, President of the Research Institute of Emergency Pediatric Surgery and Traumatology, explained that not all nations were ready for a mass influx of patients, and their lack of preparation has been exposed by the pandemic.

“When I analyze the current situation, I understand that this is a rehearsal for biological warfare,” he explained. “I am not saying that this virus was created by humans... but this is a test of the health system's strength, including the country's biological defense.”

The doctor was also quick to praise the Russian people, and the government, for their roles in the battle against coronavirus, commending the public for supporting the country's "correct and timely" decision to impose entry restrictions and other measures.

As things currently stand, Russia has 856,264 confirmed cases of Covid-19, with over 5,000 new diagnoses every day. Compared to the rest of the world, Russia has the fourth largest number of cases, behind the US, Brazil, and India."


Greencrow asks:  Why are the Russians allowed to be somewhat truthful with their citizens while the Western nations must lie through their teeth, terrorize and threaten their citizens?  Good question!  I can only surmise that it's because of the value that the national governments have for their citizenry.  Russia is underpopulated--having lost tens of millions of citizens during World Wars I and is still trying to build up it's population.  It doesn't want Russians to become despondent by the hoaxish lies and State terrorism and commit suicide or otherwise engage in self-harm such as drug-taking and alcoholism.  So, it calms its citizenry down and treats them like sentients...letting them in on the truth about the long planned [since 2010] UN/WHO "simulation exercises".  

On the other hand, the 1% Communist oligarchs like the Bronfman's and Baal GateZ who rule the West are in full eugenics mode.  They don't give a shit how much damage they do to their citizens' mental or economic well-being.  Record-breaking drug overdoses?  Hidden epidemic of suicides?! Economic lockdowns?  Who cares! We didn't need those humans anyhow.  All we want is our billion dollar [enslavement] digital vaccines jabbed into everyone's arm by the end of the year.

So, folks, it's all about the value that humans are held in by their governments...and it shows.  Watch the following video of Baal Gates lowering the boom--"Either get yourself vaccinated or you will never be able to leave your home again!"  How many suicides did that video alone cause?  We'll never know.

Baal GateZ - "You Don't Have A Choice!"

The Russians [and all their allies] are seemingly complying in full with the tenets of the Agreement that they and all the Member Nations of the United Nations signed back in 2004-or whenever it was.  They certainly don't want to be "kicked out of the United Nations".  That's what this is all about and why the Russians, the Syrians and the Iranians are seeming to "comply".  They know that the West would just love to find them in non-compliance and kick them out.  So, they're going along to get along.  In fact, Russia was the very first nation to come up with its own "CovID-19 vaccine".  It's going be offered free of charge to all Russian [and, no doubt, allies like Syria, Iran, Venezuela, etc.] citizens.  

You see, Russia is not in the business of harming [enslaving] its citizens via vaccines.  It is not [yet anyway] into the eugenics of the West.  So, it has concocted a "placebo" vaccine in its labs and will inoculate all of its citizens with the placebo in order to conform with the WHO/UN edict.  Western citizens on the other hand will NOT be getting a placebo. Whistleblowers/epidemiologists/doctors such as Judy Mikovits and Cassie Madej have told us that ALL the Western Vaccines for decades now have contained toxic cancerous cells, fetal cells, thimerosal and many other contaminants.  NO.  They won't miss an opportunity to inject those and other mysterious substances into our human bodies.  We will definitely NOT be getting a placebo like the Russians.  If only we could volunteer to take ONLY "the Russian vaccine".  If only we poor, benighted, Western citizens could be "valued" and treated with a modicum of respect like the Russian citizens.  But, Noooooooooooo.


NOTICE to Readers.  I'll be stepping away from my computer prepare for and depart on our annual sailing holiday.  As usual, I'll be bringing my laptop [and therefore my readers] along for the sail and will be checking in on an intermittent basis.  Avast! My Hearties...will be seeing you onboard soon. gc