Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Yulia Skripal Released from Hospital....Taken to "Secure Location" by UK Government

"Secure Location

Following up on my post of a few days ago...wherein I speculated that "We'll likely never see Yulia or her father Sergei Skripal alive again" and true to the form of the M-15ossad-controlled UK "government", today it is reported in the main$tream newz that Yulia has been released from hospital.  The Brit government simply declares that it has "taken Yulia Skripal to a secure location."

Still no recent photos of Yulia are produced by the M$M as supporting proof that she is well and at liberty.  No. We must take it on the word of the UK government--the same entity that participated in the WMD lies that destroyed Iraq.  Thus, the bizarre, Orwellian saga continues.  Here is a snippet from the report in the CBC and I will have more comments to follow:

"....We have now discharged Yulia," [hospital official] Blanshard said. "This is not the end of her treatment, but marks a significant milestone."

"Her father has also made good progress. On Friday, I announced he was no longer in a critical condition. Although he is recovering more slowly than Yulia, we hope that he too will be able to leave hospital in due course."

Yulia has been taken to a secure location, the BBC said...."


"...Russia has said it does not have such nerve agents, and President Vladimir Putin said it was nonsense to think that Moscow would have poisoned Skripal and his daughter.

"We congratulate Yulia Skripal on her recovery," the Russian Embassy in London said. "Yet we need urgent proof that what is being done to her is done on her own free will."

The embassy also said it would consider any secret resettlement of Sergei and Yulia Skripal as an abduction of its citizens. If the pair were secretly resettled, the opportunity to hear their version of events would be lost, it said...."

Greencrow says:  So. Yulia is moved to a "secure location' without even so much as being allowed to present herself to the media.  The same world-wide media which was relentlessly whipsawed for five weeks by the UK government with hysterical claims and accusations about her and her father....accusing [without evidence] Russia of being responsible for whatever mysterious event happened to the pair.  Now, we are just supposed to accept what the UK government says about her discharge from hospital and...their unilateral decision to secret her away.  We are commanded to "forgid aboud it".  Forget about her grandmother, cousin Victoria and live-in fiancé who she left behind in Russia.  No. Just as I predicted--"We will never see the Skripals alive again."

The Skripals have served their purpose.  Like a couple of used Kleenex tissues that have been sneezed into repeatedly by a cold sufferer...they are now just tossed into the toilet.  Down the swirly they go.

There will be no more news about the Skripals.  After all...the sheeple have now been moved onwards...up the circular ramp towards the Slaughterhouse WWIII.  Now we are being exposed to the latest "Chemical Weapons" False Flag in Syria.  You know the one...with the tagline "#Assad gassing his own people"(TM).  Now, this one is better--because it comes complete with grisly photos taken by the White Helmet production company of "actors/victims" in full costume and special effects  "foaming at the mouth"(TM)..  Much more compelling.

After all, in Hollywood...it's always about the "production values".

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