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Greencrow on the trail of Chemtrails: I scared myself

Greencrow attended the first international demonstration against Chemtrail spraying, aka geoengineering of the weather, that took place yesterday, Sunday August 25, 2013.


The Canadian demonstration happened at the Courthouse/Art Gallery plaza on Robson Street in downtown Vancouver.  The day was bright and sunny...some puffy clouds... but no Chemtrails in sight.

Vancouver is in high summer tourist gear and many streets were closed off on Sunday for festivals and demonstrations...the Courthouse/Art Gallery, located in the heart of the city was the natural focus... and events were taking place simultaneously.  We shared space with the Marijuana lobby, the Art lobby and also, curiously, the Bare Boobs lobby.  This was a small group of exhibitionist young females and their drooling coterie of red-blooded young Canadian males.  Frankly, it was a relief to see that this latter group is still alive and active in our.... increasingly genderless... society.  The Bare Boobs group was advocating the right of all women to bare their breasts in public.  I mused to myself how the young men would feel about seeing an old woman's breasts ; ).  Just as our group was prepared to address the crowd, the Bare Boobs demonstration overflowed into our space, totally upstaging the Chemtrail group's much smaller and quieter rally.

The leader of our Chemtrail demonstration was a lovely young (fully dressed) woman by the name of Afsanna (sp?).  I spoke with her briefly about the most recent developments regarding the Chemtrails issue...including the very encouraging development that former BC Premier Bill Vanderzalm has come out publically with his intention to "get to the bottom" of who is spraying...British Columbians are well aware of Mr. Vanderzalm's tenacity, once he becomes "seized with an issue" (You can listen to the interview with Vanderzalm in the link posted below). 

Our group stood around for about an hour and a half, holding signs and handing out leaflets.  At 2 p.m., Afsanna took to her megaphone to address the crowd with a talk that explained the historical, scientific/health and sociopolitical implications of Chemtrails:


According to the literature we handed out to the crowd:

"Chemtrails AKA GeoEngineering

Stratospheric Sulphate Aerosols * Solar Radiation Management* Chemical Buffering* Aerial Spraying* Climate Mitigation

Weather modification operations have been active and on-going since the 1960's.  Research and experiments began as early as the 1930's.

Purpose of cloud seeding operations:

1)  Increase precipitation in areas experiencing drought;
2)  To reduce the size of hailstones that form in thunderstorms;
3) To  reduce the amount of fog in and around airports;
4)  Also used by major ski resorts to induce snowfall;
5)  Military applications.

Specific materials used in weather modification operations:
Silver iodide
Dry ice (frozen carbon dioxide)
Liquid propane
Hygroscopic materials such as salt and sulphates
Heavy metals such as Aluminum and Barium
Electric mechanisms, such as infra-red pulses


Aerosol Spraying has been UNREGULATED ever since BC Weather Modification Act was repealed in 2003.

Specific materials used in weather modification operations:
Ethylen dibromide
Nano particulates of aluminium, barium, strontium
Cationic polymer fibers
Bio-active particles - SMART DUST for dummies
High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program - HAARP
HAARP antennas zap ionosphere to super heat it

Purpose of cloud seeding operations:
1) Crop Devastation - leaving only Monsanto genetically modified crops
2) Next generation warfare
3) Global climate control
4) Depopulation

What Happens after Spraying:
sick and dying trees - aluminium toxicity - fungus - multiple sclerocis - heavy metal particulates - morgellon's condition - Alzheimer's disease.

Chronic barium intoxication disrupts sulphated proteoglycan synthesis:  a hypothesis for the origins of multiple sclerosis...[also Parkinsons]

US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health
"A substantial body of research has accumulated to make the case that the underlying organism (i.e., pathogen) of the so called "Morgellons" condition as identified by this researcher, is using the iron from human blood for its own growth and existence.  It will also be shown that the bio-chemical state of the blood is altered in the process."  more info @
So, you can see this is all scary stuff....and, when combined with the bizarre "attack of the boob ladies" ....who provided a very effective distraction/disruption for our was a disconcerting afternoon.

On the positive side, we raised some public interest.  The most important thing I learned (I am already well researched in the manifestation and effects of Chemtrails) is there's a significant Downtown Vancouver group of  activists, including the Chemtrails people, who have been meeting regularly near the Art Gallery steps on the 11th of the month ever since 9/11.  This group is motivated and dedicated to gently bringing the sheeple into the 21st century.  In order to connect with this group, I gave chemtrail demonstration organizer "Afsanna" my card and told her about this blog.  Before saying goodbye, I asked Afsanna who she thought was behind spraying chemicals into the atmosphere.  Without hesitation, she replied:


Couldn't agree more.  Hopefully, I can participate, at some level, in the movement to raise awareness and opposition to chemtrails...after all "It's my sky too!"

Oh, ....and "I bought the T-shirt'....from which I got the photo of the chemtrails shown above.

Here are some more links to information about Chemtrails:

Talk given by the Canadian expert, Rosalind Peterson:


UPDATE:  27/08/13

I forgot to add the link to this very informative video...which includes a recorded telephone conversation between a chemtrail researcher and an employee of NASA ("Never a Straight Answer") in which he admits to her that they are spraying the population with Lithium.


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