Thursday, November 15, 2018

Birds - The Most Intelligent Species on the Planet...what if we were more like them?

Bird Migration on Merchant Ships

The above video is a work of beauty.  The music and the subject matter combine to create art.  The video depicts the resilience and genius of birds...who use merchant ships as "resting stops" along their long migration routes across the oceans of the world.  The link to this video was brought to my attention this morning by my blogging colleague Ed(itor).  Seeing the migratory birds [and their avian raptor predators] flying the oceans and perching on the merchant ships made me think about my most recent wood carving, a piece that is not yet finished.  Here is a video of "Little Green Faerie" that I took this morning:

Little Green Faerie - (unfinished)

So, readers, the above video is proof positive that I've not been just sitting around watching Talmudvision and eating bon bons when not posting recently.  This little faerie has taken close to 50 hours so far, and it is only about 3/4 finished.  It's carved from basswood and stands 13 inches high from base to wing tip.  He's sitting on a toadstool and admiring a crystal that he's just found. He still needs to be sanded and stained.  But sometimes, as I've discovered ruefully in my carving career...this stage...the raw stage prior to sanding and sometimes the peak in the artistic value of the work.  I will be inserting tiny glass beads into his downcast eyes and attaching the crystal permanently to his cupped hands.  He'll be stained a very light green with reddish hair.  The toadstool and base will be stained variations of light oak. Like the birds in the video...the little green faerie is just temporarily resting on the toadstool from his endless flights across the universe.

I put the two videos together because I believe that man was shorted at the evolutionary banquet.  We should have been given strong wings like this imaginary little faerie.  Now think for a moment how that would have changed the course of history.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

NASA wants Canada's taxpayer funds so it can make "Lunatics" out of all of us

Photo of "First Footprint on Moon"
PT Barnum would die of Envy
...if he were not already dead

What is it about Canada?  Perhaps it's our famous and legendary "sense of humour".  After all, we've produced more comedians per population than any other country on earth.  Jim Carrey, Mike Myers just to name two.  But the United States must think Canada as a whole is a joke.  Otherwise, why would they allow their "space agency" NASA [aka "Never A Straight Answer"] to make the ridiculous suggestion in the headline below?  In some respects, Canada is a bit ridiculous.  The second largest country on the face of the earth, defended by one of the world's most piss poor militaries--and virtually isolated from any nation that could actually defend it from the most predatory nation in the world--that just happens to be its next door neighbour. I could go on in that regard, but I digress.  

Please read the CBC report below .  I have inserted my comments in red and will have more thoughts in comments to follow:

NASA wants Canadian boots on the moon as first step in deep space exploration

[let's see some AMERICAN boots there first!]

U.S. is seeking support for its next-generation space station launching in 2021.

[The United States has never HAD a space station. The only space station in history is the Russian designed and built International Space NASA has never proved itself in this regard]

The head of the U.S. space agency said today he wants to see Canadian astronauts walking on the moon before long — part of a first step toward the farther reaches of space.
[No human has ever walked on the moon. Most sentient beings have accepted by now that NASA subjected them to one of the biggest hoaxes in history. Radiation belts surrounding earth--called the Van Allen Radiation belts--preclude human beings from traversing them into "outer space". NASA has even admitted as much in rare truthful interviews with NASA officials and "astronauts".]

Jim Bridenstine, administrator of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, said he wants Canada's decades-long space partnership with the U.S. to continue as NASA embarks on the creation of its new Lunar Gateway.
The U.S. is seeking broad international support for the next-generation space station it is planning to send into orbit around the moon starting in 2021.
[Before sending a space station into orbit, NASA has to solve it's "rocket" problem. It simply has not been able to devise rocket engines with enough thrust to launch satellites into space...much less heavier space stations.]

Bridenstine said he wants Canada to contribute its expertise in artificial intelligence and robotics, and that could include a next-generation Canadarm on the Lunar Gateway and more Canadian technology inside.
[What "expertise" in artificial intelligence and robotics? Other than the "Canadarm", Canada is woefully behind other nations--like Russia and China--in this regard. Bridenstine is just trying to stroke Canada's ego so it can milk tax dollars for its next hoax....Hollywood calling!]

He said NASA wants to create a "sustainable lunar architecture" that would allow people and equipment to go back and forth to the moon regularly.
[The US has not been able to "go back and forth" to the moon regularly in 50 years, so what's changed? NASA has even somehow "lost" all the telemetric material [photos and videos] that "got it to the moon in 1969". The only thing that NASA is good at...and it is very, very bamboozling humanity's expense.]

