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Park Bench Cafe #8 - I Wish I Had A River I Could Skate Away On

Park Bench Café #8

It's about 7 degrees in the Pacific North West...far too warm for outdoor skating.  About once every decade or more the local pond freezes over and then becomes like a magic miracle.  Once when my children were small it did and we rushed down the street to it with our skates and our big dog.  We sat down on a park bench laced up and went out...The iced was smooth as an indoor hockey the one that the Canadian World Junior Hockey Team won a gold medal on last night...gotcha!  lol.  Bet you didn't think I could start bragging about that so soon.  But, getting back to park benches and outdoor skating...this is the one time of year that I envy those poor suckers who live in the Nation's frigid capital, Ottawa.  They have the most beautiful river to skate away on...actually it's the Rideau Canal.  Here is the update from the CBC:


Most of Rideau Canal Skateway now open

5-km section of skateway between Bronson rest area and Pretoria Bridge opened 8 a.m. Friday

I Wish I had a River I Could Skate Away On
The National Capital Commission said the canal is open from the Bronson rest area to Pretoria Bridge, including Dow's Lake.

It will take some guts, though, to lace up in the opening days, with an extreme cold warning and a frostbite warning in effect for Ottawa.
Frostbite warning issued as frigid temperatures set in
Residents are urged to cover up and wear multiple layers to prevent frostbite.
River - Joni wanted to 
Skate away

I once visited Ottawa in February and did venture out on the frozen canal...but in boots, not on skates. Today, in my mind's eye I'm sitting on a park bench on the banks of the Rideau Canal.  There is a food truck nearby and I have a cup of hot chocolate warming my mittened hands.  An outdoor wood fire attracts skaters who stop to warm themselves.  I wish I could don skates, join the skaters and race...flying away down the river...but I've always been what they call an "ankle skater".  My ankles bend inward, not being strong enough to support my body....even when I was a kid I could not skate properly.  So, here I sit watching the families and the young people skating to the piped in music.  Currier and Ives could not have printed a more wonderful winter scene.  At the far end of my bench lies a fresh newspaper...neatly folded.  Will today's headlines give me even more motivation to want to "skate away"?

Here's today's Park Bench Café #8 courtesy my blogging partner, Ed(itor) formerly of Occurrences, Boy Down the Lane and The Sullen Bell.  Enjoy.


“high octane speculation of the day: what we're witnessing is the deliberate exposure of the methods used to create "control-files", as Catherine Austin Fitts refers to them. We're witnessing the roll-up of certain networks those files have been used to create and control. In the case of Silicon Valley, this becomes an American national-security issue, given the heavy subsidy of Silicon Valley by the U.S. military-industrial-intelligence complex. In the wrong hands, such "control files" become a national security issue. Or to put it much more crudely, one can hardly be a "shining city on a hill" when in fact most of the "players" are constantly playing in the gutters and sewers. In the case of Saudi child-sex slavery rings, and the global network therein implied, the context puts President Trump's recent executive order - symbolically issued on the winter solstice no less - freezing the assets of anyone involved in human rights abuses into a very intriguing and possibly geopolitical context. And if that reading is correct, then 2018 is going to be an interesting year.”

Today’s news involves fecal smearing (political and airborne), playoff football agit-prop, and questions as to why the weathermen would want to make us tremble in fear of “bombogenesis”. 

And you thought you’d seen the last of Mitt Romney, the man who lashed his dog to the car roof …

Whooda thot back in the 60’s we’d see the day of marijuana stock trading and people being interviewed on TV about their entreprenurial approaches to cannibis delivery?





must see
50 minutes on chemtrails by Elana Freeland

“… there were highly top secret documents of the most secure type and it would have resulted in a criminal prosecution, I guarantee you, if you were anyone else but the Democratic nominee for president…”


Archive for Veterans’ Day
“… When you take the journey of dissent, you lose friends, alienate family, confuse confidants and become a lonely voice….”

Finally, ED e-mails a personal note to greencrow... 

Congrats to Canada on a World Junior championship. The gold medal game was some of the finest hockey I have ever watched. There is a place somewhere up there where they keep the mold for goalies. 

GC responds:

Thanks Ed:

My husband was miffed at the result of the gold medal game.  He is a Swedish Citizen AND a Canadian citizen and so suffers greatly with the two teams meet.  But I found out where his true heart lies at the end of the game when he made me turn off the TV.  Sad : )

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