Thursday, December 17, 2015

Just as I feared... Is Justin Trudeau a flake?

Justin dips his big toe in American Electoral Waters....
 Prime Minister Justin Trudeau
 participates in a town hall meeting
 in Ottawa, Wednesday December 16, 2015.

As I wrote about on several occasions prior to the Canadian federal election last October 19th, Justin Trudeau might just be a flake. Since winning the election he has, in my opinion, confirmed this suspicion on several occasions. In support of this worrying contention...I submit the following examples.

In a recent year end TV interview, Trudeau involved himself in the fractious Republican Party nomination process by slamming the front runner, Donald Trump:

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau hesitated for just a moment before slamming the policies of Donald Trump during a town hall forum.
“I think it’s extremely important that somebody of my position doesn’t engage in the electoral processes of another country,” Trudeau cautioned.
Trump, a U.S. Republican presidential candidate, has come out railing against Islam, and proposed banning all Muslims from immigrating to the United States.
“However, I don’t think it comes as a surprise to anyone that I stand firmly against the politics of division,” Trudeau said.
Trudeau was fielding questions from the public and journalists in Maclean’s magazine’s hour-long town hall at the National Arts Centre, which was hosted by Maclean’s journalist Paul Wells.
Trudeau said Muslims are one of the greatest victims of terrorism around the world, and that extending the sins of ISIS to all Muslims is “irresponsible.”
One of Trudeau’s biggest challenges early in his government has been defending his decision to pull out Canadian fighter jets from the mission against ISIS.
“There is no military solution,” Trudeau said during the town hall, adding that the path lies in a combination of military and humanitarian efforts.
Trudeau said that he has had a few “good conversations” with U.S. President Barack Obama, who has asked allies to commit troops to the U.S.-led coalition against ISIS. But Trudeau maintains that Obama has not asked him to commit fighter jets. Instead, Trudeau said the last decade in Afghanistan has given Canadian military the experience they need to train local troops.
Trudeau said the “politics of fear” during the election campaign “bugged” him.
“Shouldn't be a contradiction between what it takes to keep us safe and what it takes to keep us Canadian,” he said.
Trudeau dismissed criticisms from both journalists and the public that his governing style was soft-spoken and relied heavily on charm.
“It’s not about image, it’s about substance,” Trudeau said.
“It’s a mistake to equate understanding ‘soft power’ with weakness.”

There was no reason for Trudeau to make this political gaffe. What if Trump wins the nomination and the US presidency? Canada will have to wipe egg off its face and eat crow at the same time...due to a needless intrusive comment.

Then there was the Vogue photo spread where Trudeau and his wife look like geeks. She's wedged firmly between his legs as he sits and gazes at her like a lovelorn loon. (I use the comparison of loon because a loon is a very Canadian bird, engraved on our dollar coin--called a "Loonie"). Maybe the Vogue photo spread and accompanying treacly commentary went down well with its intended American audience...but most Canadians squirmed uncomfortably at all the unnecessary and inappropriate exposure.

Then there was Trudeau meeting the Syrian refugees at the airport and giving them packages (the rumour that each package contained a teddy bear is probably untrue). He did not need to do this. Instead of Canada stealing the human resources  of a vulnerable country (targeted by NATO for destruction) Trudeau could have been speaking out and supporting the Russian effort to run the NATO-supported ISIS out of Syria. That would prevent future migration of Syrian citizens and return the refugees to their homeland. Mass migration is a SOP globalist, bankster cabal tactic to destroy cultures and create instability in both the country that loses their workforce and the country receiving the masses of immigrants--and has its social systems and wages negatively impacted.

Finally, and related to the above, the last indication that Trudeau may have inherited the "flake" gene from his distaff family lineage....there's his indecision on Canadian bombing in Syria. During the last Canadian election campaign, Trudeau promised to end the Canadian bombing mission in Syria as part of the American coalition.  Recently, it has been discovered that for over a year the US was dumping its bombs "harmlessly" in the deserts of Jordan. Thus sparing thousands of ISIS truckers who were transporting the stolen Syrian oil in commercial quantities to Turkey---where it was sold on the black market to USrael and other countries. Was Canada dumping its taxpayer-funded bombs in the desert too?

Now, instead of following through on his election promise and returning Canada back to its positive international role as an "honest broker", Trudeau's waffling....just like a tumbling snow flake in the sub-zero Ottawa air.


Penny said...

He's worse then a flake. sigh.
Canadians thought harper was bad, well, trudeau is going to kill us with 'kindness'

greencrow said...

Hi Penny:

I forgot to mention in my post that the Vogue article contained the revelation that two primary campaign advisers to Justin Trudeau during his federal election were former Obama election campaign advisers. No wonder we had all the baseless promises of "hope" and "change". That news really sickened me...because Canada can't supply its own campaign advisers but has to have Americans in that pivotal Canadian democratic role...and because it could be a harbinger of broken promises and incompetence to come....birds of a feather.