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Roll Up Your Sleeves - Or Else! Plus: WHO head is a lowlife Commie Criminal...and other VaxZine newZ

Roll Up Your Sleeves - Or Else!
Nurse Speaks Out About how the
PerpZ are Threatening and Harassing
Health Workers to put "anti-freeze" in
their bodies or lose their jobs

Good morning readers.  It's yet another blazing hot day in the geoengineered drought-blighted Pacific North West.  In my opinion, our forests are dead.  They probably largely died from the shock of the first "Heat Dome"[TM] that went down on the July 1st long weekend.  Or, they were mortally wounded.  The unremitting hot, dry spell ever since...along with one more mini "Heat Dome"[TM] to coincide with the August 1st long weekend probably finished them off.  There's a no-water policy in place here but I've snuck out after dark and watered the cluster of huge spruce trees in our fenced yard.  I also spot water the smaller bushes.  Interestingly and tellingly, the MZM dogs are still not barking about the catastrophe going on in our forests.  They don't want to wake up the sheeple...or, as I'm now referring to them...the boiling frogs.

Speaking of barking dogs, the MZM dogs are definitely not barking about the shocking news that there is graphene oxide in the vaxxines. The news broke early last week and not a peep from the criminally colluding TV NewZ reporters.  What I believe will happen now is there will be a pathetic effort to "normalize" the insertion of a toxin not unlike anti-freeze into injections they're mandating and bullying humanity to submit to.  There will now be a tremendous effort to "spin the graphene".  FreakedOut discovered a pilot project to do this a few days ago: 

"Spinning the graphene"...FreakedOut's link about "Perhaps it's not so bad after all."

 Please note:

"Graphene Oxide Nanosheets Interact and Interfere with SARS-CoV-2 Surface Proteins and Cell Receptors to Inhibit Infectivity"

Graphene Oxide Nanosheets Interact and Interfere with SARS-CoV-2 Surface Proteins and Cell Receptors to Inhibit Infectivity - PubMed (

We have it all wrong! Graphene Oxide is there to help us, just see the VAERS Reports.  Next thing the lab coated and stethescope around the neck doctors will be telling us on TV is that we NEED graphene Oxide in our bodies to survive!  Wait for it!

Here's Penny for your thoughts with the end game...what it's ALWAYS been really about...the VaxZine passports:

Penny for your thoughts: Vaccine Passport = ID2020 KickOff! (

It doesn't matter that the vaxZines don't work as advertise and contain a toxic substance.  As the Federal lawyers told Albertan Patrick King yesterday:  "The science doesn't matter".  That's the first law of the "new normal" folks.  Here's an example from Aletho News of how "The Science Doesn't Matter":

Why would you institute get tough policies and mandates exactly when the data show the vaccines are very leaky?

By Meryl Nass, MD | August 1, 2021

If your vaccine doesn’t necessarily protect you or me very well, you can’t achieve herd immunity and there is no societal justification to mandate the shot, or squeeze the unvaccinated.

Supposedly, CDC just figured this out. More to the point, the media just started reporting on it, mostly because of a leaked set of CDC slides.

So, it would appear that the only reason to get tough about the shots right now, would be to get them into arms before the public realizes the benefits are rapidly shrinking.

Pfizer applied for a full license, which would be the necessary condition to legally mandate the shots. But a poorly conceived and argued Office of Legal Counsel “opinion” was issued last week.  It argues that mandates could be imposed under EUA.

It is unlikely that the feds would issue such a charged and difficult-to-defend document unless they needed it. They only need it if a license is not coming soon.  Which suggests FDA has cold feet. Which is something new, considering how they licensed remdesivir. The data they have must be pretty bad.  Maybe they are waiting for more data that will look better?

Just speculating…"

Greencrow continues: No, the Science definitely does not matter to them. It's just a "work around"--for their agenda to completely destroy this planet and it's inhabitants. All under the "direction" of an entity who, under investigation, turns out to be just a low life criminal, inserted into a position...someone who can [and will] eventually be thrown out with the MZM trash:

WHO leader is a lowlife commie criminal...just the type to be an asset for their genocidal PlotZ


The "science" and the empirical truth shows that the vaxZines are producing adverse events all over the world.  It has been estimated that 500,000 deaths from the vaxZines have occured in the United States alone.

