Wednesday, June 30, 2021

BREAKING NEWS: The British Columbian Government has quietly cancelled the Plandemic. Now they've moved on to the "Climate Crisis" [TM]

Red circle  BREAKING: It appears Mike Farnsworth quietly signed M275, which means as of 11:59Pm, June 30th, COVID-19 IS NOT A PANDEMIC IN BC & the state of emergency which gave Puplic Health Officers sweeping powers, will be cancelled.

Ministerial Order 275/2021 (



Greencrow comments.  What is the Bullshitter saying about this?  Inquiring minds want to know.  Fortuitously, while the Provincial perpZ are heading for the hillZ...the hills are now going up in flames.  The Interior Town of Lytton which broke North American temperature records over the past several now totally in flames and is being evacuated.

Now that should take the Sheeple minds off the stunning news that the entire Plandemic has just been cancelled!

UPDATED: Vaxxine HOAX - PLUS: Donating blood after the Experimental mRNA Gene Therapy Injection...allowed or not?

UPDATED:  June 30, 2021:  I have been informed that there is some skepticism coming from the alternative community on the presence of and implications for having Graphene Oxide [GO] nanoparticles in the vaxxines and other tools of the CovID HOAX.  Well greencrow goes with my spideys, as my readers know. My spideys tell me that there needs to be something like what they describe Graphene Oxide is in the Vaxxines for them to have the magnetofection properties that they have.  So I am all in on the GO.  Here is a link sent to me by FreakedOut.

This is just the teaser on YouTube
the real video can be found on
Dan Dicks Press for Truth BitChute Channel

Food, Money & Freedom Can All Be Yours…IF You’d Just Take The VaxJab, Please We’re BEGGING YOU!!!!!

Good Afternoon Readers. It's now up to 24 degrees Celsius and absolutely back to comfort levels.  I took my dogs out for a walk this morning.  The first almost a week.  Only saw one person with a mask on, slung below her chin and told her "We won't have to wear masks anymore after the 1st of July."  I can hardly wait for the Era of the Zombie Apocalypse Maskers to finally be over!  

Here is an update from regular contributor and fellow warrior FreakedOut...who reports from the US Atlantic North East:

FreakedOut Reporting

Good Morning Greencrow,

  On the subject of TOXIC jab’s, I’ve been seeing an inordinate amount of jobs come across the Net for my field of work, which is Radio Electronics/Telecom,  and especially for 5G build out work, like I’ve never seen before!!  I’ll bet many of the openings are from positions opening up because of people injured/killed from the jabs! Not only are airline pilots dropping post jab, I’ll bet many others are dropping in ALL the different industries, especially Healthcare, as we’ve seen many reports of. 

    Today is another hot one in New Hampshire but a little cooler than yesterday. I threw up “Vancouver BC” as a “favorite” on my weather app program and I noticed we’re running similar numbers for temp/humidity. The humidity is really pushing the heat index. Tomorrow is looking much better and heading back to below normal temps going into the Fourth Of July holiday weekend. 

  On another note, I just finished listening to a new report from Steve Ben-nun and Deb Tavares concerning future lockdowns. Mark your calendar for around July 15th as , apparently, from a “leaked” document, the UK is going into FULL “Permanent ” lockdown because of the BS Delta “variant” crap. Seems like the Perpknow the MASSIVE London protests are working to wake up the masses and have to shut them down(football games too), they’ll BLAME the protesters and football fans for the spread of the BS Variant. Additionally, they’ll haul off/arrest anyone speaking out about the toxic jabs AND any unvaxxed members of their families will be permanently separated, family destruction. Think GULAGS. IMO, I seriously doubt the Brits/UK folk will go along with the crap and we’ll see all out war in the streets….but….can’t have that getting out to the rest of the world right? So, time to shut down the Net? You bet! “cyber terrorists are to blame”… Klaus Anal Schwab.

  I think if they try and pull that shit here in the US then the guns WILL come out. I’ve already passed by many businesses closed permanently because of the last lockdown, how much more can people take? Wait until the fall when people drop in droves from the jab, it’s going to be a living HELL. 😲 Remember what Brother Bugnolo said? The PerpZ are going to have to beat us Americans up another way to null out our firepower, so I’ll expect severe weather events with power grid/Internet down scenarios to get us all in a tough survival mode trying to keep our heads above water. 

  Let me know what you think,



Greencrow continues:   Thanks very much FreakedOut. I agree that the PerpZ are like ratZ, backed into a corner. They may strike at any time and in any number or combination of ways at their disposal.

The good news is that as time goes on, more and more information is coming out about what is really in the Kill Shots.  Just over the weekend we learned that graphene oxide is behind the magnetofection.  Here are some recent links/reports updating us on the latest in the vaxxine genocidal attack on humanity.  New information about these vaxxes is now coming out thick and fast.  It's good to keep up to date and spread the information amongst those Sheeple who have not yet been sucked into the vaxxine vortex:


Greencrow comments:  I don't care what anybody says...I would never accept a blood transfusion from a vaxxed individual...EVER!!!


