Wednesday, June 23, 2021

The "Vaccine" Stories that Won't Go Away - Four Healthy British Airways Pilots Die in One Week - "No Link to Covid-19 Vaccine" - Plus: "Vaccine" Refuseniks need to band together to ensure preservation of basic services

Four Dead Pilots - But the Story Remains
Very Murky 

Four Healthy British Airways Pilots Die in One Week - Airline Says No Link to Covid-19 Vaccine (

Listen to the audio recording at the above link and see if it passes your "sniff" test?  It passes mine.  My "spideys" tell me the voice on the audio is speaking the truth.  

Here is a financial institution that is as corrupt as can be.  Forcing people to be injected with an experimental substance to keep their jobs!  Everyone should boycott this corporation and any others like it.

Morgan Stanley bans unvaccinated staff and clients from New York office - CNN

Greencrow comments:  "Vaccine" Refuseniks need to band together to ensure preservation of our basic services.  We should build and harden our capacity for travel, work, food and shelter in "vaccine-free" communities.  This is our only hope for survival.  There are enough of us to provide tailored services only FOR the unvaccinated...and provided BY the unvaccinated.  This includes airline companies.  Especially now that we know the added risks of flying in airliners caused by vaccinated pilots!  Somebody needs to get this ball rolling!  

And the judge who decided against the oppressed workers who exercised their constitutional rights of freedom of choice [and the Nuremberg Code] should be kicked off the bench.  The "justice system" is failing humanity and will soon be deemed irrelevant if they continue to trample on basic human rights.

Lawyers need to get off their fat asses and work harder to preserve our basic constitutional rights...that's if there are any of them out there who aren't just "gatekeepers" for the PerpZ.  As I always say...Justice Delayed is Justice Denied!  Never truer than today in the War on Humanity.

UPDATE:  Vaccine Victim Pilots

about her two month [so far] ordeal after having
received the PfiZer Experimental mRNA Gene Tampering Injection

Towards the end of this video, Stew Peters lists some vaccine deaths and injuries and amongst the list of victims are FIVE airline pilots.  Four pilots flew for British Airways and one few for an American company.  Stew also mentions one Canadian cargo pilot who was found unconscious at the controls of his plane while it was on the runway.  All had recently been injected with the so-called "vaccines".  Folks....this is just the tip of the coming catastrophe iceberg as delivery of all our formerly "essential" services are being put at risk by the increasing number of vaccine adverse events/deaths!

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