Tuesday, March 13, 2018

UPDATED: Tillerson Fired? BS! IMO...He's just the First Rat to Swim Away From the Sinking Ship!

UPDATED:  March 13, 2018 It's very rare I have to UPDATE within minutes of publishing a post.  Today is one of those days.  Breaking News from RT:  Tillerson, now freed from his Deep State controllers and allowed to SAY WHAT HE REALLY THINKS...has wasted no time.  Here's his first statement:

"Russia's isolation is not in anyone's interests." - Tillerson

As we say in the blogging business - BINGO!

Rat Swimming Away From Sinking Ship

The headlines in this morning's newz are all about how US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was fired by Trump by way of a "Tweet".  I say....They're lying as per usual.  Anyone who knows anything about politics knows that this kind of unfriendly showing of the door is code for the fact that the individual actually quit...jumped the sinking ship and is gleefully swimming away into the distance...as far as he can get...before the Ship sinks and carries him to the bottom with it. In realpolitik..when a minister is really fired...he or she gets the "golden handshake"...everyone is hearts and flowers, the reason for the leaving is "personal reasons" and a generous [taxpayer funded] compensation is de rigeur. OTOH, when a minister quits...s/he leaves herself open to the kind of attack that took place this morning..."fired by Tweet", etc.

Penny For Your Thoughts has a post on the Tillerson "firing" this morning.  She mentions his ludicrous statement about the UK poisoning of the "Russian Spy" [actually the individual was a UK spy of Russian heritage] .  Here is the relevant snippet and my response in the comments:

US outlets are reporting that Trump asked Tillerson to resign his post on Friday, when the two disagreed on the President’s plans to meet North Korean dictator Kim-Jong-Un.
His statement yesterday on Russia’s suspected role in the attack in Salisbury incident, which has left Sergei Skripal and his daughter in a critical condition, surprised observer.
It is possibly more forceful as a result of his imminent departure, rather than the cause of it.

My comment:
"...His statement yesterday on Russia’s suspected role in the attack in Salisbury incident, which has left Sergei Skripal and his daughter in a critical condition, surprised observer...."

IMO, Tillerson was likely forced to make the above stupid statement...and, after reflecting on it and on all the other stupid statements he's had to make...many of them conflicting one with the other...he decided to Quit upon his return to the US.


Tillerson was one of the few sane non neocons onboard the USS Trumptitanic.  Independently wealthy...he doesn't need the crap he's had to endure over the past year+.  Tillerson learned very early on that the entire Trump Presidency is like a Potemkin Village...or more correctly one of those TV Wild West Sets ...all fake storefronts with nothing behind.  The Deep State producers and directors of the TV show called the "Trump Presidency" made all the calls.

With the Deep State producers and directors now in deep denial over the Russian "Game, Set, Match!" announcement of last week.  Tillerson doesn't want to and doesn't have to stay around for the next stages in the grief process..."anger", "bargaining"....before the final stage "acceptance" is reached.  The next two stages promise to be very messy.  In fact, so messy that Planet Earth may not survive.

So, he's swimming away....bye bye, Rex.


Anonymous said...

Loving the fake storefront comparison. I've been pondering that cruel reality for a long time. Masquerade mask on a stick, comes to mind.
What a disgrace. Five Eyes, Five Thousand Lies.

Ed(itor) said...

What we have here is a nasty fight among the top rats in the Anglo-American-Israeli empire -- acting through their puppets -- for control of everything, and they are beginning to destroy one another. Meanwhile, China is condensing and solidifying and increasingly aligning with Russian economic markets and commerce. and forming separate-but-allied military technologies. There are four theaters of war: military, cyber, commerce/trade and strategic/mind. The Anglo-American-Israel center of influence has ruse and covert covered, but can't compete internationally in space, on land, at sea or perhaps even in the others.

greencrow said...

Hi Ed(itor)

You say: "....There are four theaters of war: military, cyber, commerce/trade and strategic/mind..."

Yes, and the reality is that only strategic/mind has not been subsumed by Russian military, technological/economic advances.

So, the perps are "throwing everything they have" at the Russian "problem". Hence, the desperate "Poisoned Russkies on a Park Bench" sham.

Ed(itor) said...

Not to divert into a discussion about strategy... the ZIonists have Israeli game theory that thinks serious things can be reduced to a game, and every game has a strategy that will lead to victory (including first-strike) and, before that, the OODA loop which is dense enough to get anyone to out-think themselves (Yogi Berra said 'you can't think and hit at the same time'), and some still swear by Clausewitz, study Napoleon (defeated by winter and typhus), and few have read or understand Liddell-Hart, and even fewer understand Sun Tzu (though there are at least ten translations).

It is easy to blame everything on the dumb nerd on the other side of the playground while you bully your way around... until the dumb kid gets tired of being the butt.