COVID-19 vaccines and blood donation
Blood from vaccinated donors is safe for patients

COVID-19 vaccines and blood donation

Our ultimate priority is the health of the patient and donor. As part of our mandate to provide a safe, accessible blood supply to Canadians, medical and scientific professionals at Canadian Blood Services carefully review and assess each vaccine authorized for use in Canada. Health Canada has not recommended or imposed any restriction on the use of the four authorized COVID-19 vaccines and blood donation.

With COVID-19 vaccines, the mRNA or viral-vector vaccine is broken down quickly once it enters the body’s cells and there is no evidence that transfused blood collected from donors who were previously vaccinated with COVID-19 vaccine poses any harm to patients. Further, blood donated by individuals who have received a COVID-19 vaccine is not associated with a risk to a transfusion recipient of COVID-19 infection, nor will it protect a transfusion recipient from COVID-19 infection...."

Engdahl: Alarming casualty rates for mRNA vaccines warrant urgent action -- Puppet Masters --

Coroners to investigate after BBC presenter’s family say she died of blood clot following AstraZeneca jab – reports — RT UK News


"COVID-19 vaccine efficacy and effectiveness—the elephant (not) in the room"

COVID-19 vaccine efficacy and effectiveness—the elephant (not) in the room (


Greencrow concludes:  So, IMO we've reached a critical juncture in this War on Humanity.  Even the most clueless can see that something has gone terribly wrong in the roll out of the vaxx.  The Sheeple are getting "gun shy" regards taking the second "payload" dose.

Now they're rolling out all sorts of distractions...the release of rapist Bill Cosby from jail this morning being the latest.  Can you imagine?  Julius Assange, not convicted of ANYTHING, is still in jail...while they have released the serial rapist back into society.

That tells you everything you need to know about the PerpZ.  Stay tuned.

Addendum:  Simone Gold recently tweeted:

Medical tyranny is slowly ushering in communism, where your child’s choices belong to the State & not the family. Children of these ages can now be vaccinated *without* parental consent or knowledge: AL: 14 San Francisco: 12 Philly: 12 NC: 11

Grid crash imminent - John Kaminski Reports


Good morning readers:  It's much cooler and back to normal temperatures for this time of year in the Pacific Northwest.  There's a lot on my blogging plate I am very active packing for the big move to the BugOut on the Island.  Let's get this day's blogging off to a great start with this report from Florida-based Canadian John Kaminski.  I first became aware of John's Truth blogging after 9/11 when he was contributing to the blog "Serendipity", one of the very first Internet alternative news sites.  It was while reading another "Serendipity" contributor, Carol Valentine's seminal work on 9/11 "Flight of the Bumble Planes" that I first became aware of how the PerpZ work--with their Mind Kontrol, their mass murderous False Flag atrocities and their constant 24/7 media lies and manipulations of the Sheeple.

So, today, I have the latest John Kaminski contribution to is his take on what's coming up in the lastest Perp project...the Mass Culling of the Human Species:

Grid crash



Night falls on America


News from around the ’Net compiled by John Kaminski



National Guard Preparing For a Huge Cyber Attack on Utilities


To prepare for such a huge cyber attack, national guard troops have been conducting simulation exercises in which infrastructure sectors, including power, water, and gas, are disrupted. If there’s anything to take away from this, it’s the realization that digital networks have quickly become a battlefield that promises the greatest potential for disruption with the least amount of physical risk.


The blame was leveled at criminal cybergroup DarkSide - which is believed to be based in Russia or Eastern Europe with ties to Russia. . . . Colonial Pipeline shelled out almost $5million to DarkSide to get its pipeline back online as soon as possible. . . . Just weeks later, JBS fell victim to an attack, forcing it to shut down its computer servers, suspending meat production systems at its US plants for four days. 


Jeff Berwick reports:

Weapons of mass distraction


False flags are when a false version of an event is given to the general public by the government and their accomplices in the corporate media with the intent of manipulating the emotions of the people, while simultaneously manufacturing an outburst of patriotic support that the government can then use as their justification to introduce laws that would normally be unpopular.


It is psychological warfare using mass trauma.


The common denominator is that the government and the media know that these events are not what they claim them to be, but they must sell the lie to the public in order to fulfill their agenda. The agendas change, but the stories are always lies, and they want the public to be fearful, angry, vengeful, and outraged enough to "do something" about the problem that the government created.


So far, the Coronavirus plandemic has been the biggest one, but there is ample evidence of governments dressing up as the enemy and terrorizing their own citizens in order to justify some foreign war or domestic operation they wish to kick off.


The next biggy is the "cyber-attack" to bring down utilities worldwide, which is right now being practiced at a government institution near you.


Lew Rockwell reports:

Strange Politics


Some bizarre events taking place.   Before I get there, this is a reminder that Pedo Joe STILL isn't in the White House, the lights go off at 11:00 every night, federal buildings throughout DC are boarded up, motorcades and helicopter traffic is enormous in DC.  NOTHING is "normal", and this is an EVERY day event.  People are reporting massive military vehicle and troop movement all over the country, coast to coast.  Anyone thinking things are normal and nothing is happening is letting negative emotions cloud their intellect.  Back on topic, this FL building collapse is BIZARRE.   The number of reported missing people grows daily.   Huh?   I can understand not knowing how many dead there are, but you know how many are missing in pretty short order.   How does that figure grow every day?   Furthermore, and more importantly, guess who is involved in the rescue and investigation efforts.   The ISRAELI Defense Force.   WHAT?!?!  Why in the WORLD are they involved?  Everything about this stinks. 


Virus news:  Plenty here.   


Let’s start with the new scare tactic, the dreaded delta variant.   It MUST be scary because it's named after a letter from the Greek alphabet, right?   A study showed it has a 99.1% survival rate with another study showing it is only 0.0003% different from the "normal" strain.  HOWEVER, it is eight TIMES more lethal for those who are fully vaccinated which I think is hilarious.   There is literally not a single benefit to the vaccine.  The problem is people are so fearful, brainwashed and stupid.   A British mother of three was eager to get the vaccine, did so, then started turning purple all over her body, including her gums, starting developing huge hematomas and eventually died after lingering a few weeks.   Her idiotic fiancé witnessed all this then said he's "not telling people not to get the vaccine" but they should consider there MIGHT be side effects.   How do you wake someone that incredibly stupid? 


Anna von Reitz reports:

Vaccines create ’trans-humans with no rights’


Commercial Mercenary Attack Against Humanity -- International Notice to All International Courts: 

In 2013, in a US Supreme Court Case, Pathology v. Myriad Genetics, Inc., 569 U.S. 576, the court ruled that changing the human genome via an mRNA injection creates a new genome that can be patented and owned by the patent holder.

Everyone who received the purported vaccine is now "patented" and owned as property by the Vermin.

Everyone who has been jabbed is considered "trans-human".

Trans-humans are not considered natural, so have no Natural and Unalienable Rights.

Trans-humans are not considered humans, so they have no human rights.

Trans-humans can have no equal civil rights, because any standard of "equal" rights has been destroyed.

H.J. Resolution 48 of the 116th Congress, (2019-2020) proposes a Constitutional Amendment that those rights protected by the constitutional agreements apply to "natural persons only".


These results--- defrauding, dehumanizing, and enslaving living people to serve corporate interests --- have been pursued via deliberate deceit and non-disclosure as a fraud scheme aiming to evade constitutional obligations and international laws and conventions, so as to seize upon and to enslave human populations as "trans-human" serfs.


This is the actual zombie apocalypse, courtesy of your leaders.


John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. 


Greencrow Concludes:  Thank's John, for the above report, for all your amazing work through the years, and for continuing to set an example for all of us truthers who have and are following faithfully in your very large footsteps towards truth on this Planet! 

Tuesday, June 29, 2021

PfiZer victim goes public with Symptoms. The "Vaccine" has caused irreversible damage to her body PLUS - The Seven Last Plagues...coming up next---Locusts???!!!

Devastating Symptoms

Good morning readers.  It is a cooler, chemtrail-less day today.  Supposed to go up to "only" 38 degrees Celsius.  I believe yesterday will go down in history [if there is a history in the future] as the day that British Columbia died.  You could feel the "crack" in the air when the temperatures broke the will of the trees and other nature to live.  Now they're all still standing but they'll be dead in a year or so.  That was/is the plan.

There is no way the birds eggs and the nestlings in the nearby trees survived the heat.  The door knobs on the second floor doors of our home were hot to the touch.  The porcelain floor tiles felt like walking over a hot sand beach.  For several hours in the early evening I lay on my bed and sprayed myself with water every three minutes.  Within three minutes...with the fan blowing on me full blast...the water was completely evaporated and I was hot again.  Repeat, Repeat.

Amazingly, unlike other heat waves in previous years...the air quality has not so far deteriorated dramatically.  Something was different this time.  Perhaps the fires and the air quality deterioration have been scheduled for a few days hence.  One thing is sure...this is all carefully scripted, staged and rolled out.  This is all according to a "Masterful" [to quote Dr. Reiner Fuelmich] master plan that has, no doubt, been in the hopper for decades up to now.  It's like the seven plagues.  One torment segues neatly into the next, with no reprieve.


What are the seven last plagues and when will they happen?

