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First of all, Welcome to this Blog! I don't know how you found your way here...either through a link from another blog or just searching the Internet...but in any case, lucky for you and lucky for me!

Here's my introduction which was  originally on the front of my blog--in case you missed it:

is an Internet identity and avatar I chose in 2003... when I first started going on news forums. I first used it on The New York Times forums:

NOTE: "...It was on the New York Times back in 2002 that greencrow first emerged and sprouted her wings. I first went on the NYT Afghanistan Comments thread back on April 18, 2002 to comment on the murder of several Canadian soldiers by rogue US Reserve pilots who bombed them outside of the floodlit Kandahar airbase after flying unopposed through restricted airspace. I was surprised to find several other commenters [notably one called "Planoman"] who were very sympathetic to me and agreed that the attack was probably intentional. For several years thereafter I commented daily on the NYT Afghanistan Forum until they evaporated it into the ethosphere. The first year or so I commented, wait for it...under my real name. Several commenting colleagues warned me against this practise and suggested I come up with a "nom de plume". Other regulars on the Afghanistan forum included commenters writing under the names of "redomercrow and "yellowcrow". These two entities were kindred spirits of mine and so I chose the name "greencrow". We commented as a "murder of crows" for several years which is why they probably shut down the thread.

I still miss my fellow crows and wonder what happened to them. There was also our nemesis, a retired US army troll called "Shivas Irons". He spouted all the usual zio-propaganda along with someone by the name of "Franklyn". "Franklyn" was the one who first told me that the long term goal was to divide Iraq into three different countries. This was way back in the early 2000's. They're still working on that project..."

(was kicked off the NYT forums at one point for insisting 9/11 was an inside job--since reinstated) but have used it on many other forums such as YouTube, CBC, (kicked off that one) Rigorous Intuition (kicked off that one too) and a few more I can't think of at the moment.
I chose the name because I love crows, all birds in fact, and the colour green. Birds might also be another topic I will comment on from time to time.
In any case, Blogs are supposed to be fun and I hope this one is for me and my readers. gc

The main part of my blog is my geopolitical ramblings/minor essays. I usually post about three times a week. You can receive an e-mail to notify you by accessing the gadget at the bottom of the main page. There is also a gadget there for translation into many languages (I like to use that one to see how I sound in Chinese, Russian, etc. : )

There are also three other Special Pages (not including this one). On one page I update information on truther investigations into 9/11 (the event that awakened my social/geopolitical conscience), on another, "Spirit of Russia" I have posted photographs of my trip to Russia in summer 2014, and on the last page..."Greencrow Creative Resources", I display photographs of my latest artistic "oeuvres".

You are welcome to post comments on any of the posts or pages. I recommend you search by topic to access older posts on topics you are interested in. I have a habit of going back to older posts and updating them and adding what I call "gem" links.

At the Top of the right column..."From the Crow's Nest" I post quotes that have inspired me and that represent what I am trying to do here.

I also have a "Favourites Blogroll" to the right on the main page. These are blogs that I find stimulating and worthy of a read. I don't agree with everything in fact one or two I suspect may be disinfo. But I have left them up just the same in the spirit of freedom of the press...and as a way of keeping track of the opposition!

NOTE: The greencrow does NOT have a Facebook account and does not go on Instagram, or any other social media, having realized early on that these programs are nothing other than spyware and malware, I chose never to participate in them.

I have, however, recently opened a Twitter Account to make announcements when I publish a post.

I also have a YouTube account under the name of Green Crow:

which I have in the past used to show and discuss my wood carvings.  In the last little while I have started to videotape myself doing geopolitical rants.  No doubt YouTube will eventually sit up, take notice and delete my channel.  It matters not to me.

My mission statement is associated with the name of the blog..."As the Crow Flies". If you study crows (as I have) you will know that they don't fly in organized formation with other crows...they are helter skelter but in large "Murders" in the skies...I am like that with other Truth Blogs...loosely associated with them....but my own person, always. Also, crows fly the shortest distance between points. I like that. I try to be as direct and straightforward as possible....both in content and in my writing style.

Enjoy the Blog!


Just a heads up to those who leave comments on my blog. While I love getting comments...I delete more than half I receive for the following reasons:

Too long - it's a comments forum not a posting forum

Inappropriate language. If I want to swear...that's ok...if you do...not so much.

But most comments are deleted because they are irrelevant [aka spam by trolls/bots]. They do not indicate that the commenter has even read the post. In effect--THE COMMENT MUST REFLECT BACK DIRECTLY TO THE SUBJECT OF THE BLOG POST. IF IT DOES NOT, IT WILL BE DELETED...EVEN IF IT IS PRAISE OR A COMPLIMENT.


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Unknown said...

HI..IVE seen You B4 and off of other blogs, Northern TruthSeeker the good ones like US..IM with you on everything 9/11 BULLSH$$ 4 sure unreal..Evil, vile, wicked Monsters have taken over our planet..We are in a mess like never B4..IM OK..I have tools for mental health etc..I like the fact you get kicked off sites..Dirty mother fudders..Best Wishes 2 You..I like Birds 2..The Crows around my house are HUGE and LOUD..They used 2 bugg me crowing so ID blow whistles at them..Not any more..I want 2 be friends with them as I may need them 1 day..I hear they help People who have been good to them..YOU take good care and BE Safe..Sincerely, Connie

greencrow said...

Hi Connie:

Thanks for your comment. I agree that vile, wicked Monsters have taken over our planet. I don't feel comfortable here on earth anymore. I don't like "the leadership" on planet earth at the moment. Regarding crows...the more you get to know them...the more you respect them. I like that they have a very tight family unit between the father, mother, youngsters and babies. They all work together. And also they meet and co-operate with the other families in the neighbourhood and also with the huge gatherings or "murders" that darken the skies in this part of the world. I think they live their lives as a species on a higher level than humans do...not having wars, destroying countries and the planet...and so on.