Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Deeper and Darker: The Vaccine Trials - The Truth about the Genocidal Scam PLUS: What do Tel Aviv and Rwanda have in common???

The Vaccine Trials - The Truth about the Genocidal Scam
H/T Dennis

Greencrow says:  Watch this video to understand how they're pulling the wool over the Sheeple Eyes.  Just remember when the catastrophic die-offs of humans [including some of your friends and family] happens next year that they did not die of a virus...or a variant...they will have died of stupidity.  That may give you some consolation.  This story goes deeper and darker but the whistleblower asked that it not be shared after divulging due to threats that whistleblower had received.

And, in another shocking revelation...this, from the past.  How relevant is it to what's going on today with the Mandatory Mass Vaccinations?  Are they creating an "army" of mind-controlled vaxxed Zombies?

"...People will become Zombies.  Don't think of this as a hypothesis...this has been done.  Think of Rwanda."


Greencrow concludes:  Think about Tel Aviv, Israel...in the last few weeks...where vaccinated mobs are running through the streets, dragging people from cars and beating them to death!  More about the connection between the Experimental mRNA Genetic Tampering Injections and Mind Control from Henry Makow.  H/T Simon Hicks.  As regular readers can imagine, my spideys went crazy when I connected these dotZ.  I had visions of ordinary sentients being dragged from their cars and chased down the streets of towns, hatcheted and macheted to death just like in Rwanda back in 1994.  A strange memory came to mind.  I remember during the "Truth and Reconciliation" councils held in Rwanda after the massacres when the perpetrators [who were just villagers like the victims] said that the "radio" was telling them to kill their neighbours.

That has so much more significance now.  Share this broadly.  Knowledge is power.


Penny said...

Rwanda has been coming up over and over in terms of the heavy hand of propaganda driving people to the point of madness. Murderous madness.

I left a comment at off guardian on this very topic


May 14, 2021 11:57 PM

“Everyone wonders how Hutus could have suddenly started axing their Tutsi neighbors to death after being inundated with waves of anti-Tutsi propaganda from Radio Télévision Libre des Mille Collines”

Oddly enough I was discussing this topic with my husband in relation to the constant vaccine propaganda- This endless stream of radio messages created the environment for a massacre- just by deploying words as weapons to incite a deadly frenzy.

This speaks of the incredible power language really has- Power we largely fail to consider.
Juxtapose this with the incessant push to inject experimental vaccines into humanity- It’s as relentless and insistent as I imagine the anti Tutsi propaganda was.. How many people have the control and will to shut it off?
How many refuse to let that message wash over them, repeatedly. Until it is a thought in their mind they actually believe is one of their own and they too can think of nothing else?
Absolutely frightening to consider. The prospect of persons being so controlled by the ideas of others. Others that have their own goals. Their own agendas. That do not align with yours..
How easily we are persuaded to act in ways that do not benefit us.
That’s a nightmare to contemplate and yet that is the reality.

greencrow said...

Hi Penny:

This could be a huge part of the agenda we have suddenly stumbled upon. What if Dr. Gilbert was right in 1995 and the vaccinations somehow open a frequency in our brain that the PerpZ can then use to brainwash/control us?

Let's hope the "100 monkeys" theory is applicable here--and that sentients all over the world suddenly "know" this part of their agenda.

FreakedOut said...

It may NOT have been vaccines used in the Rwanda Genocide but instead EMF's running mind control freq's. According to Lauren Monet PhD. the Russian Mafia, coming out of Ukraine, wanted to steal all the assets and wealth of the White colonialists in Rwanda, of which they largely were able to do, and so they used the EMF mind control Freq's of the Iridium Satellite system along with specially placed antennas to get the different factions to go crazy on each other and they used this as a cover for their theft.
This appears to be an Oligarch coordinated operation just for the sake of stealing wealth.



greencrow said...

Hi FreakedOut:

I don't know who Lauren Monet is but the version she describes seems more like a diversionary tactic to put the blame on the Rooskies. Dr. Pierre Gilbert alludes that the vaccines were tried out on the Rwandans, which would be similar to what the usual suspect perpZ have been doing in Africa for at least 100 years i.e., use them as guinea pigs for their medicines/bioweapons.

Belgium also had soldiers in Rwanda and if memory serves...they were "in charge" of the UN "operation". I believe they issued a formal apology to Rwanda a few years ago. It's a long time and I don't remember the details but apparently this was also a President Bill Clinton operation.

There likely also was some resource theft going on big time.

FreakedOut said...

I almost forgot about what Dr Gilbert said about the vaccines creating "micro receivers of electromagnetic fields" and there being "liquid crystals" in the shots(sound familiar?), so it looks like they were in fact an element in the attack using "psychotronic" weapons. Probably a test for future use(run up to COVID19?).

"Operation Crimson Mist,Electronic Slaughter in Rwanda":

Anonymous said...

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Brian said...

More news on Ivermectin in India use reinstated and the drop in cases. But this is fake news according to our Federal Health minister!