The seven last plagues represent God’s wrath on the unrighteous. The plagues will take place just before the second coming of Jesus. Here is the description:

Plague one: a grievous sore infects the “beast” and his followers (Revelation 16:2).

Plague two: the oceans turn red as blood and poisonous (Revelation 16:3).

Plague three: rivers turn to blood but God’s true people are given fresh water -Isaiah 33:16- (Revelation 16:4-7).

Plague four: sun scorches men (Revelation 16:8-9).

Plague five: this literal darkness symbolizes the spiritual darkens of the “beast” (Revelation 16:10-11).

Plague six: the great river Euphrates “dries up” symbolizing support is withdrawn from spiritual Babylon and the battle of Armageddon draws near. (Revelation 16: 12-16).

Plague seven: The second coming of Jesus takes place. The large Hail stones rain down on mankind and Christ is on His way (Revelation 16:17-21).

The plagues are very similar to the plagues that fell on Egypt before God delivered the Israelites from slavery. The plagues are going to fall on this wicked world just before Spiritual Israel, God’s people, are liberated from the world that is in bondage to sin.

The plagues will last for a short time “Therefore shall her plagues come in one day” (Revelation 18:8). A day in prophecy is a year “I have appointed thee each day for a year” (Ezekiel 4:6) (Numbers 14:34). So, within a year’s time it will all take place.

Who will escape the plagues? Those that have “gotten the victory over the beast, and over his image, and over his mark, and over the number of his name” (Revelation 15:2). Christ says, “He that is unjust, let him be unjust still… and he that is righteous, let him be righteous still…” (Revelation 22:11-12).

Not a single plague will strike the righteous “There shall no evil befall thee, neither shall any plague come nigh thy dwelling” (Psalm 91:10) just as in the days of the plagues in Egypt. God’s angels will encamp personally around the righteous and protect them “The angel of the LORD encampeth round about them that fear him, and delivereth them” (Psalm 34:7).

Greencrow continues:  As I said in my post yesterday...and as readers can see from the video above...the vaxxed are being tortured just as much as the unvaxxed...both physically and psychologically...with all the controversy [and reports about adverse events] about the various "vaccines".  Even though they've compliantly done the bidding of Satan, there is no distinction made between the vaxxed and the unvaxxed.  We are all headed for extinction in their evil minds.

Hopefully, God will make a distinction and help us survive the rest of the plagues to come.

I see on the Internet News that the "Heat Dome"[TM]  plague is now being moved eastward to destroy Alberta.  

But, what's next on the PerpZ agenda for BC?

A plague of locusts?

Children are being destroyed by the Canadian
Federal and Provincial Governments
While CP workers stand silent

I saw a glimpse of the bullshitter while surfing the TV channels yesterday.  Her voice sounded even more funereal than ever.  I only listened to about four words of what she said before I quickly skipped channels.  Later, I learned that she had thrown a bone at British Columbians.  Hellooo?!  Apparently, we're all going to be allowed to take off our masks indoors as of Canada Day, July 1st!

What a boon!  What Freedom!  Last Sunday, while driving through the blistering heat to visit my developmentally disabled brother in Burnaby...I had the windows all rolled down because my car has been without air conditioning since 2011!  Most of the time, no air conditioning is not a problem in the Pacific North West...but not Sunday.  Shockingly, as I reached the main intersection at Lougheed and Willingdon I could see the people out walking the 38 degree noon heat--almost everyone of them wearing a mask in the blistering heat!  It was truly a Zombie Apocalypse!

I wonder if the brainwashed Zombies will now take off their masks--even after the Bullshitter has given them permission to.  I guess the Masking Experiment has done its intended damage and has run its course.  It's being drawn down because Canadians are going to be watching unmasked crowds in sports events during the remainder of the Hockey Championship Stanley Cup and during the Olympics.  It's like Chris Sky says: The American Crowds have refused to compliantly wear now the Canadian PerpZ have to make it look like it was "their idea" to "allow" Canadian crowds not to wear's ALL about control.

The Turd, pointing to his empty gourd of a head
where, occasionally, a few dried-up, 
sterile seeds noisily rattle around.

Greencrow concludes:  You have to hand it to the Grade "B" actor, the former part time substitute high school drama teacher, the alleged pedophile of his students... photo'd above.  He does drop a "truth bomb" now and again.  In the above quote he lays out what the long term agenda is--to get rid of the white Canadian our culture and traditions, or so water them down with immigrants from, say, Africa or China or India...that we will be persecuted minorities in perpetuity.  That's the plan and it is being rolled out in a series of "masterful" of which [perhaps the worst in terms of its LONG TERM EFFECTS] is just winding down this morning as the British Columbia  "Heat Dome"[TM] is being moved over to Alberta.

Stay tuned...will the next Plague be a blackout, a drought...or locusts!?

