Saturday, July 31, 2021

UPDATED: Weather and VaxZine warfare genocide strategies are joined at the hip PLUS: latest Stew Peters interview - this time with Ehden Biber

UPDATED:  July 31, 2021  Anyone know the vaxZination status of Turkey?
Stew Peters Interviews Ehden Biber
 Leaker of PfiZer Contract
 with Government of Brazil
H/T FreakedOut and RAH

Good afternoon again, sentients.  I have so many Draft Posts Backed up it's beginning to feel that this blog is Heathrow Airport...back in the days when humans were allowed to fly where ever we wanted.  Here's another Stew Peters interview.  If Stew Peters keeps courageously breaking stories about the Cabal's inside tricks and interviewing warriors in our existential battles against them we'll have to give him some kind of award--The Walter Cronkite Award for journalism?  Sadly, as we've since learned...Walter Cronkite, like all the talking heads since WWII, worked for the CIA.  More likely, If we survive, then future journalists will strive to be awarded "The Stew Peters Award".  But I'm getting ahead of myself.

#PfizerLEAK - Author of Viral Twitter Post Validates Document LIVE on Stew Peters Show (

Folks, when I watched the video in the link above, the first question that came to my mind was:

What was/is the leverage that PfiZer [Big Pharma] had/has over national governments that would make those governments agree to such a treasonously one-sided contract that's obviously against their best interests and those of their citizens?

And the answer to that question could only be "the weather".  As I have been saying all week, the perpZ control the weather--admitted in the red pill Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister delivered a couple of weeks ago and quoted below:


Greencrow As The Crow Flies: Subtle anti-social FEAR campaign being Waged by PerpZ under guise of "police" warnings, weather manipulations etc., PLUS: Thanking "Those in Charge" of the Rain

The Global Landscape on Vaccine ID Passports Part 2: How Your Digital Identity is Moving to The Blockchain for Full Control Over Humans |

"...These bad actors are the founders of may institutions and organizations, banks, creators of industries, and have had political ties going back well over a century. They have camouflaged their operations quite well throughout the years, leading people to believe they are pioneers, heroes, saviors, and supporters of the human race, when in fact, they make up what can only be compared to as a King Kong-size narcissist. They have always managed to keep “their own” in positions of power, setting policies, corrupting systems, blackmailing high level individuals, and gobbling up smaller companies that may threaten their existence. They are part of every 3-letter agency, the education system, news media, big gov, big tech, big pharma, and all major corporations. Two companies alone hold the largest shares in every corporation and industry: Vanguard and BlackRock. BlackRock’s CEO Larry Fink is of course on the board of the CFR, partnered with the WEF, and BlackRock currently has three of their own installed in the White House in key positions.

Their weapon of choice, aside from money, is psychological games and manipulation. They have mastered how to draw a reaction, create emotions, and instill fear in the human race, while simultaneously leading people to believe that they are the rescuers. They have orchestrated wars, trafficking rings, blackmail schemes, major fraud, brainwashing, “natural disasters,” and mass scale devastation, in order to swoop in, change course to serve one of their agendas, reap financial gain, and implement more regulations and power over people.

They have used many forms of weaponry. For years they have manipulated weather to their advantage, and oftentimes to our destruction. Recently, [Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister] stated the following in a press briefing: “Our fire situation, though not fully addressed, has been significantly reduced in terms of its danger as a consequence to this rain. And of course, when farmers make money we’re all better off and this is a billion dollar rain for our AG community, so I want to thank the people in charge for making that rain available. Keep up the great work...”


We know they've been chemtrailing the skies for decades and affecting the earth's weather that way.  Now, with the recent information about graphene oxide nanoparticles...many alternative researchers are speculating they've been seeding the skies with the radioactive graphene oxide toxin--as well as shooting it into our bodies via their "Kill Shots":

Dane Wigington "Graphene Skies"
H/T FreakedOut

What most likely happened, for the perpZ to gain the leverage to force the "leaders" of all the nations of the world to sign the treasonous, one-sided PfiZer contract discussed in the Stew Peters interview above...according to my this.  The perpZ have convinced all the leaders of all the doubt with examples of their handiwork dutifully covered by the MZM as "Natural Disasters"...that they're now in complete control of earth's weather.  They now blackmail the so-called national "leaders" to do exactly as they are told, or the nations/provinces they "represent" will be mortally punished by extreme "weather events".  British Columbia, with its lackadaisical attitude towards mandatory vaccination and doubt fell between the perpZ cross hairs.  Thus, the following MZM reports describing the "consequences":

B.C. Wildfire update Saturday: More evacuations amid new heat wave (

Put this link in your favourites and check out the hotspots daily...or hourly if needs be:

H/T FreakedOut for many of the links in this post including the one above.

