Friday, June 11, 2021

UPDATED: The Scoop Behind the Magnetofection "Vaccines" - It's a Forced Gene Delivery System--via SPIONS [Supra Magnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticles]

UPDATED:  June 11, 2021, Folks.  Mark this day on your calendar. This is historical. This is the day the Satanists' evil agenda SHTF.  Before today, the perpZ were carefully funnelling the Sheeple towards the ModeRNA "option".....BUT today the magnetofection[TM] of the so-called "vaccines" has now come out in the alternative truth media and will soon need to be dealt with by the lying Mainstream Media.  They will HAVE to come to terms with the evil they have wrought on humanity.  Bullshit Bonnie will have to slink off into a cave somewhere.  Here is how fellow blogging colleague Northerntruthseeker wrote about this historic development.  Maybe they'll quickly take the Vaxxes off the market--and blame it on the less vilifying issue of "heart Inflammation"...kind of a "limited hangout".

Mexican TV Show Tries to Debunk Magnetofaction
Phenomena in "Vaccines" and watch what happens

Good morning readers.  As I wrote yesterday, I am being inundated with links from all my sources.  They are doing yeoman service for humanity in researching all over the Internet in an effort to keep up with the flood, the avalance, the TSUNAMI of information that has started to emerge about how diabolical and dangerous these so-called "CovID-19" "vaccinations" PfiZer, ModeRNA and Astro-Zenbloodclotia are to humanity.  We know this is an important development, because the dysinfo trolls in the MZM are working overtime in an effort to debunk the anecdotal evidence that's cascading down the Internet like Niagara Falls.

At the very same time, my laptop is becoming increasingly infested with "bugs" and "viruses" that are seriously slowing down my ability to convey this information to you.  Coinkydynk?  I think not!  This morning, suddenly I am unable to send myself photos off the Internet and thereby illustrate my stories. Whatever.  Those little glitches pale in comparison to the information that is emerging about the Kill my blogging colleague Northerntruthseeker so aptly calls them.

This morning, regular contributor/warrior and US Bureau Chief FreakedOut sent me the following cluster of off the alternative press.  These are blockbusters, folks.  The first one is an interview by Stew Peters with a pharmaceutical research specialist Dr. Jane Ruby.  Please watch this and see what she has to say about the "Magnetofection" Phenomena that some ModeRNA "vaccine" victims are experiencing:  Please check out the following "must watch" videos/links and I will have more comments to follow:


Good Morning gc,

Just picked up this from Jeff Rense’s  site and WOW is it good: 

Magnetism INTENTIONALLY Added to ‘Vaccine’ to Force mRNA Through Entire Body

Check out the links in the article too!

Here’s one linked in the article:


More from Rense:

“Superparamagnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticle”

And THIS!!!:

Mexican tv show try to debunk the magnet challenge but watch what happens!!

A cell phone sticking to an arm???!!!   WTF!?!?

As Clif High says: “welcome to Sci-Fi world!”  😲


Greencrow comments:  The above interview by Stew Peters with Dr. Jane Ruby is a blockbuster!  Also the video of the Mexican TV show.  This indicates what I and others [RAH] on this blog have been saying.  There must be different "lots" of the various "vaccines" because not all ModeRNA "Vaccine" victims are having the Magnetofection effect.  They are selecting unpaid "guinea pigs" out of the population for the "real stuff".  The rest are getting placebos.  Perhaps they will "up" the number of "guinea pigs" in subsequent doses--until everyone is "Magnetofected".  Hey, we're having to invent new words to describe what's going on.  Please check out this link to one of my favourite bloggers, Henry Makow.  He's talking about how the nanoparticles being forced into each and every cell of the victim via SPIONS is programed to result in mind control.

Covid Vaccine Delivers Nanoparticles for Mind Control -

Hey, if you can magnetize the will that affect independent thought?  That's the huge elephant in the living room issue here.  Will they be able to get something like what happened in Rwanda back in the 1990s going on, perhaps globally?  Another "Crimson Mist"--where the zombified vaccinated go after the unvaccinated with machetes on some kind of remote command?  Is that how they're planning to get rid of the Sentients?!

As I said above, the MZM is working overtime to kill the truth before it spreads.  Here is a post submitted by regular contributor and fellow blogger Ed(itor):

Dr Ah Kahn Syed


May 29

HOLY CRAP This leaked #Pfizer study from the EMA shows that the #vaccine particles are hugely sequestered into the ovaries. That's right. The ovaries. Will this render women infertile? 

The information contained in this 16 minute video should force the immediate suspension of all these vaccines! Babies nursing from vaccinated mothers are developing serious problems with some dying. The spike proteins introduced in your body from the vaccine has track shoes on and is running strait to the brain and other organs. As more and more testing is done, the results are getting worse and worse. This is the BIGGEST crime against humanity and we are all living through it!


Greencrow concludes:  First of all, we owe a huge debt of gratitude to Brittany Galvin and the other "vaccine" victims who have come forward in spite of all their pain, suffering, and the ongoing harassment by the "authorities".  Also intrepid real journalists like Stew Peters who goes after the hideous truth like a heat-seeking missile and explodes the bullshit into...dare I say it...nanoparticles.