The Eighth Plague - Locusts
Maybe they can have "alien" drone Locusts

Appocalypse Now Music Video
"The End"

Monday, June 28, 2021

BREAKING NEWS: It's a Good News/Bad News Day


Mags_0618 Interesting! Where did you get the stat? thanks

Replying to
That's about a month old. It's a bit higher now. 46.1% vaccinated in all of US, with many not going back for 2nd dose. Read in Texas alone, almost 1million people have not returned for 2nd dose

Look at that Washington percentage.  Now you know why we're under the "Heat Dome"[TM] in the Pacific Northwest folks!

Now the bad news.  It's now 41 degrees Celsius here in the metro Vancouver area.  This is an all time temperature record for British Columbia.  They're planning on burning us out of our homes.  But I'm not too bad.  Sitting in front of a fan and I have my water spray bottle close at hand.

This too will pass...I hope.

"Heat Dome"[TM] event UPDATE - PLUS: One of the Doubtful Duped Vaxxers speaks out- An op-ed in a Vancouver Island MZM Outlet

Irene Jackson Getting her Experimental mRNA
Gene-Altering Graphene Oxide Injection 

Good morning readers. I had decided not to post today but to just hunker down and take care of my family, my pets and myself today during what has been predicted will be the hottest day in British Columbian history.

All those readers in the Pacific Northwest, and in the Atlantic Northeast, where my warrior colleague FreakedOut hails from... and is also hunkering down...spray water bottle at the ready during that region's "Heat Dome"[TM] event] I advise you to take it very easy in a safe as possible location. The main danger is forest fires and resulting deteriorating air quality. So stay inside and prepare yourself to close windows in a hurry.

Should there be a power grid failure/blackout this may be one of the last, if not the last, posts I do. In that case everyone should just lay low. I would recommend NOT watching your TV [Emergency Channel] for updates. These psychopathic liars will NOT be telling you the truth but only ratcheting up the fearmongering/herding of the Sheeple towards the extinction cliff. It would be far better to get your news from alternative Internet sites [if/when they come back on line] and/or find a "low tech" method of finding out what's going on...i.e., speak personally with your neighbours and form a local support system/solidarity there.  One of my neighbours has a short wave I will ask him.

In the meantime, here is an op-ed that appeared in today's CHEK news. It's written by a duped sheeple who is now having "second thoughts" about getting two doses of the Astra-bloodclotia Vaxxine. Please read and I will have comments to follow:


Opinion: The A-Zed Blues (

"I had just about a week or so to enjoy the fact that I had received my second vaccination and it was all done. I was officially a double doser. Then the NACI completely spoiled my fun. And, as you well know, there has not been much fun of any kind for a very long time.

In a statement on June 17th, the NACI, or National Advisory Committee on Immunization said “…an mRNA vaccine is now preferred as the second dose for individuals who received a first dose of the AstraZeneca/COVISHIELD vaccine.”

Now preferred? Now you’re freaking me out.

Both of the doses I had were the AstraZeneca. It’s just mean to encourage us with “you should take the first vaccine you are offered” and then say “Oh, wait, not THAT one.” It’s not like a piece of clothing you bought that you can exchange when you change your mind. “Oh, I prefer THAT jacket.”

No. Now it’s too late.

Not long after that shocker, Bruce Springsteen literally left me dancing in the dark when he decided that those of us who were vaccinated with AstraZeneca wouldn’t be allowed to attend his concerts. He has since changed his mind. But now I’m really wondering what we AstraZeneca double dosers are going to have to face in the coming months. Or as I like to refer to us, the AZeders.

Will we be shunned in other venues? Will they have specialized AZed dog sniffers at the malls causing a commotion when they corner us? Security guards yelling “Put that down, ma’am. Back out of the store slowly and go home.”?

Will border guards be checking our vaccine passports to assure themselves that we’ve taken the “preferred” vaccines? “Eh, zed? Go back to Canada!” How humiliating.

I understand that these are extraordinary times. None of us alive today has been through anything like this before, so we are just feeling our way, especially with the vaccines. And those in authority have the double duty of not only getting the right information out there but battling all of the MIS-information.

But I also think there is such a thing as too much information. Because a lot of us are not smart enough to know what to do with it anyway. And we’re already over-anxious as it is, so it’s not a great idea to make us even more so.

I have never before thought to ask where my flu vaccine comes from, I just trusted whatever was put in my arm. It would be nice to feel the same way about the COVID vaccine, but it’s already too late for us AZeders. We took what we could get, with only the intention of protecting ourselves and each other.

Our aim was true. So please don’t Astra-cize us.

Author: Irene Jackson

Greencrow comments:  No, folks.  The vaxxers are just as miserable as we soon-to-be-persecuted off the face of the earth anti-vaxxers are.  The perpZ won't allow ANYONE even a modicum of happiness because they thrive on Bad Karma.  Take the Catholic Church as another example: the Catholic Church has abandoned Christianity completely for Satanism and has rolled over with all four paws in the air to further the perpZ "vaxxine in every arm" agenda.

Do you think the Satanists then rewarded the Catholic Church for its godless and criminally complicit servitude?  Not on your life!  Here in Kanada the perpZ have resurrected the old "Residential School" meme, with its "unmarked graves[TM]" and have thrown it in the face of the compliant Catholic Church.  The Satanists have even 5G mind-controlled the Sheeple to commit vandalism/arson against the Catholic Church properties...SOME thanks!  But, then, what did the Catholic Church expect from the devil? and chocolates?! LOL.

But, I have to admit, I feel a bit less furious...knowing that this vaxxed Sheeple is JUST as miserable as I am.  She feels just as confused, just as betrayed...just as worried about her future.  That's the way they want ALL of us to feel.

As I have said over and over again ever since the VAX horror's all about "market share" i.e., a "trade war" between the various Big Pharma predators.  It is also about funneling the Sheeple towards the most egregious "vaxxine" formulas...the ones that will most destroy their humanity and render them into Transhumans 2.0 slaves.  Finally, there is the element of confusion and terror as the Sheeple lurch from one vaxx to another...mixing and matching the various deadly formulae...never hearing from the MZM about the REAL numbers of vaxx casualties....

...or the massive numbers of people like ourselves that have steadfastly refused vaxxinations.  As Dr. Peter McCullough has suggested...we unvaxxed will soon form an impenetrable wall of resistance and then flush the anonymous perpZ out into the open.

I believe we unvaxxed are upwards of 40% and that's why the perpZ are panicking and threatening our children in the summer rec centres and also threatening to bring military door-to-door...which could only happen under martial law.  They would only consider these options if the voluntary vaxxing had "dried up" and the jab centres were empty...which they are.

In the meantime, let me repeat, I am taking some perverse comfort at the miserable state the vaxxers are in...and so should you.  "Any port in a storm" the saying goes.

Sunday, June 27, 2021

BREAKING NEWS: BC Fraser HeLLth vaccine campaign targets young people at recreation sites (

PARENTS!  Don't let your kids go to recreation sites
 this summer. The government is going to target them
 with the
Experimental mRNA Genetically Altering Vaccines
Without your knowledge and/or Consent!

Hi Greencrow: 

My colleague and I did a CoronaGate video based on an e-mail he and other parents in Vancouver Coastal Health received early last week re retroactive the Covid scam has resulted in delay in OTHER vaxx schedules and those in K, Grade 6 and Grade 9 can "catch up" over summer. 

Then I was just sent this today:

Fraser Health vaccine campaign targets young people at recreation sites ( 

These MoFos effectively want to vaxx our children via: 

(i) catch up on olde vaxx schedule, and: 

(ii) tricking them to get Covid vaxx when school is out for July and August (ie youth age 12 and up can consent for any VAXX on their own), 


Turdeau has made it clear he wants everyone to have 2nd dose by August.

Many of us TRUTHERS knew they were going after the youth..but HOW? 

The above links show how. 

Via abusing the age of CONsent--aka  if 12 years or older they don't need parental/guardian consent for vaxx.  Envision PerpZ recruiting children at a playground to "save granny", take the jab,  and leave their Parents/Guardians to mop up the inevitable collateral damage.  

Imagine your own child deceived into taking the vaxx.  Do you seriously think the government gives a shit???...You and your child's life are DONE. 

In olde school/more enlightened times, ANYONE who dared touch women and children had a justice rendered ASAP outside of our corrupt and compromised  courts.  

PS even the "Mafia" has a hands - off  policy towards family and children. 


BC Patriot RAH


Greencrow comments:  Today has been the hottest day in British Columbian History...and it's not only the geoengineered "Heat Dome" that's causing us to sweat bullets.  The three posts I've published today...beads of sweat rolling down my cheeks...have all been 'smokin'.

Each one of them contains warnings and crucial new information about the genocidal attack on humanity that is now underway.  In the post above, RAH shares the shocking information that our children will be ambushed in parks by government operative drug pushers...manipulating them into becoming unpaid lab rats for their experimental Gene Tampering injections.  If something tragic happens to the children...the government stays mum and "buries the evidence".

Folks, think about it.  If British Columbians were lining up for the Gene you think the government and the HELLth Authorities would be playing these diabolical games?  Lil' Turd Jr., Whore-gun and The Bullshitter must be missing some Satanic deadline in the numbers game--to become so desperate that they're going to chase our kids around a baseball diamond with needles.

But the signs and signals are indeed ominous.  This just in from one of the best bloggers on the planet...John Kaminski:

"Blue Helmets coming with needles to subdue Canadian free spirits"

UN Forces Inside Canada Set For Door To Door Vaccination!

