Saturday, May 15, 2021

We are still warriors. Video of Freedom Rally in Amsterdam, The Netherlands... PLUS Update on the coming Blogger Black Out

Earlier Today in Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Large gathering of Sentients

This afternoon in Amsterdam.

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Greencrow says:  As I reported yesterday, the Technocratic Wing of the Satanist Globalist Forces of Evil [Google, et al] are now coming for and down on the alternative bloggers like little moi.  We only have a relatively tiny group of sentient followers...but we are still a dangerous threat to them.  They can't have ANY truth "leaking out" to the sheeplefied Zombies now that the boot has started forever stomping on their George Orwell predicted it would.

Whenever I try to access Northerntruthseeker's blog I get booted off the Internet.  Same thing when I try to access my own blog.  My GateZ MicroZoft system is telling me that it wants to "update" my computer.  I have a feeling that if I allow it to do so [eventually it will do so without my permission anyway] it will totally fuck up my laptop.  This is what I predicted would happen last January or February so I got the timing a few months off.

This, then, is their dilemma.  How to make sure we're all "hooked up" to the Internet so they can start running our lives between our laptops and our cell phones...with ever more draconian surveillance and need to "check in" and "get permission" to go anywhere [by scanning a barcode on our computer/cell phone for instance].  All while severely limiting, curtailing the reason most of us go on the Internet in the first place--to communicate with our fellows and to access alternative [i.e. truthful] information about what's going on.  It's a tricky business...but they're all in.

I just saw this on the Librti Website.  Sudbury is my home town.  It's where I spent the first 18 years of my life.  Now look what's going on there:

"During communism every school field was not maintained for kids to play, they didn’t plow them but the commies let the fields overgrown with weeds and dandelions.

This photo today brought painful memories of completely f.. up system: communism."

Greencrow concludes: I promise my sentient readers that I will continue to post the truth until, like the field above, my blog, Greencrow As The Crow "ploughed under".


Anonymous said...

Hey greencrow, a small suggestion for your computer woes, for a webrowser you should try using either dissenter which was developed by the guy that runs or brave it should bypass google and microsoft shenanigans unless you have some sort of virus or malware.

Anonymous said...

Well, this is what i did. I bought an older 2012 vintage computer used from an auction site. I loaded my OEM Windows XP on to the computer since I had bought the same brand as the disk. I run the insecure unsuported Windows XP every day for the last 7 years with no issues. There are enthusiasts who create updated browsers and other software is available. I don't have access to anti-social media but that is my choice anyhow. Baal Gatez can go take some self-pleasure for all I care, No updates no spyware and no, I don't believe the hype about my obsolete system.

Karmellis said...

Hey Greencrow.

Unfortunately, one of the biggest issues with win10 (Among the hundreds of them) is the fact you have no real control over your system and how it operates. You have a full-time back door open in your system and decisions can be made remotely to add and remove content. It is designed to not be blocked; they can access all your data on your system, even the most private content. If you do banking online, they know all your passwords. Your consent is not a factor. They control your computer, not you.

To be honest, the older your system & the less updates you have, the safer you are online and the more easily you can access content. The whole thing about older systems being 'insecure' is a narrative that lacks any real evidence. Vulnerabilities on older stuff are long-since known, have long-since been patched or the information to patch/fix them is available, whereas with 10, they are creating new vulnerabilities and issues with each update.

As Anonymous above said, there are definitely alternatives that don't /won't recognize these sort of restrictions and will allow you to connect. They are worth checking out.

As for NTS, I just checked and had zero issues trying to access it. His latest post is about Giggle declaring him a "DECEPTIVE SITE" (Which gave me the 2nd best laugh of the month considering how you can't rely on {[(Giggle)]} to ever give you 5 words of the truth). I can see why he considers it a badge of honour.

Anonymous said...

What might be ultimate solution is called "tails".
It is Linux based and resides on memory stick.

I recommend you to check into it