No matter how hard they try...this latest revelation will NOT BE COVERED UP AND SILENCED--that humanity is NOW being injected with a substance that even the pharmaceutical producers have put on their packaging should NOT BE USED ON HUMANS.  Yet, these Satanists have covertly/deceptively put it into so-called "vaccines" that they purported to be providing for human health...and now they're EVEN GOING AFTER OUR CHILDREN TO PUT IT INTO THEM!!!

Yes, this truly is the Biggest Crime ever committed against Humanity [as we truthers have been saying for well over a year now] and we are all living through it.

Stay tuned, folks because I have a feeling this is going to go even more Nuclear over the next few days!  Read off the alternative press!

The PCR Test May Destroy Your Pineal Gland and Prepare Us for Robotization – The Bio-Weapon called “mRNA- Vaccine” may create the largest Hecatomb in Human History


FreakedOut said...

The Global News article you linked to actually shows the one woman with a key sticking to her chest BUT goes on to deny it....and then makes fun of it!?!? WOW....I'm speechless.... what Chutzpah!

I'm waiting for "Globalnews" to come to your blog and debunk all the info you have provided here Greencrow and would especially love to see them debunk the info from Brittany Galvin.
I'm waiting....

Anonymous said...

RAH here:


".... This indicates what I and others [RAH] on this blog have been saying. There must be different "lots" of the various "vaccines" because not all ModeRNA "Vaccine" victims are having the Magnetofection effect......"


What I foresee is they will ramp up vaccinations in June prior to school ending. Globally, the magic number is around 70% of citizens be vaxxed. Excluding peer pressure, my thesis is the PerpZ figure a certain critical mass % of Vaxxed will ultimately/inevitably "infect" the rest, aka VAXX VIA TRANSMISSION...the evidence of that is overwhelming.

Dr Tennpenny has stated numerous times that 50 BILLION + Vaxx components are being injected with each dose.

Again..the end game plan is VAXX via TRANSMISSION.
Regardless...avoid the VAXX at all costs.

greencrow said...

LOL FreakedOut:

I had a run-in with Global News BC at the February rally in downtown Vancouver, remember? I complained to the official Broadcasting Agency in Canada, the CRTC, about their one-sided coverage of the rally and, in particular, their interviewing and then muting the voices of myself and Dr. Stephen Malthouse.

What happened is that Global TV was late in responding to the Agency [they were given one month but I had to remind the Agency after they were several days late]. Then Global sent me a boilerplate response which did not address my specific complaints but merely stated some kind of bullshit journalistic policy that they absolutely do not adhere to.

When I again complained about Global's non reply to the CRTC. There was complete silence. Case Closed. So we now know that the CRTC has absolutely ZERO influence on the if we didn't already know that. lol.

Anonymous said...

RAH here:

Keep in mind ONE MAJOR PRECEDENT was set back with the Swine Flu scam back in 1970's.

Big Pharma tried to create a market in the Agri sector trying to convince farmers their pigs were vulnerable to a "flu" and required a vaxx. What actually occurred was the swine died after vaxx and farmers said NO WAY.

Big Pharma then had millions of UNused doses in limbo, and if you follow their history this is unacceptable...a NEW market MUST be created. They convinced the US Gov't there was a swine flu epidemic, and approx. 50 million + Americans people got the Jab.

However, approx. 1000 adverse events were recorded, as well as 25 DEATHS.
The US Gov't immediately STOPPED the vaccinations program...not "suspend"...STOPPED DONE FINISHED OVER !!! 25 DEATHS versus 50 million+ vaccinations was apparently not acceptable "coincidence" or collateral damage.

I have submitted on our CoronaGate channel several times that Big Pharma reached a fork in the road:
(i) QUIT Vaccines ???
(ii)bigger business model of creating MORE patients for life.

Gov'ts sold us out by granting Big Pharma immunity from liability, which made them realize that instead of stopping and cutting losses, Big Pharma had free rein to make things even where even pre Covid children were getting dozens of vaxxes and doses before Kindergarten.

IMHO, this has all come together as the Sheeple over the last 100+ years has been suckered into believing in vaccines...the Trojan Horse (aka vaxx jab in arm via blind faith)has been set the END GAME has come into play.

greencrow said...


And, if there's a God in heaven...all the "vaccine" bullshit...which, among other crimes, has led to a western epidemic of autism in coming to a screeching halt.

Today. This morning. With the confirmation that the stinking, Satanic perpZ put something called "Magnetofection" into the ModeRNA Vaccine--against the specific recommendation of the manufacturer!

We all now need to do our part to get this information out to the save as many lives...and possible!

Northerntruthseeker said...

Hey, young lady... Did you see today where Maxime Bernier was illegally arrested today right here in the COMMUNIST province of Manitoba for simply attending a few freedom rallies...

I wrote a report on that atrocity, and I was hoping you would post that here as well to alert all Canadians of this horror!

greencrow said...


I will report on it tomorrow. Today I'm still in shock over the magnetofection news. Just watched Max Igan and according to the link on his latest video:

PfiZer also has the magnetofection shit in it. I thought it was just ModeRNA.

This is Genocide in motion. Yes, Maxime Bernier was arrested today, likely to distract the Sentients from the Niagara Falls of Truth coming out about the deadly vaxxines.

IMO, they are making a huge mistake in arresting him. It will ensure that, should there ever be another selection in Canada [currently there a high level of doubt that will ever take place] Bernier will be elected...unless they fraud every single vote in the country.

This is why, of course, there will likely never be another election in Canada without a revolution in every city in the country.