Friday, July 30, 2021


UPDATED:  July 31, 2021 FreakedOut has sent this Telegram comment from Max Igan on what's going on in it is:  

"SYDNEY AUSTRALIA - THE MILITARY ARE NOW IN CONTROL ALONG WITH THE POLICE (we are basically under martial law they just twist all the words not to announce it!!) THIS IS NOT A JOKE! We are in our 6th week STAGE 5 lockdown.  we can not leave the house AT ALL (only for food once a day & exercise more than 5kms in some areas (10kms in the rest). APARTMENT BLOCKS full of families & people LOCKED IN no access to leave by MILITARY, the POLICE & military, have just been given AUTHORITY BY OUR PRIME MINISTER TO SHUT DOWN ANYONE ANY BUSINESS ANY PARK ANY PUBLIC SPACE, beaches, shops, roads, public transport if they feel like COMPLIANCE isn’t happening!! They HAVE now MANDATED ALL OUR LAST YEAR HIGH SCHOOLERS TO GET VACCINATED. They have just announced tonight. Our lockdown has just been extended another 4 weeks minimum, until September. THE PRIME MINISTER HAS ANNOUNCED, only those that get vaccinated will be released from lockdown with special rules applying to them to live freely!" Max Igan

Military deployed in Melbourne, Australia

Good afternoon readers.  The Heat Dome[TM] is now being deployed against British Columbians and it will be going up to at least 31 degrees Celsius today...probably we are attacked to force compliance with the graphene oxide injection mandate.

I have some rare good news to report.  I had a breakthrough with the hubby just an hour or so ago.  I sat him down and told him why I do not want to leave Vancouver Island until "all this is over".  I referred to Dr. Teresa Tam's statement of this morning wherein she threatened Canadians with a "very dangerous Delta variant".

Canada could be seeing the start of a variant-driven 4th wave, health officials warn (

I told him that I have known for a very long time that this was coming...that they would escalate the Lockdown again in the fall and that, as is going on in Australia now, the military will be in the streets.

Covid in Sydney: Military deployed to help enforce lockdown - BBC News

Once the military is in the streets and there is a complete lockdown, the unvaxZinated will not be able to go anywhere, I told him.  I said he might be able to travel because as a kidney transplant recipient, he may have a dispensation from the vaxZine.  But I would not have such a dispensation and might be caught over on the mainland...or, even if we went sailing, we may not be able to dock on the Island.  Who knows what they will get up to.  As Robert F. Kennedy Jr. said, "This is the apocalypse".  Anything can and will happen during an apocalypse.

Then, as I told him...something unusal happened.  He didn't start pooh poohing me...he even agreed to watch the Karen Kingston/Stew Peters interview which I feel is the current enchilada about what's going on and what will be going on.  He watched it start to finish.  This was the first time he's ever watched ANYTHING like that.  I am sure he's still in a state of shock.

At the end he was very subdued.  He didn't say he believed Karen but he didn't say he did not believe what she said about the graphene oxide being in the injections and being a bioweapon.

It was a breakthrough.  Now, unless there's a complete pull back of the PerpZ from their attack (and threatened attack) on British Columbians, I will be staying here where I can be at the service of my grandchildren should they need me.  That is my protect my blood...or what blood can still be protected.

Further to what's going on in Australia...a harbinger of what will be going on here is a link to a leaked conversation that the Chief of Police was having with some activists.  Please have a listen and I will have final comments to follow.  



Australia's highest ranking police officer - Federal Police Commissioner Reece Kershaw literally spelling out the crimes of how our "leaders" have hijacked our government & how they will be taken down under common law and the constitution. The end part is very interesting!

excerpts from the briefing:

"...The 1979 sections 2,3,4 of The Police Act - the arrests are going to abide by this and Common Law.

This is Not a coup!

This is not anti-government.  This is not a game.

The police officers know what they're being asked to do at this moment is unlawful.  We're going to ask officers to stand up and stop doing [unlawful acts].

I listen to people who are "in the know" not YouTube not the Mainstream media...

I'm not asking anyone to do anything that doesn't HAVE TO BE DONE.

There will be funding for this...contracts will be offered...Police officers have said "I'd transfer tomorrow"...

No police enforcement of "masking" and "sign-in" rules/laws.

"...The government guys are now turning on each other...this has made our job a lot easier"



Greencrow concludes:  I listened to most of the above leaked tape and then concluded that it was either a fake or a "bait" to attract possible anti-vax police so they could be then punished for disloyalty.  Whatever. The military is now, according to that compulsive pathological liar, the BBC, patrolling the streets of Sydney.

This is what's coming to British Columbia and so we'll all have to decide where we will "make our stand".  Stay tuned.


FreakedOut said...

Hi Greencrow,
In Max Igan's latest video he says the police leak is a Fake and not to believe it.

"Australian Government Criminality and the Deliberate Implosion of Sydney"

Noor al Haqiqa said...

Wise move to stay on the island.

Whereabouts might ye be? My car needs a run!

greencrow said...

Hi FreakedOut:

See what I mean by the reliability of my spideys? Passed the test again! The sad part is...everything the Police Chief said about the pro-vax cabal breaking the law and needing to be taken down was true.

greencrow said...

Hi Noor al Haqiqa:

"Parts unknown" ; )

John the former MB Savage said...

Hi GC,
any word on NTS? He's down today. Pulled?

greencrow said...

Hi John the former MB Savage:

NTS was pulled a few days ago by Blogger but re-activated his Wordpress blog and carried on as per usual.

So add his Wordpress blog link to your favourites and Bob's your Uncle.

John The former MB Savage said...

Thanks so much GreenCrow..done.
Ya know...I keep thinking you folks gotta get off the bloody google services...i know its "easy" for a do it yer selfer,but as a tech guys of 25 years who finally left the biz last year when i saw MS patent 060606 and couldn't "give the benefit of the doubts" anymore where all this tech was goin, "all platforms converging" so to speak, I keep thinking (as an "average" blue collar guy my myself), yas need something else more independant to work even a backup plan for wordpress as its only a matter of time there too.

I know yas don't know me from a hole in the ground but, i made a pitstop in gov for a few years and couldn't out of good coincidence stay(hated it anyway as it sucked all the fun out fun my career) when i realized i was ideological working for enemy of us 100%.., then i went to go back to my old cutting edge employer and during the interview process to get rehired---THEY were now using the same "processes" of gov! other words...Corp/Gov patnership = technically... Facism/communism/corporatsim/..pick your I'm inda at 50 wondering WTF am i gonna do now?

anyway...I digress...were all in the same boat one way or another, but i am proud of you guys and I seiously came to conclusion my gand father the ww2 pow vet is rolling in his freaking grave right now

The great firewll of canada is coming soon all guised under "net neutrality"...its been building for years, not that your asking...but IMO you guys(canadians) need a setup like Jim stone.

you don't have to publish this...just send you a message from the other side of the country..also on a small island

John The former MB Savage said...

Hey GC..I just read NTS's plea....i see he's thinking the same thing already.
God love you