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Canadians in Dangerously Abusive Relationship with their governments. Corruption Rules Supreme e.g., Military ombudsman blasts ‘vested political interests’ impeding office PLUS: Fantastic Expose of the CovIDian Plot

Canadians are now locked into Abusive Relationships with
their Federal and Provincial Governments
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Good morning readers.  I am back in the lower mainland Vancouver suburb of Coquitlam after a very arduous week in our new "bug out" place on Vancouver Island.  Again, we painted all week and got all the rooms painted that we wanted.  Just a bit of touch-up and trim painting needed to complete.

We got the Internet WiFi hooked up last Wednesday but I was too tired and busy to do much posting. As my blogging colleagues will attest...it's not just writing...in fact that's the easy part.  Blogging requires a lot of reading and research, browsing and analysing...what I call connecting the dotZ.

Ever since the BC government has started this phase of its "cat and mouse" game of playing with the lives of British Columbian citizens...and "opened up" the province...allowing people to travel for recreational/tourism purposes...things have gone nuts.  The ferries to and from Vancouver Island [considered at one time before the HOAX to be an "essential service"] are all booked up for weeks in advance!  We will have to book our trips over for the entire summer!

Yesterday, we came back via the ferry and on the elevator ride up to the passenger deck we shared a small elevator with another couple our age.  The man invited us in to share the elevator, even though only two were allowed at a time according to "CovID rules".  He rationalized jovially..."Well, we're all vaccinated now...I have both my vaccines.  How about you two?"  I pointedly replied:  "I will never allow myself to be injected with an experimental, genetically-altering serum."  I sensed his wife to my right stiffen as I said that.  Her husband continued jovially..."Well, we're ALL guinea pigs, I guess."  To which I responded..."Not me!".

The exchange about sums up what's going on here in BC...and I suppose everywhere in the Communist/Fasicist/Technocracist, conquered and occupied West.  The "vaccinated" are wielding their new dominance over the "Stay Human" unvaccinated.  Bragging about their status and the so-called "freedom" the government has now "generously" bestowed on them because of their submission to this latest "hoop" that they've compliantly jumped through.

I deliberately said what I said to Mr. Jovial because it's my way of bragging about "Staying Human".  It's my way of imprinting on his and his wife's feeble brains that there are still others out there in the hinterlands of society who have not succumbed...who are not totally brainwashed by the TV.  So, that, when the cold months of winter come around again...and the vaccinated start dropping like flies...as they surely will...and the government blames all the coming horror on the new "variants" of the virus...and us unvaccinated...perhaps a tiny light will shine through in his darkened, dying brain.  "Oh yes, now I remember...that woman on the Ferry...she DID warn us about the vaccines!"

When I was on the Island I noted my oldest granddaughter had something on her chin.  I immediately recognized it as a sign of a common child hood ailment that, if left untreated, could even become what has been referred to as "flesh eating disease".  I drew her parents' attention* to it immediately.  They were totally unaware of what it was--and what the risks were--if it were left untreated.  This is our government at work in it's "culling fever".  Forcing children to wear harmful face masks that directly lead to festering wounds of uncleanliness and neglect.  Children, who are most at risk due to their play and school associations--of coming down with these highly contagious infections should have never been ordered to wear face masks!  I have said from the beginning that this Child Face Masking is the worst example of child abuse that I have ever known in all my life! 

The governments of our country are fostering strategic health "neglect" in all sectors...hoping that the maladies that result...will passively achieve the culling goals that have been set for these nations by the international Technofacist PerpZ.

