Wednesday, July 28, 2021

UPDATED: Bullshit Bonnie, in State of Psychotic Desperation, now making veiled Death Threats against UnvaxZinated British Columbians

UPDATED:  July 28, 2021 - Please scroll down to the bottom of this post for the op-ed by RAH on the Bullshit Bonnie Presser that took place yesterday.  

Northerntruthseeker's Blogger blog has been removed.  True to his "Invictus"** form, he is already up on his other Wordpress blog and posting as always.  Here's the link to that blog:  Northerntruthseeker – "In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act" ( NTS's last Blogger post was a regurgitation of my discovery re: Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister's possible RED PILL in his press conference about "Those in Charge of the Rain".

Dr. Bonnie ("Bullshit") Henry
Chief HELLth Officer of British Columbia

Good morning sentients.  I have a ton of crucially important material to present to you this morning and not much time to do it.  We are repositioning over to the Island again this afternoon and I may not be back here soon, depending on what I hear from RAH later this morning.  He had the stomach to sit through Bullshit Bonnie's preZZer yesterday and has the latest diktats from her to oppress those who continue to exercise their divine right over their own bodies and refuse the Experimental mRNA fragments/graphene oxide injection.

Bonnie's under the gun.  As we learned yesterday from Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister, "Those in Charge of the Rain"...are continuing to deny it to British Columbia due to excessive recalcitrance in proffering our arms for the Experimental Gene Tampering Biometric injections.  It seems like Bonnie's been ordered to go in for the kill on us--or BC will be burnt to a smoldering, geoengineered, "Heat Dome"[TM] crisp.

My spideys have confirmed that's the caper.  Countries and states are ordered to bend over for the prick...or be weather geoengineered to death.  As Amazing Polly said in yesterday's has been going on for decades...and been refined all the time.  Previously it has been mainly used to keep third world countries under the thumb of the "weather masters".  Now it is being used to force compliance world wide on the biometric injections which will render us all slaves...all those who survive the "side effects" of the vaxZine, that is.*

So, while I await RAH's report, due to pressure of time, I will leave these links sent to me by fellow warriors in this battle to the death between humans and the Weather WiZards.  First we have more about how they plan to hook all humans up to their radioactive biocircutry via the vaxZines.  This was sent to me by Ed(itor):

Self-assembled magnetic nanosystems for cybernetic biocircuitry interface in humans – FRINGE ENERGY

Next, to combat all the lies in the MZM about the unvaxZinated infecting the's a report from Health Impact News that contradicts that BIG LIE:

Finally, for those who still believe that graphene oxide cannot be rendered transparent, FreakedOut has provided this excellent visual just this morning:

For those who believe there's no such
thing as "transparent graphene"
H/T FreakedOut

Greencrow concludes:  I truly believe we're getting down to the final strokes in this existential war, folks.  As Dr. Reiner Fuellmich has said, "They've made so many mistakes".  They have to strike now while there's still a modicum belief ratio in their TV/cellphone brainwashed sheeple.  If they don't, soon it will be apparent, even to the brainwashed, that humanity is being mass murdered and enslaved.  They only have days and/or weeks to complete this project.

It is still early morning but already getting hot.  We are about to go under another "Heat Dome"[TM] and this time I fear they'll cut the electricity...kill the grid...that should exterminate a lot of useless eaters here in BC.  They only killed 815 [mostly elderly living alone] people the last time...according to the bragging, gloating MZM.

If/when I hear from RAH I will add his report to this post.  I will be on the road and may not get back to my laptop till the end of the day.  In the meantime, stay tuned.


*NOTE:  This would explain one of the biggest mysteries of this HOAX...why all the world leaders are acting in smug, sanctimonius lockstep.  They've all been threatened by the Weather MasterZ and believe they are doing the best for their people by following the diktats and knuckling under to the oppression...instead of fighting back.  Those who have fought back have been assassinated i.e., Tanzania President Dr. John Magafuli.


Greencrow continues:  Here is the promised op-ed on the latest preZZer from Bullshit Bonnie folks.  Without further ado here is [drumroooooooollllllll] BC Bureau Chief, RAH

BC Patriot RAH

Hi All:

FYI: Doing a mini op-ed...will expand on it later. Yesterday, in BC they had a presser announcing "Vax For BC".

We know Greencrow's site either attracts the brilliant, creates brilliance and/or a combination of the aforementioned. 


Many of us predicted this prior to school re-opening in September.

They estimate approximately 20% , or One MILLION BC residents have not been vaxxed.  If you watched the presser, one could observe BC Chief Health Officer Dr Bonnie Henry impatience with UNvaxxed Health Care Workers i.e,... she has zero patience with them...and Health Minister Adrian Dix effectively waiving the libertarian olive branch stating vaccines are "not mandatory", but exposing their true Communist nature then saying "There could be consequences in future to UNvaxxed". 

Those are threats!!!