Next stop: Mars

"If Canadians want to be involved in missions to the surface of the moon with astronauts, we welcome that. We want to see that day materialize," he told a small group of journalists in Ottawa today.
"We think it would be fantastic for the world to see people on the surface of the moon that are not just wearing the American flag, but wearing the flags of other nations."
[Having the Canadian "flag on the moon"! That's the vainglorious bait used by NASA to sucker yet another generation of dimwit sheeple!]

He said the return to the moon is a stepping stone toward a much more ambitious goal: exploration that could include reaching Mars in the next two decades.
[What was it that Barnum said" "There's a sucker born every minute!" And what was it that Goebbels said? "The bigger the lie, the more people will be taken in by it!"]

"The moon is, in essence, a proving ground for deeper space exploration," he said.
["The moon is, in essence, a proving ground to find out how many billions of new suckers we can make idiots out of around the world, how many distractions and TV infotainments we can produce.... and how much taxpayer dollars we can loot!"]

Bridenstine is in Ottawa for a large gathering of the Aerospace Industries Association of Canada, where speculation is running high about Canada's possible participation in the U.S. space program.
[...a large gathering of taxpayer-funded charlatans and suckers...all meeting at taxpayer's expense]

Innovation Minister Navdeep Bains, a vocal booster of Canada's AI hubs in Ontario and Quebec, is also scheduled to speak, along with one of Canada's former astronauts, Marc Garneau, the current federal transport minister.
On Dec. 3, Canadian astronaut David Saint-Jacques will travel to the International Space Station on his first mission.
[The western media NEVER acknowledges that it is only due to Russia's generosity and willingness to share that the West is even associated with the International Space Station]

Greencrow says:  What a "puff piece" load of intelligence-insulting piffle!  If Canadians have any sense at all...they'll tell the NASA fraudsters to take their taxpayer-funded hoax plans and shove them where the sun don't shine...and I don't mean outer space!


Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Blogger Bans Aangirfan--while Trudeau speaks out of both sides of his mouth about "freedom of the press"


It came to my attention on Remembrance Day that Aangirfan, one of my fellow bloggers, was summarily removed from the Blogger blogging platform.  I received an anonymous comment to that effect on my Remembrance Day post.  Not knowing how permanent the banishment was, I didn't say anything about it immediately.

Today, the news has been reported by several other bloggers, including my Canadian blogging colleague, Northerntruthseeker.  Now I've received an update from my blogging colleague Ed(itor) that Aangirfan has begun posting from Tumblr.  I immediately added that address to my "favourites blogroll".

It's kind of ironic and ruefully funny that on the very day that Aangirfan was banned from Google's Blogger, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau gave another one of his patented, virtue signalling lectures...this time about "freedom of the press".  LOL.  You should really take the time to click on the above CBC link and watch le Dauphin speaking out of both sides of his mouth about how "important" it is to have a free and vigorous press "informing and protecting" the citizens.  This is the same PM who, shortly after he achieved power, changed the "comments forum" posting rules of the above-noted taxpayer funded CBC--in order to prevent commenters from protecting their privacy by using pseudonyms or "noms des plumes".  I used to post regularly on the CBC, freely expressing the same views that I write about on this blog.  I posted under the name "greencrow" and even used my little green bird icon and often left my blog address.

Once the rules were changed, however, I was, ipso facto, banned from commenting on the CBC.  Oh, of course I could have posted under my own name...but readers, knowing the kinds of things that I say routinely on this blog, don't you agree that it might have put myself and my family at risk of abuse [at the very least]?  Of course, other CBC commenters still say what they want...but they have generic names like "John Smith" and, in one recent example, "Bob Lawblah".  When I complained about the individual calling himself Boblawblah being able to post...but greencrow not being able to post...I received a terse reply that I had been "permanently banned due to having used the forums to commercially promote my blog"...or words to that effect.  I wrote back and said that, because my blog is clearly not being monetized, there's no way that I am "commercially promoting" it.  Whatever.  The bottom line is that the Liberal government wanted the CBC to discourage/repress "truth" on the CBC comments forums.  Now, Trudeau is superciliously wrapping himself in the "truth flag" order to score cheap political points and put Trump in an uncomfortable position.

Trump, in his latest time and energy-wasting imbroglio, has banned a CNN reporter [Jim Acosta] from the White House.  It was this banning that Trudeau was trying to highlight [without attacking Trump by name] in his "freedom of the press" virtue signal RANT.

Who ever dreamed that it would be a CNN reporter who would become the "poster boy" for freedom of the press?  This is the same CNN that for decades now has lied non-stop and prostrated itself before the Ziofascist USrael Deep State...mouthing all the "official stories/lies" that it has been ordered by mass murdering traitors to spread...including the lies about the 9/11 atrocity and the lies about Saddam having "weapons of mass destruction" etc., etc., ad nauseum. CNN has not only repressed the truth...but it has repeatedly engaged in criminal obstruction of justice.

