Friday, July 23, 2021

BREAKING NEWS: Get The Skinny on the Graphene Oxide Nanoparticles in the VaxZines--and other Kill Shot NewZ

Graphene Oxide Nanoparticle Injection Vials 

Good afternoon folks.  I have some very illuminating information for readers today.  First, let's catch up on the statistics re damage done to humanity via injections from the primarily graphene oxide nanoparticle [98%] mRNA injections:

Reports of Injuries, Deaths After COVID Vaccines Near 500,000 + CHD Files 10th Gardasil Vaccine Lawsuit (

VAERS data released today by the CDC showed a total of 491,218 reports of adverse events from all age groups following COVID vaccines, including 11,405 deaths and 48,385 serious injuries between Dec. 14, 2020 and July 16, 2021.

Now, I have an exclusive investigation report for you on what graphene oxide is and where it comes from.  Here are the results of my very preliminary investigation and I will have more comments to follow:


My investigation into graphene oxide started with this e-mail from regular contributor FreakedOut:

"Good Morning gc:

I just came across a report of another research team that is confirming that Graphene Oxide is in the kill shots:

Andreas Kalcker's team confirms evidence of graphene oxide in 'vaccines'

Andreas Kalcker's team confirms evidence of graphene oxide in 'vaccines' - ORWELL CITY

I know of Dr Kalcker from the past because he's a big user of MMS and benefited greatly when it cured his arthritis in his hands. He did a great video explanation on MMS(chlorine Dioxide) awhile back and it's a must see. Dr Kalcker is a Biophysicist. I believe when he was explaining the benefits of MMS in the past he was sticking his neck out there and now he's sticking his neck out there again confirming the findings of the Spanish Team on GO being in the kill shots.

It's a fairly quick read and short 4 minute video that clarifies some confusion over translation with regards to Magnetite and GO."



Greencrow continues:  So with that lead, I began my research:

Graphene Oxide Nanoparticles - An investigation:

I have done a brief, preliminary investigation into graphene oxide nanoparticles as below. Here is the closest definition I could find in my hard cover Oxford dictionary.  I dared not go to the Internet for a definition because in today's world...that's ASKING to be lied to: 

Graphite:  Christaline allotrophic form of carbon used in pencils, as lubricant, etc.  Hence [graphitic] from the Greek “to write”.

Allotrophic:  Existence of several forms of a chemical element in same state [gas, liquid, solid] but with different physical or chemical properties.

Oxide:  binary compound of oxygen – so what they did in the graphene oxide nanopartical production was infuse the liquid graphene with oxygen – what does oxidation do?  I believe it degrades a compound doesn’t it????  This needs more investigation--specifically vis a vis graphene. 

Now, check out these links on the production of graphite pencils:

 Page Loading in a moment (

 How to Clean Graphite Stains -

 The top link gives the properties and history of the graphite used in pencils--now in vaxZination usage known as “graphene”...which is graphite in its liquid form.  Our children are being vaxZinated with the same substance that's used to make pencils!

So, my very first hunch about graphene was correct.  Graphene is a waste product of is carbon. Carbon is also, coinkyadinkally, the main ingredient used in chemtrails.  The carbon used in chemtrails I originally thought was a waste product [coal dust] of coal mining.  But perhaps that was wrong.  Perhaps the carbon found in major quantities in chemtrails is the same as this carbon being rendered into a liquid form--grapheneand is the product of dead trees reduced to carbon in the form of graphite.

NOTE:  They’re always saying we need to “reduce our carbon footprint” and here they are injecting everyone in the world with carbon!  Such fucking Satanic liars!

Greencrow sent the above info to FreakedOut and this is his response:

"LOL!...Yeah, it makes great lubricant for locks, i use it on outdoor locks to prevent from freezing and very slippery....awesome stuff!

We are carbon based lifeforms so they want to reduce us to Non-carbon based life?

Reduce our "carbon footprint"!?!? What does that even mean?"

Graphite Lubricant Uses - Handyman - Talk Local Blog — Talk Local Blog


Nanographite-Graphene (


Greencrow comments:  So, folks, the greencrow's spideys were right on the target once again.  I said as soon as the blockbuster info about graphene oxide being the main ingredient of the Experimental mRNA gene-tampering injection became public that graphene oxide must be a waste produce of something.  I know the perpZ would not spend a lot of money on shit they want to inject in billions of cattle/I mean humans.  They would ALWAYS do it on the cheap and make it out of sheer garbage.  I mean, if they could get away with injecting us with cow manure...they would.

Now we find out that 98% of the ingredients of the CoVID vaxZine is actually stuff you spray on locks to get them to open up.  It's shit they use to lubricate heavy machinery.  Fuck!

So, I'll make another peerless prediction.  I predict that the big winner in the corporate greed game--as to what corporation has the billionZ dollar contract to supply the "machinery lubricant" to Big Pharma--to put into the Kill some military supplier like Lockheed Martin or Raytheon.  Anyone want to bet?


FreakedOut said...

A message to the vaxxed sheep:
"You've been graphenated!"
With your new and improved EMF reception abilities enjoy all the Wireless Technology so abundant everywhere. What's your peak download/upload speeds running at? FEEL the power!

greencrow said...

Hi FreakedOut:

I was thinking about how we've all been encouraged over the years to eat "anti-oxidents" [i.e., blueberries] to keep us at lower risk for cancer.

Now they're injecting the sheeple with an "oxide". Wouldn't that be the diametric opposite of an "ANTI-oxident"? Wouldn't it therefore INCREASE the risk of getting cancer???

greencrow said...

BTW my investigation in this post is incomplete. We still need to learn where exactly the graphite that's being rendered into liquid nanoparticles comes from. The geographic location, that is. We also need to know the manufacturing process and WHERE it takes place.

We also know who's profiting...follow the money...who owns the corporation that manufactures the graphene oxide.

If any sleuths out there can find out any of this would be greatly appreciated by humanity at large.