No end in sight for dry spell, which began after Metro Vancouver's last measurable rainfall on June 15 (

Severe wildfires could affect community watersheds, says forest service researcher | Vancouver Sun


Greencrow continues:  Yes according to the last link...irreversible damage has probably already been done to BC's water supplies...never mind that our forests are likely kaput.  We didn't suck up enough...we didn't kiss ass enough...we didn't knuckle under now we've been destroyed. It's known in the bidness as a "soft kill".

Here's the agenda that British Columbia dragged its heals on that resulted in our coming dooooooom...

Real Journalist Dan Dicks
Just one of the many truth tellers in BC
Did WE destroy the Province by
enraging "the people in charge
 for making that rain available.."?

THE SHOT IS THE PANDEMIC (Part 3) The Origin of The “Variants” REVEALED!!! - Press For Truth

Self-assembled magnetic nanosystems for cybernetic biocircuitry interface in humans – FRINGE ENERGY


Greencrow concludes:  No, British Columbia somehow got stuck in the Satanic craw--and has now been spewed out--along with other North American weather geoengineered vomit.  Perhaps our demise was hastened by allowing such warriors as Chris Sky free rein to travel about and deliver his message of truth in our province.  Who knows what ticked our Caligula-like masterZ off!?

Chris Sky debating with MZM in Kelowna
H/T FreakedOut
"Go get them Chris!"

Chris Sky VS Kelowna Now Reporter Kent Molgat

In conclusion, I would encourage readers to watch the video at the link above and pay particular attention to how totally numb-skulled and sheeplefied "Kelowna Now Reporter Kent Molgat" is.  "Journalists" must now be vetted for high levels of gullibility and stupidity. Nobody with an IQ over 70 is allowed before/or behind the MZM cameras.


FreakedOut said...

HELLO all the Military's of the world!
Are you getting all this info?
Greencrow connects some nice dots for everyone, it's easy to get a picture of what's truly going on.
The picture I get is....HIGHWAY TO HELL... you know the song.

The Stark Raving Viking said...

The Stew Peters video should be widely spread.

I noticed that your blog roll is truncated.

It might cause less traffic to your site. The breaking news or search terms, or what those world wide might be looking for might be in your blog roll if left like it was before.

My 2 cents ... I don't even have a blog roll on my blog ...

Keep the good fight.

-The SRV.

greencrow said...

Hi FreakedOut:

The Nations of the world signed away their sovereignty to Big Pharma in secret, in Lockstep. Even such infamous sovereigntists as Russia's Vladimir Putin went along with the Plandemic HOAX...although Putin drew the line at injecting graphene oxide nanoparticles into the Russian citizens. But, he dared not "out" the PerpZ agenda or strategies. WHY? Because he knows they can destroy Russia with their weaponized weather systems--such as HAARP [now amplified with thousands of satellites] EMP, DEW, "Heat Domes"[TM} etc., etc.

So far as I know I am the only human who has called the PerpZ on their global blackmail. Can you imagine? a 75 year old grandmother plunking away at an old laptop is the only person in the entire world who tells them to Fuck OFF!

Beam me up, Scottie!

greencrow said...

Hi The Stark Raving Viking:

I am going to post today on Blogger's recent changes to the platform. They used to meticulously advise us well ahead of time on future "upgrades" and alterations. Now they just do it and we discover it's been done. My blogroll has been truncated without notifying me or my input in any way. You can access the entire blogroll by clicking on the sentence at the bottom of the blogroll...I believe, anyway. Please advise if this is so.

They have also degraded the Blogger platform in numerous other ways. They disappeared Northerntruthseeker's blog without notice or recourse.

It seems apparent they're degrading the platform in anticipation of eliminating it altogether. Probably sooner than later. I have been expecting this for over a year and have made my peace with not being able to a rather short period of time.

FreakedOut said...

GC says:
" Can you imagine? a 75 year old grandmother plunking away at an old laptop is the only person in the entire world who tells them to Fuck OFF!"

Yeah, I'm with you my friend!