Canadian Military Leadership and Institutional Organization has been Totally Corrupted by Government Moles and International Assets

I have been writing off and on about how the Canadian military--one of the pillars set up to protect and defend our country--has been neutralized/corrupted and is thus standing down during this crisis. [IMO, the Canadian military should be going around, rounding up, arresting and charging with treason every single elected politician in this country:  Members of the Federal Parliament; Members of the Provincial Legislative Assemblies--with the exception of Derek Sloan and Randy Hillier--as well as big city mayors and, especially, unelected so-called "Health Officials"]. While this corruption has been almost entirely covered up by the criminally complicit MZM, every so often a story is planted in the media which, when reverse engineered, will shed some light on the situation.  This link is a prime example of what I am talking about:

 ‘This cannot persist’: Military ombudsman blasts ‘vested political interests’ impeding office (msn.com)

In the story linked above...the Military ombudsman...who must be absolutely swamped with reports from military whistleblowers...is complaining that he has no power to effect change...because there are "political interests" who are actually in control and who are systematically destroying the independence of the military to cleanse its own Augean Stables.

Let me put it more precisely:  The criminally corrupt regime of the Lil' Turd Jr.' is playing the military like a violin to either strip it of all power...and/or to direct any power it may have to achieving their own Technofascist ends.  The Turd keeps appointing gofers to get his military "door to door" rounding up of the "vaccine hesitants" and carting them off to gulags going...then, when others in positions of authority in the military, stand their ground and thwart his evil ends...the Turd and his Turdblossom plant stories of sexual malfeasance about them in the MZM...and so it goes...round and round.  I agree with the Ombudsman..."This cannot persist".  But it will continue to persist until some of the military "hesitants" come out into the open and call the caper and name some names....at the sacrifice of their careers...and/or even their lives.

Lastly, I draw my patient readers' attention to an excellent link sent to me by longstanding reader/contributor/commenter Garuda.  He "stumbled upon" this fabulous report/analysis of the CovID Caper so far...as evidenced by the Corrupt Federal and Provincial Canadian Governments own numbers.  This is a must read.  The conclusions...as shocking as they are...IMO, do not go far enough.

Julius Ruechel: The Lies Exposed by the Numbers: Fear, Misdirection, & Institutional Deaths (An Investigative Report)

Ruechel concludes that the governments are guilty of criminal negligence and malpractice in the government run/controlled institutions [hospitals, extended care, prisons] where they hold Canadians "captive".  All the numbers and stats, when analysed, prove that almost every death took place under the captive control of the governments and their policies of lockdown, isolation, masking, vaccination, Very few "free" Canadians...i.e., those who have had control of their own doors...and were able to freely walk in or out...died.  

The biggest clue to this shocking conclusion is the comparison of aged and vulnerable Canadians who were cared for in their own homes versus those "cared for" in government institutions.  The numbers are stunning!  It was only those locked in the government controlled institutions...isolated from their loved ones...who died in inordinate numbers.  I know.  Because my two years older brother was one of the victims of the Ontario government.  Hospitalized for an age-related but highly curable ailment...he died of systematic isolation, negligence and malpractice. I will work for justice for him till my dying day.

But, as I said earlier, Ruechel does not go nearly far enough...perhaps because he wants this report to be shared by all the fence sitters...in addition to we activists....What I have believed almost from the beginning is that what Ruechel calls criminal negligence and malpractice...is actually Murder in the First Degree...Intentional and pre-planned.  And it's still going on.

I have said previously on this blog that IMO the Deagle Report, giving projected population numbers in nations as of 2025, was not a forecast or "projection"....it was a decree--an ORDER for depopulation!  Under threat of some sort of repercussions/punishments all the assets [i.e. Lil' Turd Jr.] in every country have been ORDERED to get their populations down to the Deagle numbers by 2025--or else.  Perhaps they've been incentivized by financial rewards and salvation for themselves and their families...who knows the details?

Now, if investigators like Julius Ruechel could just find out who gave the "Deagle Orders"...we might be able to head off this ongoing AND looming catastrophe.  Stay tuned. 


NOTE:  FreakedOut drew my attention to this excellent link about the DANGERS of children wearing Face Masks.  

A Group Of Parents Sent Their Kids' Face Masks to A Lab for Analysis. Here's What They Found by Scott Morefield (townhall.com)

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