Wednesday, June 23, 2021


Pastor Artur's Wife Reporting Attempted Murder
But where is Lil' Turd Jr's Outrage and Disgust
At this Terrorist Attack???!!!

Greencrow comments:  Pastor Artur Pawlowski and his family have and are been victimized by the buddies of Lil' Turd Jr.  These are the same ones who support The Turd in his CovIDian Psychopathology Globalist Agenda.  Where is the Lil' Turd's "Appalled Stance"[TM].

Qui Bono?  Pastor Artur Pawlowski's wife Marzena suggests these are "Antifa's" tactics.  Who was/is behind "Antifa"?  Pastor Artur's wife bravely and courageously names names.  She accuses the Mainstream Media, the Politicians and the Police for being behind the calibrated strategy of terror and gaslighting being waged against the Pastor and his family.

 “Somebody wanted to kill us”: Lug nuts allegedly loosened on Pastor Artur's truck (

Bravo to Rebel News for bringing this story to the people.  It is clear that this is a war and it is between the forces of Satan and God.  Which side are you on?  Which side is the mainstream media on?  Which side are all our elected representatives on?

"...Where are we?  In the Canadian Republic of China?"

Marzena Pawlowski

The Pawlowski vehicle had all four Tires Sabotaged
Someone attempted to murder this family
And the Police, Politicians [and of course the MZM]
 are silent.


Karmellis said...

Hi Greencrow! :D

Unfortunately, this brave pastor will never see justice for the simple reason: He's non-compliant. The system is against him and will do what they can to make an example out of them. They tried a covert way and it failed. The next time will be overt and obvious, but everyone is dumb enough to believe whatever the narrative will be, so he is a dead man, either way.

I want to be wrong, I truly do, but...

Since you did mildly compare this to an over-sensationalized incident in London, I will note the few bits of info I have read about it and have reason to believe his vehicle was remotely hijacked and used to cause the tragedy. Once again: Governments and/or corporations acting on their behalf murder people to help push agendas forward and once they are done, the victims are of no more use and can be quietly buried along with the inconvenient truth. It never ends, does it?

This 'system' cannot be saved and so long as people continue to behave like incompetent sheep, we're all doomed.

greencrow said...

Hi Karmellis

Yes, the London, Ontario incident is suspiciously similar to the Yonge Street Toronto incident a year or more ago where a van drove up on a sidewalk killing pedestrians.

In that case, it was driven by a mildly autistic man who had, amazingly, formerly been a member of the Canadian Armed Forces.

Someone is going around Canada using vehicles as weapons. Is this the beginning of the end of our ability to drive our own cars? They could be setting up the same ploy to get rid of car ownership that they've been using to get rid of gun ownership.