"WATCH: Trans man gives birth to baby; trans woman unsuccessfully tries to nurse it"

Make that TWO to beam up Scottie! Get me out of here....quick!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous (X) here:

Great Chris Sky video..

FYI here is what ended up on MSM

The RUMBLE video where Chris Sky lets TRUTH reign supreme is over 8 minutes long..whilst the YouTube video by Kelowna Now is 2 minutes long and feature Chris Sky for maybe 10 seconds...creative editing make him look rude and obnoxious.

Regardless , the comparison is an excellent example of MSM are propoganada arms of Gov't , yellow journalism rules, and how MSM will eventually be lined up with other traitors.

Chris Sky lays out even the PerpZ admit PCR is flawed UNreliable ..and that they use approx. 40 cycles to create False Positives, but he reveals that when testing Vaxxed they use lower threshold of approx. 20 cycles so as to cover up the increasing evidence the Vaxxed are now infected and spreading COVID.

Question is: WHAT are they using to test now for Covid??? Ouija Boards? Tarot Cards?

The reporter looked like a complete ass and an idiot as Sky threw out easily verifiable facts and humiliated him.

Kelowna's Mayor doesn't want us educated UNvaxxxed to visit....ok F*ck you. Clearly this portion of BC is on the PerpZ priority list for TAKE DOWN as they want to strangle the main economic driver of Tourism.

Awesome work Chris...

Anonymous said...

I do feel so lost, I know whats going on and it is damn well scary. I am in such a depressed state of mind, I am being shunned by my own family, as they think that I am causing the next wave of this pandemic. It hurts me so bad that I feel worthless, I had a stroke 2 years ago, and they were very supportive then, now I feel like an outsider and dont belong in this world. The pressure to conform and to just go along and take this shot, so as I can again belong to my love ones is so hard to phantom, I am at my wits end here, like an outsider no matter what I send them to research, they think that I am an evil person. I dont know how you do it Greencrow, I feel totally helpless and in a state of sadness, that I have never felt before.

greencrow said...


The Chris Sky "interview" as shown on the MZM TV versus what was left on the cutting room floor--will be prima facie evidence of obstruction of justice and criminal collusion when/if this ever goes before Nuremberg 2.0.

The rising up better happen soon...or it will be immaterial.

greencrow said...

Hi Anonymous:

Needless to say, I know exactly how you feel. You as a sentient have been chosen to be a witness to this evil. I suppose there were always some of us throughout history who were not swept up with the lies. It is indeed an onerous burden. But I would not want to be one of them.

Take the pressure off yourself to "enlighten" your family. Look upon it as them being brainwashed into joining a cult and you being powerless to stop it. Because that is exactly what has happened. Do as I and my adopted brothers, RAH and FreakedOut have done. Find new likeminded humans and bond with them as replacement family. This will reduce the trauma enormously. This is what's happening all over the world.

I belong to two such communities and check in daily with Freedom Cells Network


In these communities and many others you will find sentients just like yourself...wanting human connection and acceptance. You will know that we are many and we are strong.

Please check in and let me know how you are. You do have family...just not the ones you thought : )


Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I do feel so lost, I know whats going on and it is damn well scary. I am in such a depressed state of mind, I am being shunned by my own family, as they think that I am causing the next wave of this pandemic.


RAH here:

Thanks Anonymous....many of us share this pain.

I just found out yesterday that my oldest 30 year old daughter, has taken the vaxx, that makes 2 out of my 3 children that have been vaxxed, not sure about the 3rd.

We are visiting other 33 year old nephew said he got his 2 nd vaxx..he had to leave work for a day with all the pain and discomfort. Our other nephew and wife will be visiting..he has a PhD yet they had bought into Covid Fear Porn as well and impacting their 2 young children.

My spouse wants me to get the vaxx " so we can travel "..we had a cruise cancelled in 2020.
F*ck life is not worth a 2 week cruise packed with double vaxxed about a petri dish for disease outbreaks.

GreenCrow and I have written on what we feel is betrayal by our children, as I literally begged and pleaded with all 3 of them to at least discuss this vaxx issue. None of them are married yet , and I would have loved to have grandchilden.

I mentioned earlier I am getting this increasingly "cold" feeling..very numb...somewhat indifferent. Is this good or bad?

IMHO its a natural response and NO ONE should beat themselves up for it. Our loved ones made their bed despite our best efforts. Maybe its just as well my children don't marry nor have kids...they don't leave more collateral damage if they die ie no widowed spouses and no orphaned children. On top of this is the strong possibility chemntrails have infected us all with Graphene Oxide???

