Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Syria Update - Assad's victories are on behalf of ALL small, militarily vulnerable countries - Like Canada!

10 Illegal US Military Bases in Northern Syrian
Territory--And WHAD YOU GONNA DO
ABOUD IT!!!???

Truth Blogger Scott Creighton has posted an excellent summary and analysis this morning on what is going on currently in Syria with the covetous Ziofascist Deep State jockeying for war by any means necessary to staunch the flow of their losing battle to steal Syrian land for the Yinon Project in northern Syria and neighbouring Iraq.

Creighton says there's a connection between the very recent revival in the Legacy M$M during the last day or so of the attempt to convince Americans that Russia had something to do with Hillary's loss of the last US Federal Election.  This shabby and shop worn lie, surrounding the wiretapping of Trump aid Paul Manafort, Creighton contends, is being resurrected in order to provide a causa's belli to attack the Russians directly when they cross into north eastern Syrian land--currently under the control of the illegal US military bases in northern Syria (see Map above).

So, if I understand this correctly, the Ziofascists are trying to set up a WWIII level confrontation between the Yanks and the Rooskies--based on the lie that the Russians interfered in the last US election.  While it's not as dramatic as Pearl Harbour or the Gulf of Tonkin...I guess it will have to do at this late stage in the losing game...when the Syrians and their Russian Allies have already crossed the Euphrates River and are beginning to clean up the proxy terrorist lairs in the small Syrian communities and to close in on the illegal US bases.

Victorious Syrian President Bashar al Assad has made it clear that he intends to re-capture every square inch of Syrian land from foreign occupation.  So far, he has been stunningly successful...who knows, if he manages to kick the US interlopers out of their 10 bases in the north--which they're holding on behalf of the Israeli proxy Kurds, then he might even march back west and retrieve the StolenGolan Heights!  This would be a death blow to the Deep State Ziofascist War Mongers and a huge win for the rule of International Law!

Russia has been scrupulous in adhering to International Law throughout its dealings with the Syrian War.  Here's a snippet from Stephen Lendman's recent post on the latest accusation by the West that Russia bombed "coalition" fighters last weekend:

Russia Refutes US Accusation About Bombing Coalition Forces
by Stephen Lendman

......Comprised of anti-government terrorists, they should be targeted, involved in massacring residents of Raqqa and other areas where they’re rampaging. Russia should target all terrorist forces in Syria, elements unwilling to cease trying to topple Assad’s legitimate government. Dealing with US and Turkish invaders is a separate issue for later.

A statement by US forces operating illegally in Syria lied, claiming:

“At approximately 12:30 a.m. GMT Sept. 16, Russian forces struck a target east of the Euphrates River in Syria near (Deir Ezzor), causing injuries to Coalition partner forces.”
“Several (US-supported terrorist) fighters were wounded and received medical care as a result of the strike.”

On Sunday, Russian Defense Ministry spokesman General Igor Konashenkov categorically denied the accusation, saying:
“To avoid unnecessary escalation, the command of the Russian forces in Syria gave the US (forces) an advance notice, through an existing communications channel, on the borders within which the military operation in (Deir Ezzor) would be conducted.” “The priority targets for destruction are the (ISIS) firing positions from which they are leading large-scale attacks on the Syrian forces.”

If coalition terrorists are in ISIS-controlled areas, [see Map above] it’s further proof of US support for this scourge. On Sunday, Syrian forces liberated Jafrah, a strategic town northeast of Deir Ezzor’s military airport, improving its security, controlling areas surrounding it, closing off ISIS’ land-based exits from the city, the Euphrates River their only option.

Continued progress by government and allied forces in Deir Ezzor heads steadily to war eliminating ISIS in and around the city, a major triumph once accomplished, its last stronghold in the country liberated. As US-supported SDF terrorists advance on the city, clashes with government and allied forces could follow.

Assad vowed to liberate Syria entirely. Washington has other ideas, wanting control over as much Syrian territory as it can grab.

On Sunday, Assad said some Western countries continue supporting anti-government territories – meaning America and its rogue allies, NATO and regional ones. On Friday, “political prostitute” Nikki Haley said Washington won’t accept Syria under Assad’s leadership.

Regime change remains US policy – conflict resolution cooperation with Russia pure fantasy."

I find it personally infuriating how stupid my fellow North American/Canadian countrymen are to think that this war is not being fought against THEM/US.  The most elementary concept of law escapes them...how brainwashed they are!

If the law does not apply to EVERYONE EQUALLY then it does not apply to anyone!  If it is permissible to steal the property of anyone on the face of this planet...then it is permissible to steal the property of EVERYONE!

In the absence of the Rule of Law...the law of the jungle prevails...nature abhors a vacuum.

Canada...with its enormous riches and geography is probably the most dependent on the Rule of International Law--as it has been painstakingly developed over centuries and is currently embodied in the CHARTER OF THE UNITED NATIONS.  Since the end of WWII, when Canada had a reasonable military and navy and one of the largest merchant marines in the world...Canada has been methodically stripped of all military, economic and democratic power.  We are like a newborn baby...ready to be snatched from the cradle by the predatory wolves.  The only thing that currently protects Canada is the diaphanous and tangential blanket of international law...under which we lie squealing and naked.  If that's ripped away...or willfully kicked off as is going on now by the stupid Canadian "leadership" and ignorant citizenry...then Canada will be killed...swallowed whole by the Snake Eating Snake.

We owe Russia's Putin and Syria's Assad, two of the bravest and greatest warriors the world has ever known, an enormous debt of gratitude.  If they prevail and it looks increasingly like they Just Might....then Canada has also been saved.  International Law is the prize that's being fought over, folks. But Canadians and North Americans--and the West as a whole--are just too stupid to see it.


james@wpc said...

"We owe Russia's Putin and Syria's Assad, two of the bravest and greatest warriors the world has ever known, an enormous debt of gratitude. If they prevail and it looks increasingly like they Just Might....then Canada has also been saved. International Law is the prize that's being fought over, folks."

Well said, Greencrow. International Law is certainly the prize and you have done everyone a service by pointing that out. That is an extremely useful insight.

In keeping their actions scrupulously within international law, Putin and Assad provide a telling contrast to the psychopaths. The psychopaths show themselves for what they are through their blatant disregard for the law when it is inconvenient to them.

How shall we know them? By their actions. And I would add, actions betray the mindset. This is humanity versus the psychopaths. And though it will sound simplistic to many, it really does come down to Good Vs Evil.

greencrow said...

Hi James:

It always comes down to good and evil. Why is Canada so-called "leaders" giving the high five to entities who have Canada in their crosshairs? Because they're stupid, that's why. Stupid and greedy for short term gain...or thinking foolishly that they will have a bunker to hide in when the brown stuff hits the fan.

james@wpc said...

The 'leaders' are clearly on the side of evil and they cannot claim ignorance as this is a long established process. The conclusion that they are therefore evil themselves seems inescapable to me.

greencrow said...

The longer I live the more I understand that life on this planet is now as it ever was...a fight to the death between Satan and the Angels.