Re UNvaxxed,

I think after over 18 months of fear porn and ad nauseum propaganda to get vaxxed, if approximately 20%,  or One MILLION BC residents, have still not been vaxxed is it not clear...THEY HAVE STUDIED THE ISSUE AND DON'T WANT THE UNTESTED, UNPROVEN, UNNECESSARY  F*CKING  DEATH  JAB  VAXX!!!!???? 

The PerpZ either can't take the hint, and/or their true communistic nature is being exposed, but regardless,  they are now going all in on the final  attack! 

Finally,  "Vax For BC" has a YELLOW colour theme. 

More later,



Greencrow concludes:  Thanks RAH!  One of my favourite slogans is "History is a race between knowledge and catastrophe".  Never more true than now in the race between the common people becoming aware of what's actually IN the vaxZine and the governments race to force the jab into every single citizen in the province.  You will note RAH's mention of the school year...Bonnie wants all those teachers vaxxed to the Max!  This is the time when all their education and hard years put towards their careers suddenly means squat.  If they want to matters NOT how many degrees and special ed courses they've doesn't matter their doesn't matter their personal skills and dedication. NOTHING MATTERS EXCEPT GETTING THAT GRAPHENE OXIDE INTO THEIR BODIES!!!

Things have gone insane folks.  Stay tuned for tomorrow when we find out even MORE horror stories about what has befallen humanity.  

**I have posted the following poem in honour of Northerntruthseeker


Northerntruthseeker said...

Hi Greencrow..

Once again my blog has been removed and I have once again put forward an appeal...

Apparently the criminals at Blogger have indeed done what they do to me periodically, and I do find it disgusting..

I am using my back up site at Wordpress in the meantime at

I said before that I needed a vacation, and yes I still have a week off before returning to work, so this is a 'blessing in disguise' as I will only put up a few posts at my alternative site in the meantime, and see what happens with 'Blogger' shortly..



greencrow said...


Again sorry you have been censored for bringing the truth to humanity. I look forward to seeing you up shortly on Wordpress and have already given my readers the link and info.

I have been subjected to thousands of surplus hits a day lately. I think it's from factcheckers who will also be bringing down my blog. I have been expecting it for over a year. Like you, I am exhausted from the trauma of truth blogging. It takes a terrible toll. If they take down my blog I will feel as though a very heavy weight has been lifted from my shoulders.

Noor al Haqiqa said...

They really don't want us around, sweetie.

Darn about NTS. Not his first dance but a shame he has to do it period.

I too feel that weight you mention. It was not there 14 years ago when I began this blog journey. Like you and NTS there are so many hours devoted to what has been posted so far. I would be devastated if mine went although I know this is an eventuality as someday someone will investigate materials offered in years past.

Oddly, cartoons seem to slide under their radar!

If they took our blogs down, I assume both of us would be back kicking nonetheless! Although I am still missing some who were taken down in years past...

greencrow said...

Hi Noor al Haqiqa

Yes, I also miss some of the late, great who are no longer with us:

Joe Vialls
Kenny -Kenny's Sideshow

And another who was not a blogger...but informed many of my opinions and perceptions about what's really going on:

Aaron Russo - Producer of one of the first "Truther" documentaries..."From Freedom to Facism"

janny said...

hai Greencrow,

Just a short message. Ik just saw a video on FB posted by somebody by the name of Shawna Inez.
Therein a mas who drove by a camp for non vaxers in BC. Just to let you know. It looks very much a concentration camp.

We are in the middle of a race right now..
I still follow you, you know but things are very nasty over here.

Kind regards,

No longer a Trump supporter said...

It looks like Google just killed Northern Truth Seeker, which was on the same platform as your Blog and was exposing the evils of the injections as you are doing. I just thought you would want to know this. Your blog may be the next one that Google kills. My blog is on this same platform and I'm looking for a new home.

No longer a Trump supporter said...

I made a post about your blog being removed. Go to to see it. Even though I'm aware that you removed my Blog from your recommended web sites list, I am your ally and I fully support what you are doing on your blog. You need to move your blog to a non Google platform. I am in the process of looking for a new home for my Blog. All truth seekers need to abandon Google ASAP.

greencrow said...

Hi Janny:

Thanks for getting in touch. I have a link to that concentration camp and will have a look.

What's going on in The Netherlands? We all appreciated your reports and look forward to an update.


No longer a Trump supporter said...

You should not feel that way. You should move your blog to a non Google platform and continue telling the truth. In a world filled with lies and deception your voice is badly needed to tell the people the truth. God does not want to quit and give up. God wants you to become even more determined in the face of a great adversary to speak truth to power. If you give up, the bad guys win.

No longer a Trump supporter said...

greencrow said...

Hi No longer a Trump supporter:

Thanks for your support for me and my Canadian blogging colleague Northerntruthseeker. I can speak for him in expressing our mutual appreciation. NTS is back up and posting on his Wordpress blog--which he keeps in reserve for occasions just like this which have happened before. I also kept NTS's Wordpress blog on my blogroll for just such happenstances.

Here is the link to that blog: