Saturday, April 14, 2018

Damascus Celebrates "Victory" today Syrians are Dancing in the Streets - What's going on here, Anyway?

Damascus Celebrates "Victory" Today

Ever since early this morning, the citizens in Syria have been celebrating, literally dancing in the streets. After the terror that seized the world last night, how can this be so? Well, as usual, it's all in the evidence and, particularly in the numbers.  There's an old adage: "Numbers [unlike Western politicians] don't lie.

The types of armaments used by the US and its allies in illegally attacking Syria, included Tomahawk Missiles, GBU-38 Guided Bombs and Scalp EG “Storm Shadow” Missiles –and whose 32 missiles that survived Syrian air defenses saw them partially destroying a scheduled for demolition Syrian government research building—doing minimal damage to the Syrian governments Mezzeh airbase—but with the Syrian government’s Dumayr airbase not being harmed at all as it was able to destroy all 12 of the missiles fired at it.

When combined with the 59 American cruise missiles illegally fired into Syria last year, 34 of which were immediately shot down by Syrian air defenses, and with the average cost of these Western missiles being $1.5 million, today’s Western firing of another 103 missiles into Syria, and having 71 of them destroyed, puts the total cost of these two strikes at over $243 million--$157 million of which was spent to see them exploding uselessly in the sky.
Additionally, USrael's credibility has been destroyed on another, related, front: i.e., the irrefutable evidence presented by Russia proving that the British staged the “false flag” chemical attack in the first place—with Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, also, stunningly today citing data from the Swiss laboratory that the BZ toxin was used in the poisoning of the Skripals, with his adding that this chemical has been in the possession of the US and the UK, but has never been produced in Russia.

Here is a some very good information on the BZ toxin scandal posted by American Everyman...this news might even have the Brits dancing in the streets!  The only news that would get Canadians dancing in the streets would be to learn that Trudeau went dancing [in one of his Bollywood costumes] off into the sunset...permanently. : /

And, finally: Syrians are dancing in celebration of the larger price being paid by Trump, whose once loyal supporters in America have erupted into indignation and anger for his allowing “the warmongers to hijack our nation”—even to include one of Trump’s most loyal supporters, Alex Jones of Infowars News Service, who, just hours ago, broke down in tears while doing his national television newscast and declared: “He’s crapping all over us...Trump’s now a fraud…and I’m done.

This sentiment is being replicated all over America.  That's where psychopathic lying will get you.


Anonymous said...

Not an Alex Fan, but am with him in feeling sick. Am glad I spotted the Talmud Traitor in Pierre Trudeau in 1971 at age 13. Incompetence Incorporated. Now to sit back and enjoy the great unravelling as the clusterf!ck of LIES reaches Critical Mass.
'Good for Canadians' 'Moving Forward' 'Moving away From'
God Damned Parasites.

Penny said...

Hey GC and North

I had a bunch of stuff saved to wrap up the strikes on Syria last night but then Lavrov let the news of BZ being used against the Skripals

Interestingly BZ was identified in two previous false flag chemical attacks in Syria
Homs and Ghouta- but the US denied the attacks indicated the use of chems based on the fact that Syria did NOT have BZ in it's arsenal- That belongs to US/UK.
Again, Mattis said they had 'verified' the use of chlorine- this means nothing.
Everyone has chlorine.. if you treat water you have chlorine-
We are being played for fools with this chlorine story- I find the BZ in both the Skripal case and the BZ in two Syrian chem attacks extremely intriguing!

Wanna know what you think North and GC- going to leave a duplicate comment at North's too!

greencrow said...

Hi Penny:

Of course I absolutely believe Lavrov when he says the Swiss analysed the sample and found BZ. When I looked at the symptomology the passing out for four days but then recovering. That makes "Jacob's Ladder" effect.

But Lavrov and the rest of us are down the rabbit hole now. Whether it's BZ or a piece of mushroom [like the caterpillar enticed Alice with] it will all be lost in a media frenzy of distraction and disinformation. Can you imagine what it must be like to live in the matrix and be inundated with all the preposterous lies...without the sanity of the alternate blogosphere?