Guess the Turd has given up slandering the Canadian military into doing this nasty job.  Canadians should react like the Brits did--when the UK government tried to send the British army to give "vaccine information" door-to-door. The homeowners chased the soldiers down the street and hounded the "commander" until he loaded his "wet behind the ears" privates into a military van and left.

There is NO reason at all for ANY military to be in our streets unless martial law has been declared.  And that will require at least an Act of Parliament...if not an election...given that the Turd only has a minority.

NOTE: for those living through the unprecedented "Heat Dome" heat.  Get a spray bottle...fill it full of water...and frequently spray yourself, your pets and anything you're going to sit, lie down on.  Then sit near a fan and let the fan blow on the sprayed water.  You will make it!

Even if/when they turn off the can still spray yourself and your pets.

MULTI-PRONGED PERP ATTACK? Geoengineered "Heat Dome" created by PerpZ? - Graphene Oxide - in vaxx/masks/PCR tests to connect us to 5G - Finally: Cyber Attack coming to Shut Down Utilities - before next Fall's CovID-19 Mass Cull? I type it is now 38 degrees Celsius and climbing.  It will reach over 40 degrees Celsius before the end of the day.  Record temperatures in the Pacific North West.  After the year and a half we've been through...I have absolutely no trust in the governments or indeed, in any authorities.  Everything bad that happens to Canadians I interpret as another step in the Globalist Agenda.  This heat wave...caused by a "heat dome" is no different.  I see it as a feat of diabolical geoengineering by the usual suspects to further push humanity to the brink of extinction.

The Chemtrail Dogs that Aren't Barking

How do I know that the "heat dome" is a geoengineered event?  As Sherlock Holmes would say:  "It's the dog that never barked.".  Every single day this year...before a few days ago...there were chemtrails in the sky.  As we know and as they've admitted...these are aerosol tracks left in the sky by military jets to control the weather...amongst many other purposes...some of which we will touch on later.

A few days ago...the chemtrails stopped completely.  Nary a chemtrail in the sky.  The chemtrail dogs stopped barking.  Why?...because they were familiar with the entities that were setting up the "heat dome",  The "heat dome" is connected closely to the chemtrails...they know each other.  They're in collaboration.  Get it?

FreakedOut has sent me two stunning links today.  The first one may well be connected with the "heat dome" fact both of them may be part of the same genocidal plot.  First:

Warrior for Humanity FreakedOut
This is his Report

Urgent Warning To Humanity About Graphene Oxide
Watch the Video and read the English Subtitles

"Graphene Oxide ~ The Mechanism For Connection To 5G Grid 🥀 Magnetofection

Graphene Oxide ~ The Mechanism For Connection To 5G Grid 🥀 Magnetofection (


Also, “Graphene Oxide is EXTREMELY Potent and is strong in Aerosols…. I ask: can it be put into chemtrails? 

It looks like they’re using the masks, PCR Test Swabs AND ALL the COVID jabs to introduce more and more  Graphene Oxide Nanoparticles into your body! This is the reason for ALL the magnetism we are seeing with people, especially those who have had the jab! This is the HOW of how they are turning people into Human 2.0’s to connect to the AI system. University’s have identified the Graphene Oxide via electron microscopes and using Spectroscopy equipment.

This shit is scary!!"

CovID-19 - Caused by Graphene Oxide Interacting with 5G?

Greencrow comments:  A short time later, FreakedOut sent me this link:

"National Guard is preparing for a major cyberattack to shut down utilities across the United States 

National Guard is preparing for a major cyberattack to shut down utilities across the United States - Texas News Today

Are they trying to tell us something?

During a heat wave!?!?




Greencrow Concludes:  I have been predicting a cyber attack/shut down of the North American electrical grid for months now.  I thought it was going to happen last February/March, 2021.  But now there could be an additional reason to shut it [The Internet] down.  The information about the Graphene Oxide has been made public and is going viral.

As "they" like to say to one another:  "Shut it Down!"


Why Are Govt ‘Body Removal’ Contracts Up to 2025 Being Bid On?

Why Are Govt ‘Body Removal’ Contracts Up to 2025 Being Bid On? | EU | Before It's News (

Hugo Talks:  Tenders for "Temporary Body Storage"
 in the case of an "Excess Death Situation" 

"ER Editor:  In a 5-minute video below, Hugo Talks discusses the appearance of three regional government contracts for construction projects to do with the TEMPORARY BODY STORAGE SERVICE (London), DISASTER VICTIM IDENTIFICATION SHELTERS (Scotland), and CORONERS BODY REMOVAL CONTRACT (Devon).

Westminster City Council in London posted a tender notice online on June 10, 2021, with a 12 July, 2021 deadline, for a contract that runs until 21 June, 2025. £6 MILLION are to be spent on this for one council alone.

Do other such contracts exist for these anticipated ‘excess death situations’? Hugo Talks invites us to send in such information.

