Sunday, July 25, 2021

RAH Exclusive: Has the F-I-N-A-L line FINALLY been crossed? " (PART 2)

Governments have now resorted to stalking citizens in
their homes--then harassing/terrorizing them
by way of the taxpayer-funded mail delivery system

Good morning readers:  Today, I'm pleased to present an RAH Exclusive:  Has the F-I-N-A-L line FINALLY been crossed? " (PART 2)

Part One of this Series was published a few days ago.  Here is the link:

Greencrow As The Crow Flies: Op Ed: " Has the F-I-N-A-L line FINALLY been crossed?" (PART 1)

without further ado, here is Part 2 of this series:


RAH says "Hi All:

I recently came across this video.  Canada is sending creepy letters to all Covid unvaccinated people! [see photo and link to the video above]

The envelope's front has bold letters:  From BC's Interior Health:


Then of course the persons and their mailing address was also visible.


I have lots to say, but lets start with THESE PSYCHOS ARE OUT OF CONTROL...they are mad dogs...and we know historically how to treat mad dogs...right??? 

They have effectively violated personal health information by making public your COVID vaccination status--at least to the Canada Post employee. 


How many of these privacy violation letters have been sent ?

I noted earlier I haven't had any vaxx since 1986...yet no letter sent to me re: my Flu Vaxx status etc.

As the person in the video submits...clearly, COVID UNvaxxed are in a gov't data base and now being red flagged like a bio-terrorist??? 

In addition, the male and his spouse, each received separate letters, which adds to the taxpayer cost, but is this also a divide-and-conquer tactic??? 


Are they sending these individualized letters to vulnerable children in families as well to lure them into the COVID Vaxx Trap  as apparently children 12 years or older do not need parents consent? 

The letter inside is from future Nuremberg 2.0 defendant Dr Bonnie Henry,  BC Chief Public Health Officer, a childless career civil servant being paid $360,000 annually to deceive 5+million BC citizens of all ages to take an UNtested, UNproven, UNnecessary experimental gene therapy, which as more evidence unfolds is ultimately  a DEATH JAB agenda. 

The letter claims the vaccines  are "SAFE "and "EFFECTIVE"...and I it stands,, the PerpZ like Dr. Bonnie, Big Pharma... and our treasonous/treacherous political whores are currently "SAFE" via current legal immunity.  But other 99.99 % of us human lab rats have zero legal recourse for adverse events.  

"EFFECTIVE"?  Yes it is clear that, de facto, via VAERS reporting that the design of these COVID vaxx is to, at minimum, effectively adversely impact peoples' health...there is ZERO evidence they are of any benefit...given 99.97% of people who actually contract "alleged" COVID naturally recover. 

For terms of reference to skeptics.

The Swine Flu vaccine from 1970's...Big Pharma took a vaccine they developed for livestock, animals were refused it...but Big Pharma hates unsold inventory....convinced the US Gov't that two legged HUMANS were vulnerable to Swine Flu. 40 MILLION US citizens were vaxxed...25 died from Swine Flu vaxx...VAXX PROGRAM WAS SHUT DOWN...THE END...PERIOD.  


Is life cheaper now in 2021 vs 1970's...with hundreds of thousands of DOCUMENTED adverse events from COVID vaxx...and  tens of thousands of deaths, (45,000 DEATHS, many within 72 hours after vaxxing...according the recent lawsuit in USA)...and with many experts admitting the actual adverse numbers are perhaps 100X's greater?


If anyone actually researches "Safe and Effective" studies re these Vaxxes...its a is symptom reduction at best.... and via "antibody increase"...aka of course your body will create antibodies with ANY foreign entity that enters your body. Duuhhhhh. They simply make up Safe and Effective parameters as they go along. 

Wait...there is MORE!!!!:

The letter cited in the video is from BC's Interior Health (one of 5 health regions in BC) 

This Health Region is mostly rural, and reports show the Covid Vaxx uptake here is lagging behind other BC health regions. 