And, after all the murders of real truth-telling journalists, like Gary Webb, Michael Hastings and Bill Cooper...we have a jerk like Jim Acosta being promoted as a shining example of journalistic courage.  Truth has been turned completely on its head.

So, while the perps get their rocks off twisting and manipulating the mushy and rotting sheeple brains with their truth "inversions/perversions"...they are also busily silencing real truth tellers like Aangirfan and intimidating all the other alternative bloggers they've got in their crosshairs.  Unlike Jim Acosta, Aangirfan does not have a national media platform from which to shout "Foul!"  And s/he does not have a hefty legal fund and a battery of high priced lawyers poised to seek justice for him/herself.  Aangirfan just has to pick up and move on to another platform.  This, sans all the research and material that s/he spent hundreds of hours working on that has been "disappeared" by the Google/Blogger minions, working on behalf of the great ma$$ media "Promoters of Truth" and "journalistic freedom".

It is to barf.

Monday, November 12, 2018

Canada hears "murder tape" while Turkey Hints that evidence in Khashoggi murder clears Mohammed bin Salman...but implicates others at "highest levels"

Professionally crafted, mass-produced signs 
Who paid for their production?*
Evidence "Hiding in Plain Sight"

Along with all the False Flags, False Flag Hoaxes and False Flag distractions, I've been trying to keep up with the Khashoggi False Flag.  You remember, folks, this was the false flag that happened a couple of weeks ago now, and so now is "old newz".  It has been superceded in the Main$tream Rolling Pageant of Bullsh!t that clogs the Talmudvisions of the world by such events as the geoengineered weather events called the California forest fires and the Paris "Peace Forum" that occurred over the Remembrance Day weekend.  But, back to the future we go.  Please read the latest on the Khashoggi False Flag from the "voice of Satan" BBC and I will have more comments to follow:

Canada has "heard Khashoggi Tape".  From the BBC

"Canada has been fully briefed up on what Turkey had to share," he said.

Mr Trudeau is the first Western leader to confirm his country has listened to the purported tape* of the murder at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul.

Turkey's president said on Saturday that he had given copies to the US, UK, Germany, France and Saudi Arabia.

"We gave them the tapes," Recep Tayyip Erdogan told reporters before flying to Paris for a gathering of world leaders commemorating the 100th anniversary of the end of World War One. "They've also listened to the conversations, they know it."

However, the US has not said whether it has received a tape and France's foreign minister has said it is not in possession of one as far as he is aware.

The Saudi government has admitted a team of agents murdered Khashoggi, a prominent critic who was living in self-imposed exile in the US and writing for the Washington Post, and it has arrested 18 people allegedly involved.

*[UPDATE] Not Trudeau, but a CSIS official has listened to the tape.  This means two things: 1) a bone has been thrown at CSIS to make it appear other than just an internal rats/moles' nest/provocateur and False Flag arranger; and 2)  Every dogcatcher in every nation in the West has listened to the tape.

Greencrow says:  Turkey is playing a very delicate game here.  Erdogan has been doing a tightrope balancing act worthy of the "Flying Wallendas" for a few years now, ever since he had his epithany, having been saved by Putin from a sure death in the USrael-manufactured Gulen attempted regime change.  The "Khashoggi murder" False Flag was intended to, as my mother used to say, "kill two birds with one stone".  Devised by the MosCIAd, who have moles in each and every government on the face of the earth, it was devised to put Turkey in the negative role of having to investigate the murder of a MosCIAd patsy that occurred in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul.

The MosCIAd was hoping that Erdogan would get tripped up in the "evidentiary" minutia associated with the traps set for him and for Saudi Arabia by this operation...which was also aimed at personally implicating the ruling Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohamed bin Salman [MBS].  Both Erdogan and Salman share one amazing coinkydink in common.  They are both in the process of buying S-400 anti ballistic missile systems from Russia.  Who knew?! In other words, they're both in the process of "going over to the dark side".  Erdogan has been on the "elimination list" for some years and now MBS is also on the list.  The Perps were hoping to dislodge Salman from power in SA by personally implicating him in the gruesome murder of the patsy.

