Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Confessions of Some Economic Hitmen's Victims -- Canadians speak out against pipeline purchase

BC Premier John Horgan Speaks Out
In Response to the Cdn. Federal Government's
Recent purchase for 4.5 Billion
of the Trans Mountain Pipeline and Assets

The shock and political fall-out of the announcement, made yesterday, that Justin Trudeau's Liberal Federal Government purchased the Trans Mountain Pipeline and assets continues unabated today.  Let's face it...Trudeau was caught between a rock and a hard place...mostly due to his own doing.  He had some very poor options to choose from to make the "deadline" deal set by the Texas oil company, Kinder Morgan.

Readers of some of my early posts on this issue may recall that, although I have always been opposed to the pipeline expansion based on environmental grounds, I always felt that it was a "done deal" and that it was going to go ahead, no matter what British Columbians felt about it.  I opined that the best we could do would be to get a better Kinder Morgan burying all the transmission lines that go in tandem through urban centres along the pipeline route.

Now that the dust has settled somewhat and I've done a bit more research into the history, politics and environmental repercussions of the deal...I am not so sure that it is a "done deal".  Funny, the more I started to examine what went down here...the more familiar the plot became.  The history of the Trans Mountain pipeline is identical to the strategies described by John Perkins in his best seller "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man".  Bear with me here while I identify some trade mark red flags.  The Public Taxpayer being on the hook for loans and guarantees to the private (energy) sector.  The pressure put on politicians to "commit" under a stringent "deadline".  The long term indebtedness to banksters who put the money up front and the "conditions" they may put on those multi-billion dollar loans.  Put all together, including the name "Enron" and the foreign owners of Kinder stinks to high heaven of an "economic hit" in the infamous Perkinsonian tradition.  As Green Party Leader Elizabeth May said yesterday: Kinder Morgan bought the Trans Mountain assets, including the aging [fifty years old...which is the average lifetime of a pipeline] pipeline for $500 million from the scandal-ridden Enron in 2008 and has now sold them, unimproved, 10 years later to the Federal Government for 4.5 billion.  Now that IS a tidy profit...or "economic hit" anyone's evaluation.  The cost of actually building the pipeline is another 7+ billion tacked onto that.

The only difference between this example and the typical "economic hit" is that in Canada we always have the indigenous "wild card".  Many, many times over the past century or so, this wild card has been played and mainly to get Canada out of a "sticky wicket".  One of the most famous examples of this is the "Meach Lake Accord" effort to amend the Canadian constitution to include Quebec as a "distinct society'.  This accord was a surreptitious effort to "divide and conquer" Canada from within and would eventually have destroyed our country, had it not been for First Nations MLA Elijah Harper standing up in the Manitoba Legislature, holding an eagle feather, and denying the Federal Conservative government of "Lyin" Brian Mulroney the quorum he needed to pass the Meach Lake Accord amendment.

There have been other examples of how the First Nations arrived at the 11th hour to pull our sorry @$$es out of the fire...but it seems that in the case of the Trans Mountain Pipeline debacle, First Nations are going to come to the rescue again.  There are no less than 15 legal challenges to the Pipeline Expansion...most coming from First Nations.  As a local chief recently said "The Federal Government needs to win every one of the 15 challenges, while we only need to win one."  

Of course the Federal Government agents and other interested parties in the so-called "business community" are working overtime to divide and conquer the First Nations communities...buying them off and or threatening them...or both.  But out of 15 challenges [and there are certain to be more down the line] at least one will have legal legs and stop the project.  Then the Federal government can do yet another mea culpa...Trudeau's stock in trade...

The bottom line is that all the tearing up of Canada's pristine northern wilderness has to stop at one point.  The Province of Alberta needs to wean itself off of this narcotic called "diluted bitumen".  It needs to stop bullying other provinces to take the environmental rap for its addiction.  Canada should...after many decades of being missing in action...finally take the environmental lead on this planet and move on from Carbon Fuels.  We should take that 4.5 billion and instead of paying off the Texan economic hitmen...we should invest in the energy sources of the solar power.

As another alternative, Canada should join forces with Russia and China in the Belt and Road Initiative...the New Silk Road or trade route across northern Europe, Asia and Canada's North.  This is a project that could give hope to Canada's First Nations, get us off the fossil fuel-fueled ripping-to-shreds destruction of Canada's North and reinforce our beleaguered sovereignty...currently in its death throes as illustrated by the NAFTA non-negotiations.

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