A large number of the wildfires in BC are occurring...many small towns.....resorts...recreational properties..etc., are on evacuation notice...the perfect targets to facilitate AGENDA 21 and AGENDA 2030 and herd people into stack and pack cities after they "Paradise" these areas...Fire destroyed Lytton BC, as it falls in this "Interior Health"  region.  

Our Dr Bonnie Henry, laying low right now...did give a short interview...encouraging wildfire evacuees to get the "COVID vaxx" while they are herded into emergency convenient. To be blunt...the  PerpZ are lying low now re: "crying wolf" - PCR test BS and COVID numbers...the weather is clearly being engineered globally via their Climate Change agenda, but rest assured, the Covid fear porn will get ramped up very soon...this is all part of their bags of dirty tricks. I've discussed this with Greencrow, that I fear the worst, that the PerpZ will firestorm much of BC over next few weeks. 


BC INTERIOR HEALTH HEAD MD charged with sexual abuses against child 


How the F+ck did this quack get hired???...or is this indicative of the moral caliber of rest of the health officer cabal??? 

"......Interior Health's former chief medical health officer who's been charged with sexual offences against a young child made his first appearance in Alberta court last week.  Dr. Albert de Villiers, 52, was charged last month with sexual assault and sexual interference against a child.  The offences are alleged to have occurred between 2018 and 2020 in the Grande Prairie region.

Prior to taking the job as Interior Health's chief medical health officer last August, de Villiers was the lead medical health officer for Alberta’s north zone....."


I may do a Part 3, but at this juncture the Psycho Perpz that resort to such tactics as outlined earlier are CLEARLY OUT OF CONTROL. 

Laws, rules, regulations, basic human rights for privacy and decency etc. etc. don't seem to apply, or are irrelevant to these PerpZ.  Hence, we are being controlled by MAD DOGS as I alluded to earlier. They are now pulling out all stops to deceive, manipulate and ultimately herd us to the slaughter, whether it be now or in very near future.

ADDENDUM:  Another thought:

The video makes it clear that the recipient of the Interior Health letter was in some Gov't UNvaxxed data base...aka they had access to their HEALTH RECORDS.  This would further imply that parties like this would be flagged  "COVID VACCINE HESITANT"...aka part of some "vaxx resistance".

Many parties are discussing the strong possibility that NOT ALL COVID VAXXES ARE THE SAME...that the sheeple who have been vaxxed have already surrendered their health records upon making a vaxx appointment, and the potential that these same vaxxers have given these sheeple a jab tailored to them and their health status. In other words, in say 100 COVID vaxx batches...there may be 10 or more different "designer" doses??? 

[Ed note:  It has become public knowledge in the UK that a certain portion of the Vaxxes are actually "placebos"--as occurs in every experiment--so many vaxxed are, in fact, UNvaxxed : 0]

Thus, if they are targeting the COVID VACCINE HESITANT with letters...will the PERPZ also move next to give them batches/doses of the UNtested UNproven UNneccessary Experimental Gene Therapy with specific designer doses to remove them (i.e., Kill or create serious adverse impacts) from any/all potential future resistance/rebellion???

This is WAR folks....all bets are off.

Has the F-I-N-A-L line FINALLY been crossed?


Si vis pacem, para bellum

(If you want PEACE...prepare for WAR)

PS: Take Care ALL.



Greencrow comments:  The news that the Governments in Canada are now routinely and brazenly violating their own privacy laws is shocking indeed.  What's next?  Dragging the anti-vaxxers off to the gulag?  Well, that was predicted over a year ago by the Federal Liberal Party MP whistleblower.  That's what s/he said was going to happen this coming Fall.

Here is Dr. Vernon Coleman giving a barnburner of a speech before a huge crowd gathered at a "Freedom Demonstration" London's Trafalgar Square on Saturday.  