Strange bedfellows:

Who would have put Erdogan and Mohamed bin Salman in political bed together even a year ago?  But false flags and false flag hoaxes [not to mention universally-coveted state-of-the-art weaponry] make for strange bedfellows.  Here we have the foreign minister of Turkey speaking out about the murder from, of all places, Japan.  The location he spoke from is interesting in and of itself.  Isn't Japan supposed to be a Western Occupied Nation? [WON].  Readers, all of this is a series of choreographed tit for tat power plays.  I'm thinking that the grand chess master Vladimir Putin is behind the multi-polar alliance's response to [one of] the latest MosCIAd provocation[s].  Who else would choose Japan as the location for the following disclosure?  Please read the following two reports...and I will have final comments to follow:


Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu
spoke during a press conference
 at Japan's National Press Club


Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said his country did not believe orders to murder Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi came from Saudi Arabia’s King Salman, during a press conference in Tokyo on Tuesday.

Speaking at Japan’s National Press Club, Mevlut Cavusoglu said Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan was “convinced that King Salman had no involvement in this murder,” adding that “he is not a person that instructs people to kill his own citizens.”
Cavusoglu also said the Turkish government had more evidence on the case and that it would likely make it public after the investigation into Khasoggi’s killing would be completed.

Cavusoglu also touched down on the reimposition of US sanctions on Iran, saying “I think instead of sanctions, meaningful dialogue and engagement is much [more] useful.”

“While we were asking exemption from the United States, we have also been very frank with them that cornering Iran is not wise. Isolating Iran is dangerous. And punishing the Iranian people is not fair,” he added.

On Monday, Bandar al-Aiban, the president of the Saudi Arabia Human Rights Commission, told the United Nations Human Rights Council that those responsible for the murder of Khashoggi would be prosecuted.

On Friday, an opinion column written by Erdogan about the Khashoggi case was published in The Washington Post, in which the Turkish leader said the Khashoggi murder was ordered from the highest levels of the Saudi government."

From the Globe and Mail

A 15-man Saudi team that flew to Turkey before the killing of Jamal Khashoggi must have been acting on orders, Turkey’s Foreign Minister said, although he reiterated Ankara’s position that the directions had not come from King Salman.

Speaking to reporters in Tokyo, Mevlut Cavusoglu added that it was Saudi Arabia’s responsibility to tell Turkey what happened to Mr. Khashoggi’s body, according to Anadolu news agency.

Mr. Khashoggi, a Washington Post columnist critical of the Saudi government and its de facto ruler Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, disappeared at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul on Oct. 2.

Saudi officials initially insisted Mr. Khashoggi had left the consulate, then said he died in an unplanned “rogue operation.” The kingdom’s public prosecutor Saud al-Mojeb later said he was killed in a premeditated attack.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who has repeatedly demanded more information from Saudi Arabia, has also asked Saudi officials to say who in Riyadh sent a 15-strong team which is suspected of involvement in the killing.

“This 15-man team did not come to Turkey on their own, they came on orders. Without due orders and permissions, 15 people cannot come from Saudi Arabia to kill their own citizen,” Mr. Cavusoglu said.

Mr. Cavusoglu said Mr. Erdogan had spoken to Saudi Arabia’s King Salman twice after the killing, and that he was sure the king would not give orders to kill someone.

Turkish and Saudi officials have carried out joint inspections of the consulate and consul’s residence, but Mr. Erdogan says some Saudi officials are still trying to cover up the crime. Ankara has also demanded Riyadh co-operate in finding Mr. Khashoggi’s body, which Istanbul’s chief prosecutor said had been dismembered.

“I think it is Saudi Arabia’s responsibility to find out what happened to Khashoggi’s body and inform us about it, as the 15-man team are still in Saudi Arabia,” Mr. Cavusoglu said.

Saudi Arabia has so far detained 18 people and dismissed five senior government officials as part of an investigation into Mr. Khashoggi’s death."


Greencrow concludes:  So all we really need to know is what group of foreign-aligned treasonous moles within the Saudi Arabia government bureaucracy "actioned" the murder of the MosCIAd patsy, Khashoggi.  Why is it so difficult to come out with this information publicly?  No doubt, all the major players know exactly who ordered the murder.  It's become a game between the players.  Who can force the other player's hand.  Who can control the release of the information [or, the cover-up of the information].

The actual "solving of the murder mystery" means little or nothing anymore.  But in terms of the all-important power play going on behind the scenes and in terms of the actual geopolitical goal[s] of the murder itself....we know who is winning that game.  The old legal maxim comes to mind.  "Res Ipsa Loquitur" or "the thing speaks for itself".  In the case at hand...MBS is still in power in SA, Erdogan is, of course, still in power in Turkey...and BOTH leaders are still in the process of purchasing the S-400 advanced anti-missile military equipment from Russia! 


*ANSWER:  Some unsuspecting tax-payers, without a doubt!