This, from Dennis:

Infections in Chile, U.K., Israel, Seychelles and Mongolia Mostly in Vaccinated People

 But the perpZ have covered their ASSes.  Here is a coles notes version of the indemnification agreement they blackmailed all the countries of the world to sign...probably under the threat of geoengineered weather destruction.  All the countries signed, including Canada.  But because the perpZ are satanic liars...they broke the contract with Canada and have just geoengineered the destruction of the British Columbian forests:

Pfizer's COVID-19 Vaccine Indemnification Agreement


·      A leaked document broken down by Twitter user Ehden reveals the shocking terms of Pfizer’s international COVID-19 vaccine agreements

·      Countries that purchase Pfizer’s COVID-19 shot must acknowledge that “Pfizer’s efforts to develop and manufacture the Product” are “subject to significant risks and uncertainties”

·      In the event that a drug or other treatment comes out that can prevent, treat or cure COVID-19, the agreement stands, and the country must follow through with their vaccine order

·      While COVID-19 vaccines are “free” to receive in the U.S., they’re being paid for by taxpayer dollars at a rate of $19.50 per dose; Albania, the leaked contract revealed, paid $12 per dose

·      The purchaser of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine must also acknowledge two facts that have largely been brushed under the rug: both their efficacy and risks are unknown

·      Purchasers must also “indemnify, defend and hold harmless Pfizer … from and against any and all suits, claims, actions, demands, losses, damages, liabilities, settlements, penalties, fines, costs and expenses … arising out of, relating to, or resulting from the Vaccine"

Here's the latested from from FreakedOut on what's going on in Australia where the entire once free democracy has sunk into a fascist tyranny the likes the world has never seen till now:

"Good Morning,

 Just picked up a short video clip from Max Igan concerning a man who has a medical condition being ARRESTED for being outside without a face diaper! He goes into medical distress while being detained by police and is on the ground in distress with the Keystone cops trying to help out. Meanwhile his friend/SO is trying to help him by communicating with him on where in his back pack he keeps his meds and how much to give. Then the video shows him with cuffs on and being taken away when he goes into medical distress AGAIN! This video should make your blood boil! Viewer caution!

"Australia Has Been Overrun by Terrorists In Police Uniforms"

"Qld Australia... there are no words....

Australia is currently undergoing a military coup being staged by corporate criminals and pedophiles masquerading as government - under the cover of the covid fraud. Rise up Australians. Our country is being stolen and you are all asleep....

To the People of the world. Please, we need your help."

Words escape me!  :(

Hi gc

Remember that video we posted a while back produced by Dana Ashlie and someone called Terral Blackstar on "nanobots"? After watching this 3 minute video out of Rice U. I couldn't help but remember/think...."Nanobots?!... is this crazy!?"....well....I guess NOT.

The plot thickens(3 minute video):

Nanotubes assemble! Rice introduces Teslaphoresis

Check out some of the comments!


Dr. Andreas Kalcker on how CDS helps reduce magnetism induced by graphene oxide - ORWELL CITY

Quoting video transcript:

"Dr. Andreas Kalcker: We have seen that COMUSAV doctors —an institution that's in 23 countries in the world, already, and that counts with more than 5,000 doctors who're using CDS— are reporting to us that the vaccine-damaged patients who are being treated with CDS are actually recovering. "

Keep your fingers crossed, there maybe hope! [gc:  maybe hope for our vaxZed kids!]

It's no wonder why MMS(CDS) has been so heavily suppressed by big Pharma.

Download the PDF. Article quote:

"Internet-connected "smart" devices are increasingly available in the marketplace, promising consumers and businesses improved convenience and efficiency. Within this broader Internet of Things (IoT) lies a growing industry of devices that monitor the human body and transmit the data collected via the internet. This development, which some have called the Internet of Bodies (IoB)... 

Get CONNECTED!!  Ahhhhh...No thanks!"



Greencrow continues:  Here's an open letter to the unvaccinated:

A Letter to the Unvaccinated | OCLA

A Letter to the Unvaccinated

OCLA researcher Dr. Denis Rancourt and several fellow Canadian academics penned an open letter to support those who have decided not to accept the COVID-19 vaccine.

The group emphasizes the voluntary nature of this medical treatment as well as the need for informed consent and individual risk-benefit assessment. They reject the pressure exerted by public health officials, the news and social media, and fellow citizens.

Control over our bodily integrity may well be the ultimate frontier of the fight to protect civil liberties. Read the letter here:

Open Letter to the Unvaccinated

"You are not alone! As of 28 July 2021, 29% of Canadians have not received a COVID-19 vaccine, and an additional 14% have received one shot. In the US and in the European Union, less than half the population is fully vaccinated, and even in Israel, the “world’s lab” according to Pfizer, one third of people remain completely unvaccinated. Politicians and the media have taken a uniform view, scapegoating the unvaccinated for the troubles that have ensued after eighteen months of fearmongering and lockdowns. It’s time to set the record straight.

It is entirely reasonable and legitimate to say ‘no’ to insufficiently tested vaccines for which there is no reliable science. You have a right to assert guardianship of your body and to refuse medical treatments if you see fit. You are right to say ‘no’ to a violation of your dignity, your integrity and your bodily autonomy. It is your body, and you have the right to choose. You are right to fight for your children against their mass vaccination in school.

You are right to question whether free and informed consent is at all possible under present circumstances. Long-term effects are unknown. Transgenerational effects are unknown. Vaccine-induced deregulation of natural immunity is unknown. Potential harm is unknown as the adverse event reporting is delayed, incomplete and inconsistent between jurisdictions.