Dr Vernon Coleman Speech - March For Freedom Trafalgar Sq. London (

H/T to Northerntruthseeker for the Link

Dr. Coleman, towards the end of his speech, says that he, too, has been constantly harassed by the UK "HELLth department" with letters and e-mails, bullying and threatening him to get vaxZinated.  So this disturbing escalation is not limited to British Columbia and Canada.

The good news is that those in the natural health field are coming up with antidotes to the diabolical health risks of the vaxZination.  Those of us with adult children foolish and mind Kontrolled enough to have taken the jab now have some modicum of hope...should they ever awake from their brainwashed state.  Just this morning I received this e-mail from FreakedOut...who, thankfully, keeps his fingers on the pulse of the alternative health community.

"Hi gc

I'm not sure if I've sent you this data on MMS so I'll send it again as it's very hopeful and right now that's what we need.. in big quantities! With thoughts of your family and RAH's family whom have taken the jab. We KNOW the MIC has actively deserted the injured vaxxed and they'll have NO ONE else to turn to for help. 

Right from the mouth of Dana Ashlie:

"Dana Ashlie, [14.07.21 16:58]

[Forwarded from Dana Ashlie (Dana Ashlie)]

take your HCQ and Ivermectin and toss it into the TOILET. Learn more about how Chlorine Dioxide now. Study Andreas Kalcker on Bitchute. Some seem to be detoxing from their jabs with this incredible chemical compound that effectively disarms positively charged damaging compounds within the human body. This telegram channel is all about MMS/CD and it's myriad of benefits." FreakedOut

Straight Talk on MMS Guest: Andreas Kalcker

MMS-CDS Miracle Mineral Solution or Chlorine Dioxide Solution (

Greencrow concludes:  This is the silver lining--to the dark cloud the governments of the world, in lockstep with the Satanists, have hung over humanity.  Please spread the information about MMS far and wide.  I already have my own two bottles, bought over the my home First Aid Kit.


FreakedOut said...

RAH says:
"Thus, if they are targeting the COVID VACCINE HESITANT with letters...will the PERPZ also move next to give them batches/doses of the UNtested UNproven UNneccessary Experimental Gene Therapy with specific designer doses to remove them (i.e., Kill or create serious adverse impacts) from any/all potential future resistance/rebellion???

This is WAR folks....all bets are off."

IMO,you can count on a "special brew" for us big mouthed recalcitrant truth bloggers.

All I can say is: "Take up your positions and pass the AMMO"

Canada is turning into one crazy country!

greencrow said...

Yes, resulting from this gross betrayal, trust in the so-called medical/HELLth community is at an all time low and may never recover...which would be a good thing!

I have had one basic truth that has guided me as a blogger since I started full time in 2013...If the PerpZ CAN do something [technologically/logistically] then they WILL do that matter how evil.

It's the way their brain thinks. Psychopaths MUST DO EVIL THINGS...i.e., "fish gotta swim, birds gotta fly...psychos gotta do evil till the day they die!"

Anonymous said...

People in Alberta are getting same mail with their name on envelope.

Anonymous said...

Hi GC...speaking of gross betrayal, wait until you get educated on what I have just been. Please follow the links. (btw John Kaminski has helped in this endeavor as it blew it open as I was scratching the surface.) Remember this all belongs in the BETRAYAL sector as it involves many who we have listen to and believed this whole time.

I will start with Dr. David Martin...the video that is circulating and capturing many (which included me as I didn't do my research first). It was the video you posted here: 1.

I don't know about Dr. Reiner Fuellmich but I am focusing on the main person who is being interviewed by many Dr. David Martin and his message of seemingly 'salvation' through the understanding of patents/pandemic/pcr test/etc.

Here is another link to a video where his name pops up @ 5:58 (via John Kaminski):
2. This video is a must watch because it confirms the masonic/UN/NWO agenda using a 'light' and a Christian front to attract the fish by the tens of millions if not more. You will be blasted by faces we 'thought' were allies in this fight. But the next link is the motherload to confirm the link 2 I just posted.