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Remembrance Day Post, November 11, 2018

Wooden Wreath with Bird and Poppy

I took the photo above just a few moments ago.  It's of a wreath currently hanging on our front door.  I made the wreath out of circles of discarded wood, and carved the little "comfort bird" perched on the wreath.  This year, I decided to add a poppy to the wreath, as a mark of respect for all the naïve and well meaning men and women who have been hoodwinked over the years to fight in wars rigged by the Khazarian bankster Jews.  As readers will learn by reading the concise history written and posted this morning by my blogging colleague, Northern Truthseeker, the "official stories" of the Wars I and II that have been shoved down our craws by the owned mainstream media and all our other institutions, including academic, have all been blatant lies. Please read the summation of the brutal truth about why we're "celebrating" Remembrance Day written by NTS, and I will have more thoughts in comments to follow:

Today of course marks the 100th anniversary of the surrender of German forces at the end of World War I "The Great War" as they signed the "armistice"..... This is the day that Canada and much of the UK Commonwealth has marked off as a day of remembrance for those who fought not only in the "Great War" but World War II, the Boer War, the Korean Conflict, the Vietnam War, and those other Rothschild controlled UN conflicts as so called "peace keepers".....

I for one am NOT here to slur or to take shots at those veterans who fought so bravely for what they believed was a "just" cause... Many of those soldiers fell for the propaganda at the time and believed that they were indeed fighting "on the right side" in these conflicts, and I will give them credit as well as honour their sacrifices.... However, I am in this for the truth and to state that in almost all of these conflicts, these men fought for absolutely the wrong cause and on the wrong side... They were sacrificed for the criminal Jewish banking maniacs who both caused and financed almost all of these conflicts....

Being a man of history, I have written already several key articles at this blog over the last decade explaining WHY the so called 'Great War' was fought and how that conflict was used to not only attempt the Jewish criminal elite's first attempt at a "One world government" under the disguise of the "League of Nations" but was also fought primarily to pave the way for the creation of the psychotic state of Israel with the imposition of the most diabolical Balfour Declaration that gave the region of Palestine illegally to the Rothschild banking cartel for them to eventually set up that criminal state....Some +30 Million soldiers and civilians were sacrificed in that conflict to also tear Europe apart, allow the deaths of millions of innocent white Gentiles, and to foment the creation of the Bolshevik revolution that seized the Russian Empire that eventually led to the bloodbath of some 60 million Russians dying at the hands of these Jewish monsters after the war....

The only real victors in that conflict were of course the Jewish bankers who made BILLIONS of dollars financing both sides in the conflict, plunging the world into debt enslavement, while making out like bandits from the profits as well as getting Palestine for their eventual criminal base of world wide operations... But of course they were not satisfied, for 21 years later they caused World War II to destroy Germany, make even more profits from financing the war economies, as well as to get their state of Israel off and running.. Wars are indeed 'banker's wars" or what should be properly called "Jewish banker's wars"...."

Greencrow says:  After all these years of "celebrating" Remembrance Day, it has become increasingly weird.  Why does "the West" continue to revive all those old memories of WWI and WWII...and deliberately ignore/downplay the significant numbers of soldiers and civilians who have died the Perpetual Wars for the Jews [Korea, Vietnam, Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria and Yemen]...not to mention the non-stop genocide going on in Palestine?  Well, the answer should be obvious.  Remembrance Day has become a distraction from all the "other wars".  I read somewhere the other day that an American was on one of those "gatekeeper" social medias...and insisted that America was not currently "at war".  lololol.  What a dumbass...but, sadly, there are probably millions like him...the subterfuge has been that successful.

The West likes to drag out all the old war stories regarding World Wars I and II because, unlike all the wars that have been staged since, "we won those wars"...the M$M is careful to ignore the truth that it was the efforts and sacrifices of millions of Russian soldiers that won WWI and WWII for us.  All the other wars are still dragging on and we don't like to point and draw attention to all the IED mines and "friendly fire" fragging that's going on in countries like Iraq and Afghanistan...nations that we're still trying to pillage, loot and destroy.

Another reason we like to brag about "beating" the Germans and the Japanese is a very important one.  We want to remind the world's populations that Germany and Japan are still "occupied" countries.  Should Germany and Japan [and South Korea] try to emerge from the state of occupation that they have been relegated to for 70+ years now and try to kick out the hundreds of thousands of occupation soldiers still in military bases on their soil, the West can easily revive all the old racist stereotypes...about "huns" and "gooks" that are trotted out on a subliminal level every year at this time.  We certainly don't want to draw people's attention to facts like the tiny country of Yemen [with the help of Iran and Hezbollah] is currently beating our ally, Saudi Arabia's sorry ass.  The fact of the matter is that the "West" has not won any war since the end of WWII and that is why we keep beating that old drum.