Isn’t this an indictment of the jabs?

Hugo links this to the World Bank’s ‘Covid-19 Strategic Preparedness and Response Program’ that has an end date of 31 March, 2025."

H/T Simon Hicks


Greencrow comments:  I've been truth blogging full time since 2013 and I have seen several such Tenders offered/advertised by governments other than the UK.  Then, there was the infamous video that came out over 10 years ago now showing hundreds of thousands of coffins being stored outside beside a railway station.  There have been others, but the details escape me.  If readers come up with any other situations where governments are offering Tenders for "excess death situations" please put a link in the comments.  Thanks.

Now on to a series of posts that has been in the works for some time now.  Regular conributor and fellow warrior RAH has been working on an expose related to the deaths of his parents.  He and his activist colleague who have put out videos on their BitChute Video Blog "CORONAGATE" have been working on and off for years on this series.  Here is the introduction and there will be installments to follow in subsequent posts:

RAH BC Patriot

RAH says:  I've posted frequently on the GREENCROWS site as "RAH" since Spring 2020. My journey to this point to post on her excellent web site has taken a number of  interesting paths and detours. My original plan was to create web-sites and focus on what happened to my late parents...,but then COVID scam unfolded and my colleague and I, veteran TRUTHERS, realized something BIG was unfolding, not just locally, but globally.   We then created the CORONAGATE channel, whereby our first videos were documenting near empty Emergency Departments in the Vancouver Coastal Health region. Through great luck etc. we connected with the amazing GreenCrow and have been regular contributors since. 

Now, we choose to focus on our original goal: 



I am a first generation Canadian of proud Germanic descent . My late parents were WW2 refugees. I have one sibling. My late parents lived in a Germanic enclave founded in 1200's AD that is now Slovenia. They and their families survived the massacre of Germans living in their homes in these rural enclaves and barely escaped the Russian army. I may delve into their fascinating escape to Canada at a later date. (NOTE  I will add that I can't recall my parents ever "whining" about discrimination we see now with WOKE culture and perpetual victimhood....they simply worked hard and were very successful..THE END) 

My parents divorced in 1980. My mother (never-remarried) ended up in the South Surrey area, approx. 45 minutes away from metro Vancouver,  and my father (never re-married) and I lived approx. one mile apart just south of Vancouver. My father ran a successful business for 30 years and retired in 2000. My mother also ran a few businesses and retired about the same time. 

In late 2013, my Father, age 85, and living alone in the same Single Family Home for over 50 years, called us at home and stated he couldn't get up. Somehow his leg had locked up. Now, he was at the mercy of our Health Care system. He was able to live at home with visits 3 times a day by care providers till he died approximately two years later. I took him to the local hospital for weekly injections by an oncologist. One night I visited him and he was in bad shape. We called 9-11, and he was hospitalized. I found hospital care was TERRIBLE.  He was dehydrating and too weak to accept food, i.e., they were killing him. 

The MD on staff said they would transfer my Dad to the local hospice, but "not to worry", he would get better care and even perhaps recover. I visited him at Hospice upon admission.  He was exhausted, so I told him we would visit that evening. At 7:10 that evening, approx. 8 hours after admission, my youngest son and I went to visit him. 

We entered the room, and my Dad's head was turned towards the door, his eyes open. I said "Hi Dad"...but no response. I again said "Hi"....again no response. 

Then a shiver went down my spine....I approached him...put my hands on his face, and realized HE WAS DEAD.  The medical records show he was dosed with MORPHINE just 10 minutes earlier. Research shows this is NOT uncommon...that deaths are expedited...and this was Pre-Covid. I maintain HE WAS MURDERED. 

PS: My Mother's HORROR story in upcoming post 



Greencrow comments.  RAH and I have been discussing this series for some time now.  We share personal stories of relatives who have been abused and have died alone while in the government "care" and under government policies.  My two years older brother, a lawyer and chartered accountant with assets estimated at several million dollars...died alone last March...having suffered egregious medical malpractice/neglect and forced isolation in his community hospital.

Some people [some I know personally] think that all of this is okay.  They insist there are too many people on the planet and the elderly need to fess up and die early--to make way for others on this crowded planet.  That's the mentality RAH and I are confronting in this series.  Our position is that this government policy-driven routine killing off of the elderly in government-run/controlled facilities is the thin edge of the wedge.  Soon [actually, it is already here] they will target the medically and mentally vulnerable...children--anyone they can get away with.  This souless view of humanity as having a "Best Before" date--after which we are "disposable" a cancer that has been eating away at our species for decades and has now reached a terminal phase.

In future episodes of this series, RAH and I plan to expose its early beginnings, its current explosion...and what it will look like in the not too distant future.  To get a glimpse of that future, return to the first item in this post--the UK government tender for "mass death storage".  Watch that video...and shudder at your own possible future...and that of your children and loved ones.