In a paradoxical/ironic mode, in order to "survive" mentally and physically through these trying times , perhaps we need to be realists ..if not FATALISTS... and accept future tragedy in our personal lives we may have no other choice.

greencrow said...


Funny how the brain responds to news like the news you got re your daughter yesterday. I am not curious at all about what vaxxes my kids got or any of their symptoms. I just don't want to know.

If they suddenly get struck by lightning and a "light goes on" in their heads...which I now highly doubt will ever happen...I will be there for them. I will be there with my information expressed in my latest post about detoxifying with MMS CD and walking outside barefoot to "ground" the radioactivity.

But I have had to distance myself for self-preservation...for survival. The bottom line here is we are sentients and we're different from 75% of humanity. We need to gravitate to the 25% of other humans who are sentients and in numbers there is strength.

If we spend too much time wallowing in grief or trying to "reach" them...[which BTW, only puts them off and makes them MORE hostile]...that is valuable time we should be spending:

a) building up and hardening our survival preparedness for the FAll

b) working to defeat the forces of Satan by spreading the truth.

Anonymous said...

Hi Greencrow:

I'll let the dust settle and see what happens.
I am currently building up my reserves..

I am like you..if and when SHTF I won't abandon them, I am just in that other phase of acceptance and NOT denial.

Regardless..Sad we have to be on pins and needles re STOOPID decisions made my loved ones that were ill-advised, totally un-necessary.. based on lies and propoganda. Didn't we teach our children to beware of strangers ?

Thanks to FreakedOut for the info and their expertise regarding possible cures and remedies..I will definitely review them.

greencrow said...

Hi Anonymous:

"...Didn't we teach our children to beware of strangers?"

This is perhaps the most painful discovery of all...that we failed in teaching our children to think independently and not just "go along to get along" or give in to authority in order to "be able to travel". So many of our children told us this was their rational...they want to travel.

As RAH said, our children preferred to take advice from childless bureaucrats they've never met, instead of their own parent who nurtured them and sacrificed everything for them over the years. It's a very deep dagger wound to the heart.

But I believe in Karma...I believe...and because of my age I've seen it happen over and over...those who have done such evil will get their comeuppance. But we need to pray and we need to seek comfort for our wounds from those who understand.

Anonymous said...

Greencrow, Rah, and everyone who wrote a kind word to me, I am the one that was so down earlier today, you have no idea how much your posts meant to me. thank you so much, But I also have 2 children, who I begged and pleaded with to not take these shots, they promised me they wouldn't, but just a few days ago one of them told me he has gotten them, so he and his wife could go on vacation. My heart was broken, I thought I had taught him not to be a follower, it is so frustrating and panful, what is really sad as I said to him, what vacation is worth your life, I know there is something in these shots, I have never seen anything like this in my 58 years of living, I live in B.C, they are pushing these shots, like a drug dealer pushing his products. My question is where does the military stand? Are they not going to protect the people, especially the children? Again thankyou for the kind words.

greencrow said...

Hi Anonymous:

Glad we can help. We've been through what you're going through and, although the shock and pain is tremendous, the initial blow does wear off. The good news is knowing we're doing the right thing for humanity over the long haul gives us strength. We are witnesses and we are warriors. 'This is the apocalypse', as Robert F. Kennedy Jr. recently said. An apocalypse is a once-in-a-civilization thing and we've been chosen to be the witnesses and warriors for our species...and particularly the children of our species. As I said, we need to pray and we need to commune with other warrior sentients who are fighting this fight all over the world.

FreakedOut is on the other side of the continent, as is another contributor Editor...Although none of us has ever met...we're brothers and sisters fighting shoulder to shoulder. We all already bear the scars of battle--and more will come...but we will win. Peace.

FreakedOut said...

GC Says"
" As I said, we need to pray and we need to commune with other warrior sentients who are fighting this fight all over the world."

This is so very true, and I want to recommend to Anonymous, in addition to visiting this Blog, you visit some Telegram Channels with many like minded Sentients. The SUPPORT and ACKNOWLEDGEMENT of highly aware folks such as yourself is powerful. I've seen many posts from folks in your EXACT same predicament.
I highly recommend Dana Ashlie's Telegram Channel. I have the Telegram App downloaded on my desktop computer. I monitor over a dozen channels. Being surrounded by THOUSANDS of like minded individuals is awesome, very validating!