Finally, I wonder what the young people are thinking they watch those faded black and white movies of WWI and WWII, playing incessantly on the Talmudvision.  Do they even relate to those images?  Surely something must have happened over the past 70 years that THEY can identify with and be proud of...that they can find inspirational in order to march off to war.  It's getting a bit pathetic.

All those fading images of soldiers that fought in WWI and WWII...are looking more and more like the truth that they were...impossibly young and terminally naïve white gentile men being sacrificed to the greed of the Khazarian bankster Jews.

Saturday, November 10, 2018

US Military Woefully Unprepared for World War - but Satanic Element driving towards cliff anyway

Example of America's Handiwork - Benghazi, Libya

The Saker has a must read article from up on his blog this morning.  As we are pummeled again by the relentless series of false flag and/or false flag hoax "mass casualty events"--as dutifully reported by the failed Hollywood scriptwriter bullsh!t that passes for newz these is important, and a source of emotional relief to read the article below, which explains why the USrael Deep State is so desperate for mass distraction/manipulation.  Please watch the video and/or read the entire report as reported in The Saker.  I have posted only two sections of the report below and will have my own comments to follow:

Why the U.S. Military is Woefully Unprepared for a Major Conventional Conflict
"...Institutional Corruption

If one had to identify the main reason behind the utter failure of the U.S. political establishment and military leadership, both civilian and in uniform, to identify and prioritize weapons programs and procurement that was truly in line with the national defense needs of the country, it would be the institutional corruption of the U.S. military industrial complex. This is not a fault of one party, but is the inevitable outcome of a thoroughly corrupted system that both generates and wastes great wealth at the expense of the many for the benefit of the few.

Massive defense budgets do not lead to powerful military forces nor sound national defense strategy. The United States is the most glaring example of how a nation’s treasure can be wasted, its citizens robbed for generations, and its political processes undermined by an industry bent on maximizing profitability by encouraging and exacerbating conflict. At this point it is questionable that the United States’ could remain economically viable without war, so much of its GDP is connected in some way to the pursuit of conflict.

There is no doubt that the War Department was renamed the Department of Defense in an Orwellian sleight of hand in 1947, just a few years after end of World War II. The military industrial complex grew into a monolith during the war, and the only way to justify the expansion of the complex, was by finding a new enemy to justify the new reality of a massive standing military, something that the U.S. Constitution expressly forbids. This unlawful state of affairs has persisted and expanded into a rotten, bloated edifice of waste. Wasted effort, wasted wealth and the wasted lives of millions of people spanning every corner of the planet. Tens of thousands of brave men and women in uniform, and millions of civilians of so many nations, have been tossed into the blades of this immoral meat grinder for generations.

President Donald Trump was very proud to announce the largest U.S. military budget in the nation’s history last year. The United States spent (or more accurately, borrowed from generations yet to come) no less than $874.4 billion USD. The declared base budget for 2017 was $523.2 billion USD, yet there are also the Overseas Contingency Operations and Support budgets that have to be considered in determining the total cost. The total DOD annual costs have doubled from 2003 to the present. Yet, what has the DOD really accomplished with so much money and effort? Very little of benefit to the U.S. tax payer for sure, and paradoxically the exorbitant waste of the past fifteen years have left every branch of the U.S. military weaker.

The U.S. Congress has the duty and responsibility of reigning in the military adventurism of the executive branch. They have the sole authority to declare war, but more importantly, the sole authority to approve the budget requests of the military. It is laughable to think that the U.S. Congress will do anything to reign in military spending. The Congress and the Senate are as equally guilty as the Executive in promoting and benefitting from the military industrial complex. Envisioned as a bulwark against executive power, the U.S. Congress has become an integral component of that complex. No Senator or Representative would dare to go against the industry that employs so many constituents within their state, or pass up on the benefits afforded them through the legalized insider-trading exclusive to them, or the lucrative jobs that await them in the defense industry and the many think tanks that promote continued prosecution of war...."


The United States stands at a crossroads in many respects, and the nation’s military equally so. All empires experience a period of over-expansion, military, economic and political over-reach and imbalance. The United States has followed in the wake of the many imperialist endeavors before it, with apparently little lessons having been learned. Imperialism is the inevitable result of power devoid of wisdom and humility. A nation borne out of a revolution against empire and absolutism has itself devolved into a much more dangerous and immoral avatar of its former oppressor. This must change.