You are being targeted by mainstream media, government social engineering campaigns, unjust rules and policies, collaborating employers, and the social-media mob. You are being told that you are now the problem and that the world cannot get back to normal unless you get vaccinated. You are being viciously scapegoated by propaganda and pressured by others around you. Remember; there is nothing wrong with you.

You are inaccurately accused of being a factory for new SARS-CoV-2 variants, when in fact, according to leading scientists, your natural immune system generates immunity to multiple components of the virus. This will promote your protection against a vast range of viral variants and abrogates further spread to anyone else.

You are justified in demanding independent peer-reviewed studies, not funded by multinational pharmaceutical companies. All the peer-reviewed studies of short-term safety and short-term efficacy have been funded, organized, coordinated, and supported by these for-profit corporations; and none of the study data have been made public or available to researchers who don’t work for these companies.

You are right to question the preliminary vaccine trial results. The claimed high values of relative efficacy rely on small numbers of tenuously determined “infections.”  The studies were also not blind, where people giving the injections admittedly knew or could deduce whether they were injecting the experimental vaccine or the placebo. This is not acceptable scientific methodology for vaccine trials.

You are correct in your calls for a diversity of scientific opinions. Like in nature, we need a polyculture of information and its interpretations. And we don’t have that right now. Choosing not to take the vaccine is holding space for reason, transparency and accountability to emerge. You are right to ask, ‘What comes next when we give away authority over our own bodies?’

Do not be intimidated. You are showing resilience, integrity and grit. You are coming together in your communities, making plans to help one another and standing for scientific accountability and free speech, which are required for society to thrive. We are among many who stand with you."

Angela Durante, PhD
Denis Rancourt, PhD
Claus Rinner, PhD
Laurent Leduc, PhD
Donald Welsh, PhD
John Zwaagstra, PhD
Jan Vrbik, PhD
Valentina Capurri, PhD

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Greencrow:  We unvaxZinated need to read letters of support like the one above from the few remaining cogent doctors and researchers in North America.  The other motivator to not allowing an anti-freeze-like substance to be injected into our bodies are notifications from the HELLth authorities like the one  from the FDA below [H/T FreakedOut]:

"FDA accidentally displays list of COVID vaccine side effects including death, myocarditis and autoimmune disease"

From the article:

"A federal agency responsible for protecting public health unwittingly admitted people could die or suffer serious medical complications from being immunized against the deadly disease..."

( 9 hour YouTube Video displays side effects @2:33:40 MM, please slow video to .5 speed to see list, they pass the slide real fast.)

Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee - 10/22/2020




and finally, this just in this morning from Dennis:

UPDATE: Tuesday, August 3, 2021, 3:35 PM – This morning, our website was hit with a severe denial-of-service attack as more than 2 million hits from bots based in China took Ghion Journal offline for more than two hours only to be hit with another DOS attack this afternoon. IP addresses can be spoofed so there’s no way of knowing who is responsible. What we do know is that this level of coordinated attack cannot be pulled off by lone individuals; this was either a state act or the work of powerful institutions with the financial means and the technical know-how to pull off such a brazen act of criminal censorship. 

Their aim was simple; deny untold numbers of people the ability to make an informed decision about whether or not to get “vaccinated” This is the article powerful forces do not want you to read or to know about, read with full discernment, especially if you are thinking of getting “vaccinated” so you can make an informed decision. Likewise, share with as many people as possible, this is information that is being suppressed by every major institution we trust to keep us safe and they have chosen to do otherwise.


Greencrow concludes:  I very much encourage all my readers to watch the video in my previous post of yesterday evening...the latest Stew Peters interview with Patrick King, the courageous Albertan who just yesterday won a crucial court battle with the Globalist purveyors of evil and death.  

This verdict now becomes the status quo of the legal battle.  They cannot come up with any evidence that there even is/was/will be a pandemic.  That's the shocking reality.  They've ADMITTED that Sars Cov 2 does not exist.  There is no research...there is no "science".  We in the sentient community have known that all along.  I and NTS and Penny and Jon Rappoport and many, many other bloggers have said this for over a year and a half.  Sars Cov 2 DOES NOT EXIST!  I shouted it to my husband and family...I told friends and relatives during lengthy telephone calls.  But in spite of saying it for well over a year and half...all they've done is move the goal posts.  Now it's "The Science doesn't Matter".

They've no recourse now but to let the veil admit and to inform people:

"Yes, there never was a pandemic...but that was only a trick to get you where we have you today...completely under our thumb...with your natural resources for food, housing, etc., etc., destroyed and your economy/institutions shattered. You are now completely dependent on us."

That, folks, is where we have arrived on this blistering hot August morning.  The veil has or is slipping...they will soon be revealing themselves and their agenda...stay tuned. 

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