This last link is embedded in link 3 and I will list it separately: ["...He served as Chair of Economic Innovation for the UN-affiliated Intergovernmental Renewable Energy Organization and has served as an advisor to numerous Central Banks, global economic forums, the World Bank and International Finance Corporation, and national governments..."]

There's lots to swallow here and be offended by. But if we are devoted to the truth then let the light shine on it. We are being inundated by divide and conquering psychological warfare where we are choosing a side that is being controlled by the same psychopaths controlling both sides. It's insidious. Link 3 is by far the most comprehensive bullseye into this Agenda 2030 and it's all because he researched Dr. David Martin. Link 3 is from a website I left a comment linking the first video (1) and a search got underway which has now ended up at the same time as the link 2 (via John Kaminski) showed up. They confirm one another. (God works in this way all the time.) I hope this helps.

greencrow said...

Hi Anonymous:

I am aware of the allegations against Dr. Martin but decided to ignore them. It is all too convenient to "find out" all this smut about someone who blew the whistle and talked ABOUT PATENTS. Did you discover that Dr. Martin lied about the patents? If not, then shut the fuck up!

Also, it was up to Dr. Fuellmich to vet Dr. Martin because Dr. Fuellmich will be using Dr. Martin as a CHIEF WITNESS IN THE LEGAL CASE AGAINST THE PERPZ and if he did not do so...then our problems are a LOT WORSE THAN DR. MARTIN'S HISTORY. So, again, shut the fuck up UNTIL YOU CAN PROVE DR. MARTIN IS LYING ABOUT THE STRING OF PATENTS TO THE SARS COV 2 AND THE RPCRP.

Anonymous said...

I somewhat see concerns of anonymous at 6:06 PM.
It is prudent to be alerted to any deception even from trusted source.
One example is the whistle blowers who in fact are not completly with us but are in camp of different adversary, knowingly or not. Few gravitate towards individuals such Sasha Stone, also few are changing camps for their reasons.
To navigate on this journey for truth is not an easy task and I see it as collective effort.

This is WWW3 (I am not being alegoric) and as most wars its start date will be announced at later date.
When WW2 officially started after Nazi Germany invaded Poland on Sept 1st, 1939 not many on Sept 2nd said WW2 started yesterday.


greencrow said...

Hi S75p

I see this controversy re Dr. Martin as a great opportunity to teach those new to the truth/dysinfo game the most important rule:


Unless and until the trolls come up with EVIDENCE that Dr. Martin lied about THE EVIDENCE...IT'S YET ANOTHER stinking BIG DYSINFO NOTHINGBURGER.

Anonymous said...

I never commented on Dr. Martin.

greencrow said...

Hi S75p

I know you did not comment on Dr. Martin. You don't post anonymously, but always as S75p. Identifying oneself is always a plus on a forum.

You commented:

"...I somewhat see concerns of anonymous at 6:06 PM.
It is prudent to be alerted to any deception even from trusted source..."

What you did, I believe, was comment on the anonymous commenter.

IMO, in the past decade or more since forums became popular, humans have been manipulated by technofascists to become distracted by personalities and "perfectionism"--for anyone who attempts to become a populous leader i.e., someone rising from the citizenry and not schooled and/or hand picked by the elites.

What then happens is the elites demand the populist conform to standards of behaviour they themselves do not adhere to. Dr. Martin is a case in point. Apparently he belongs to some exclusive clubs and societies, some of which exert political and/or economic power. Now, scratch the surface of any one of the elites/perpZ, and you will find THEY belong to the same groups. Hypocrisy in its most blatant form.

But the sheeple are always fooled by the smoke, mirrors and light show the PerpZ and their trolls/assets bring to the deception table. As Dr. Reiner Fuellmich says..."It is masterful".

Anonymous said...

Hi GC. Yes that is my comment and it is self explanatory. To question sources and their integrity is a must, that includes you as one of sources.
I also said "To navigate on this journey for truth is not an easy task and I see it as collective effort."
Youve never seen me taking individualistic stance because all of us know more than me alone, our strenght is in unity.


Ps: I appreciate your contribution to human case.