While Defense Secretary Mattis clearly acknowledged the need to transform the U.S. military and realign it in a direction more focused on fighting and winning a conventional conflict with the near peer adversaries he identified as Russia and China, one can only hope that he realizes how the U.S. military that he served in for decades, got to the deplorable state that it now finds itself in. The greatest enemy that the U.S. military has fought for the past seventy years is undoubtedly the military industrial complex that it is an integral component of. The Soviet Union, North Korea, Vietnam, Yugoslavia, Iraq, Somalia, Afghanistan, Yemen, Libya, and Syria were never as much of a threat to the U.S. Armed Services as the corrupt military industrial complex and the Deep State that serves as its guardian.

The United States military is in the weakest state of material strength and readiness since the conclusion of the Cold War. The conventional ground forces of the Army have been transformed into a force bent on occupation and counterinsurgency. Its heavy armored formations are in a state of disrepair and material inferiority vis-a-vis its most capable theoretical adversaries. The cornerstone of American power projection and intimidation, the aircraft carrier strike groups, are a sad shadow of their former self. The carrier air wing, the entire reason that an aircraft carrier exists in the first place, has devolved into a tool of increasingly limited utility, with an ever diminishing reach.

The corrupt military industrial system that permeates every facet of American economic, political and even cultural life has sucked the very lifeblood from the nation, eroded its morality, bankrupt its economic future, and stolen a generation of its most patriotic and selfless sons and daughters. While James Mattis acknowledges the challenges facing the national security of the United States, he clearly misattributes the blame and misidentifies the very real adversary. Russia and China are not existential threats to the continued welfare of the American state. James Mattis need only look in the mirror to see the real threat, for he has come to represent the cabal of special interests that enslaves the nation and constitution he has pledged to serve, and holds the remainder of the world equally hostage.

There is very little chance that the reforms mentioned in this analysis will be adopted, or that the United States will move in a direction that brings it back to its inception as a constitutional republic. The interests of the military industrial complex in promoting conflict, and maximizing financial profit will continue to steer the United States military, and the nation as a whole, on an unsustainable and self-destructive path. There is little doubt that if the Deep State pushes the nation to war against Russia or China, and likely an alliance of the two, that the United States military has ever been in a weaker position. Such a conflict would be of no benefit to any of the nations concerned, yet many potential flash points exist that could lead to a conflict, including the South China Sea, Syria or Ukraine. As the United States plays catch-up after decades of military adventurism, China and Russia have spent that same time patiently and judiciously gathering their strength. The scenario of a one-sided victory in favor of the United States is pure fantasy, existing only in the daydreams of the emperor who wears no clothes."

Greencrow says:  The second last paragraph in this analysis mirrors what I have been saying about the United States since beginning to comment on Internet forums in 2003 and then starting up this blog in 2006. It is what all my alternative blogger colleagues have been saying on their blogs as well.  Particularly this sentence, which, in the aftermath of the eventual final showdown, should be engraved on the national tombstone of the USA:

"...The corrupt military industrial system that permeates every facet of American economic, political and even cultural life has sucked the very lifeblood from the nation, eroded its morality, bankrupt its economic future, and stolen a generation of its most patriotic and selfless sons and daughters....James Mattis need only look in the mirror to see the real threat, for he has come to represent the cabal of special interests that enslaves the nation and constitution he has pledged to serve, and holds the remainder of the world equally hostage..."

The author of the excellent report from Southfront leaves the responsibility for the demise of the United States as we knew it on the doorstep of the Military Industrial Complex.  That, IMO, does not go far enough.  Who or what within the MIC possesses within their DNA the unified tribal narcissism, the psychopathology, the greed, the blood lust, the voracious, relentless craving for power at all levels from dogcatcher on up through the legal, medical, educational systems, etc?  In other words, Who is/are the representative(s) of satanic forces here on earth?  Because what we are really facing in the near future is the war that Milton described in his epic poem "Paradise Lost".

Monday, November 5, 2018

UPDATED: Le Dauphin Out Riding the "Apology Range" again

UPDATED:  November 7, 2018  Now we know why Trudeau timed his apology to Canadian First Nations...he's planning to apologize again, this time to Jews who were on a ship that was turned back from Canada prior to WWII. Mea clupa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa!  When will Canada apologize to the indigenous Palestinians for being part of the post WWII United Nations that gave their land to the Khazarians and thereby forced the entire population into the largest concentration camp in history?

Trudeau, bumping along in the saddle

Remember when Trudeau tried to imitate Putin by holding forth in a "Town Hall Meeting"?  Canadians peppered him with embarrassing questions which he dodged, weaved and eventually looked like a dope when he made his famous "personkind" comment.

