Saturday, August 31, 2013

Week in Review

Vladimir Putin, Leader of the Western World
Watch the link posted above to see a real leader in action....its been so long since we in North America have had the experience of seeing a real leader.  The last couple of leaders I personally remember are John and Robert Kennedy, Pierre Trudeau and...perhaps, Jimmy Carter...that's it!  For those who are too young to remember the Kennedy's and Trudeau, this is they way they presented themselves in public...natural and candid, eyes sparkling with humour...not nervously darting about, reading cue cards.  Speaking eloquently and spontaneously...not hesitantly--or straining to hear suggestions/directions made to them in their earpieces.
Nature abhors a vacuum... and so, in the absence of leadership in the West....Putin's naturally stepping into the breach.  You could sense a sea change occurring over the past week.  We are all aware, however, that the creatures Mr. Putin is railing against in the above interview are still capable of striking out from behind their an injured snake.  But they have been mortally wounded.   The unexpected burst of democracy in the British Parliament last week dealt them a sudden slice to the jugular.
My fellow blogger, Benjamin Fulford, might be right after all....improving on his track record--he did predict the resignation of  Pope Benny the Rat...and I'm still picking my jaw up off the floor over that one.  Ben Fulford has also predicted the future abdication of Queen Elizabeth....and, reviewing the new reports coming out about the death by assassination of Princess Diana, Ben may be right on that one too.  Please see my update on my earlier post re Princess Diana where I just posted a new link with some tantalizing information.  As a housekeeping note, I have also posted updates with new links on my posts re Fu*k U shima:  Dead Planet Walking and my one on Chemtrails.
Given the current dynamic on the world is difficult to imagine Obama attending the G20 in St. Petersburg next would be too humiliating.  He will no doubt use some weak excuse... like he needs to lobby Congress... prior to their September 9th debate on a possible US Syrian attack...September 9th, so near, and yet so many possible false flag attacks away....
Yet, Hope springs paraphrase a crude comment on a YouTube video I watched this week...this week may go down in history as the week the "Big Zio-t" finally got burst.
UPDATE:  August 31, 2013 - Here is an editorial on Obomber by Pulitzer Prize winning writer, Jon Rappoport

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