Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Hubris meets Nemesis - US threatens Syria with Missile Attack


Breaking news, Folks.  Looks like we're down to the short strokes in the long escalation of the West's desperate last gasp grasp at global dollarfication.

Greencrow's take?  First of all the Internet will go down...you can bet on that one...along with North American-wide electrical "blackouts/brown-outs".  So any real alternative news about what is happening will be sparse or non-existent.

We will be caught in national and local energy crisis mode (and/or be blindsided by yet another false flag hoax on the scale of 9/11 or beyond) and will have our eyes averted from the International Bouncing Ball.  Or, more accurately, we will all be treated like mushrooms...kept in the dark and have sh*t thrown at us.

The US/Israel is so bankrupt in every sense of the word...but most of all they are bankrupt in terms of credibility...NO ONE is buying their current lies about gas attacks in Syria...yet they continue headlong towards Armageddon.

Here is a quote from one of my favourite bloggers, Benjamin Fulford  http://benjaminfulford.net/  Benjamin makes a lot of outlandish predictions but, incredibly, some of them have come true...and he always takes a positive view that "the good guys will win" in the end:

"....The ongoing attempts by these religious fanatic criminals to start Armageddon, this time with an operation in Syria is nothing more than a sign of desperation. The list of countries that has agreed to attack Syria based on the obvious cabal staged poisonous gas attack in Syria is also a list of the countries still under cabal control. These are the US, Canada (to my deep shame), France, Israel, Italy, Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. The fact that other NATO countries, notably Germany, are not participating is a sign the cabal no longer controls the NATO alliance. Globally, the cabal now controls only 8 out of the 195 nations on earth.

It is true these cabal controlled nations still control considerable military power on paper but it is extremely unlikely the pentagon will go along with this latest cabal gambit. From their point of view it is difficult to see what sort of legitimate US interests would be served by attacking Syria.

Instead, they realize this latest horror is just a desperate attempt to start war in order to save cabal control of the financial system. That is not going to be allowed...."

Whether it "will be allowed" or not is the trillion dollar question.  Unfortunately, my assessment is that they are in the "Sampson Option" mode now....Google that one if you will.



UPDATE:  August 28, 2013

Looks like the US could attack Syria by Thursday (tomorrow).  Things are as serious as they were just before the ill-fated and disastrous attack on Iraq in 2004 (also based on lies about WMD) .  In fact things are more serious, because this time Russia and China have drawn clear lines in the sand...that the small but all powerful US cabal of  psychopathic killers is determined to cross.

Here is a letter that blogger Zen Gardner sent to his family....warning them to prepare.  I am posting it here as a warning to anyone who visits this blog....prepare yourself and your family immediately for what is coming...


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