Now, he's trying to imitate Putin's penchant for horseback riding.  At least he didn't try to do it bare chested.  My opinion is that his private public opinion polls tell him that Canadians admire Putin.  But instead of trying to forge a respectful and mutually beneficial diplomatic relationship with Russia, Trudeau is trying to steal Putin's thunder.

I don't think it will work, especially when Trudeau combines his Putinesque optics with his obsession to apologize [on behalf of all Canadians] for every perceived historical wrong committed on Canadian soil.

Please read the report copied in its entirety from today's "National Post" and I will have more comments to follow:


CHILKO LAKE, B.C. — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau apologized to the Tsilhqot’in community for the hanging of six chiefs more than 150 years ago in an emotional ceremony Friday that one chief says brought an end to a “difficult journey.”

Speaking to hundreds of the First Nation’s members in British Columbia’s central Interior, Trudeau said the colonial officials of the day erred in inviting the chiefs for peacekeeping talks where they were instead arrested, tried and hanged. He said the chiefs are fully exonerated without any wrongdoing because they were acting as one independent nation engaged in war with another when they attacked a road crew that intruded on their territory.

“Those are mistakes that our government profoundly regrets and is determined to set right. The treatment of the Tsilhqot’in chiefs represents a betrayal of trust, an injustice that you have carried for more than 150 years,” Trudeau said of the incident during the so-called Chilcotin War.

Trudeau said the federal government continues to work with the tribal council to develop a governance agreement by spring 2019.

Chief Joe Alphonse, tribal chairman of the Tsilhqot’in Nation, said the apology was significant not only because it was the first time that a prime minister visited title lands, but because it was made directly to community members.

Trudeau made a “statement of exoneration” in the House of Commons in March and agreed to visit the title lands then.

“For me as chief last March it was a very emotional journey, a spiritual one. It took its toll physically, mentally. So I’ve been through that, I’ve gone through that,” Alphonse said.

“Today it’s about our membership, and our membership all these years not believing that a prime minister would acknowledge that. So it’s a powerful day.”

Trudeau rode into the valley on a black horse, symbolizing the one the historic chiefs rode into what they believed were peace talks. The day also included a smudging ceremony and Trudeau was given a buckskin jacket matching the iconic one his father Pierre Trudeau wore.

The Tsilhqot’in have long disputed the government’s authority to execute the six chiefs as criminals, describing the confrontation as an altercation between warring nations.

When Trudeau read the statement in the Commons, members of Parliament broke into applause, prompting the Tsilhqot’in chiefs to hold up eagle feathers in salute. Trudeau told MPs the chiefs acted in accordance with their laws and traditions and that they are well regarded as heroes of their people.

The deadly confrontation began when a white road-building crew entered Tsilhqot’in territory without permission in 1864.

Five chiefs were hanged when they travelled to the supposed peace talks at the invitation of government representatives. A sixth chief was executed the following year in New Westminster.

The British Columbia government apologized for the executions in 1993 and installed a commemorative plaque at the site of the hangings."

Greencrow Says:  Quite a pivotal moment in Canadian history, that Kangaroo Court and criminal hangings of Indigenous Leaders by the Canadian Government.  Too bad I never learned about it in all the years I studied Canadian History in school and university.  Doubt whether many other Canadians have heard about it either.  It's, no doubt, just one of dozens of similar cases that were covered up and buried [literally] shortly after they occurred.  It's just like they're now trying to do with 9/11 and other false flag atrocities these days.  Anyone know why Canada and other countries are supporting Saudi Arabia's attack on the indigenous Yemenis?  What future Prime Minister will apologize for that down the road?  Or, who will apologize to the Afghanis for NATO's 17-year war against them?  For...what?  For being falsely accused of harbouring CIA asset, the already deceased Osama bin Laden?!  Who's going to apologize to the people of Rossiya for the Canadian government sending armaments to the Kiev Junta--that are now being used to bomb citizens of Lugansk and Donetsk in their beds?

Instead of apologizing on behalf of all Canadians [when no one is to blame we're all to blame] for these ancient political decisions....why doesn't Trudeau name some names?  What individuals in the Canadian government of the day and/or elite/corporate class and/or British banksters were responsible for making the order to arrest, try and hang the Chiefs?  I would like to know what individual steps were taken, by who and why. I would like to know, in particular, who was paying the road workers who trespassed onto indigenous property.  Is that too much to ask?

And, finally, as my mother used to is cheap...especially apologies...when you're still doing the same thing, over and over even to the present day!

Trudeau, quit apologizing...and thereby laying the blame for the actions of past colonialists on all ordinary the end, it's not going to save your sorry @$$.