Friday, June 18, 2021

NOTICE TO READERS: Absolute Tyranny - Government Issues PRE-EMPTIVE Arrest Warrant for Chris Sky PLUS: Information Overload

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Hi Guys:

Just a quick note to let you know that I will soon be back online and blogging.  We got hooked up to the Internet/WiFi on Wednesday but have been very busy painting the entire place including the ceilings!  It is a mammoth job way out of the league of a couple of 75 year olds//but we're now committed and finally down to our last room.  Never gonna paint again!!!

My wonderful warrior sources have been keeping me up-to-date on what's going on re the CovID Scam/Mass Cull of humanity.  Apparently 4 airline pilots died shortly after taking the Kill Shot...and there are reports that 25,000 have died of the so-called "vaccine" so far.  I believe that's a conservative estimate.

While I've been painting I've been listing to classic rock on a local Vancouver Island radio station.  Sadly, and disturbingly...all is hunky dory...according to the disc jockeys...the vaccine roll out has been going smoothly and now you just have to "walk-in" to a clinic to get your "kill shot",  It makes me want to puke to listen to the lies they're telling the sheeple about the so-called "vaccines".  Today on the "newZ" they said that some entertainment venues in the States will not accept proof of Astra-BloodClotia" and will require proof of the "American" Experimental mRNA Gene Tampering injections called ModeRNA or PfiZer.  Can you believe how they're playing these suckers?  Now the stupid jackasses are all going to run out and get double and triple doses of the kill shots so they can go to a rock concert!

Honestly!  They are truly TOO STUPID TO LIVE!!!

As blogging colleague Penny said It is beyond comprehension how anyone could even consider getting themselves shot up with an experimental substance which they can NEVER GET OUT OF THEIR BODIES!  OMG, even a tattoo you can have removed via surgery [sometimes] but this shit you can never get it out of your is programed to stay there and fester until it has entered every single cell of your body!  

What kind of a nincompoop would EVER even consider allowing such a procedure!  This is truly the worst thing that has ever happened to humanity...EVER!!!

Here in BC they're all celebrating the "opening up" of the province for tourism and travel...the numbskulls don't know that they'll be shutting it all down again in the fall...for the Kill...that's when they're going to blame the mass deaths of the vaccinated on "variants" and the "unvaccinated" and then they're going to round us all up to drag us off to gulags...and here's the the cheers and praise of the Sheeple...who will be thrilled that even their relatives who have "Stayed Human"...are being dragged off.

All this...unless we win this hideous war against humanity...we're down to the last three or four months.

Below are a few links that I had saved before I went off on my painting furlough.  Can anyone update me on what's going on with Chris Sky?  Has he been arrested yet?


Absolute Tyranny - Government Issues PRE-EMPTIVE Arrest Warrant for Chris Sky, Outspoken Patriot (

Hi FreakedOut

Regarding the Prions [aka Mad Cow Disease]. H/T Simon Hicks

I think that's true and that we'll be having some evidence/upticks in mass dementia/Zombification soon. And I am very intrigued with the gonnection between the Rwanda massacre and Crimson Mist. Did you see this?

H/T John Kaminski

Operation Crimson Mist and the Coming Genocide by Vaxxed Mind-Controlled Zombies
(controlled by vaccines and microwaves)

The crucial information is now coming so thick and fast I can no longer keep up with it. Information Overload. And all of it represents crucial pieces to the puZZle.


FreakedOut said...

I haven't seen anything on Chris Sky's Telegram channel about a "Preemptive arrest"?

Stay tuned...

Northerntruthseeker said...

Welcome back, young lady.... Missed you and your voice in this war.

FreakedOut said...

"Three British Airways pilots have died of the COVID “vaccine” in the past 7 days" GreatReject · 17/06/2021

"This is HUGE… According to this guy, Three British Airways pilots have died of the COVID vaccine in the past 7-days, and British Airways are now in crisis talks with the UK Government about whether or not their vaccinated pilots should be allowed to fly.

This presents a big problem because around 85% of all British Airways pilots have already been vaccinated."

So is it 3 or 4 pilots dead in one week?

Another bizarre position for a company to be in, it's almost funny, if it weren't so sad from good people dying needlessly.

Northerntruthseeker said...

As of this morning there are now 4 dead British Airway pilots from the Kill Shots

Anonymous said...


"Another bizarre position for a company to be in, it's almost funny, if it weren't so sad from good people dying needlessly"

Certainly not a reason for joy, however the vac was not administered to them at gun point and "it is employer's mandate" is vague argument can be easily circumvented, I have more sympathy for suicider who ends own life to supposedly escape torment where I have much less sympathy for vaxer who frivolously submits to a jab to demonstrate higher moral standards out of ignorance or out of fear seeking false protection causing nonreversible damage to self, to people near and to the society.
Lets face it, such act with its consequences direct or not would fetch pretty heavy sentence in functional society.
Sorry, no sorry on my part.

I am still trying to find explanation for this mental state of humanity and how it all came about.


PS; GC, good to c u back!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous(X) here:

17 pilots of Air India, IndiGo, Vistara died in May due to Covid-19

Read more at:

The claim is these pilots were NOT vaccinated...
Something stinks here.


Re Anonymous S75p
I agree with your comments..many people get caught up in life circumstances that overwhelm them such as drug addiction, alcoholism etc...walk a mile in THEIR shoes...most of the damage is self contained BUT there is hope via rehab.

With Covidiots..I really am developing a thick skin. This a whole new category, as many are nice people per se, but that makes it worse, as their self imposed ignorance and blind faith are a lethal combo that is not self contained as they become bio weapons and are vectors for destruction of humanity.I beleive the term is "Banality Of Evil". WHAT THEY HAVE DONE IS IRREVERSIBLE.

Anonymous said...

GC, we missed you, don't know about pilots or Sky, but came across a goldmine.
This write-up is BC focused on the information BS Bonny has hidden from us.
Excellent graphs that are easy to read, and most of all logic.

The Lies Exposed by the Numbers: Fear, Misdirection, & Institutional Deaths (An Investigative Report)

Garuda sends Bows

Anonymous said...

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