Tuesday, May 11, 2021

RAH EXCLUSIVE: British Columbia HELLth Authority has now punished Whistleblower Dr. Hoffe [and thereby also the people in the Lytton, Lillooet Communities] for coming forward with Vaccine Adverse Events

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Greencrow asks:  What does an ethical doctor do when he discovers an alarming health issue developing in the patients that he treats?  Contact his superiors in the relevant Health Authority, Right?

WRONG!!  Experience now tells us that's the worst thing he can do.  The appropriate answer is:  "Shut the Fuck Up and keep vaccinating the sheeple!"  Please watch the BitChute video in the link below and the accompanying summary by regular contributor RAH...and I will have more comments to follow:

"Dr. Hoffe of Lytton B.C. Attacked by Dr. Henry & Interior Health Authority for Exposing Dangers of Experimental Bioweapon Falsely Labelled a 'Vaccine'” 


RAH BC Patriot

In this video, RAH and his Coronagate BitChute video blog partner  discuss the latest developments regarding Dr. Charles Hoffe from Lytton BC, Canada:


RAH says:  "If you recall Dr. Hoffe works in a small town where almost two-thirds of the population is "First Nations" members. This group was 'prioritized' for the Covid vaccination commencing in January 2021. Dr. Hoffe, who has practiced medicine for over 30 years, began to notice some serious side effects of those vaccinated, including one who died and the others, have suffered severe neurological medical complications and this is in a town of less than a thousand people.

He sent a letter dated April 5, 2021, to the Chief Public Health Officer of British Columbia, Dr. Bonnie Henry outlining his concerns, given he had never seen such adverse reactions to vaccines before and that no one in his town has been hospitalized due to Covid. To his surprise, he was invited to discuss the matter with a 'vaccine specialist', but found it to be a waste of time as they were in denial that vaccines were harmful and accused him of contributing to 'vaccine hesitancy'. Further to this, he tried to refer his patients to neurologists but none would agree to see them. Regardless, this situation has attracted international attention.

NOTE: This (CoronaGate) Channel has several videos on this topic.


Another letter has circulated dated May 4, 2021, from the Lytton Medical Clinic (Author Unknown).
It appears that Dr. Hoffe's medical authority - (Interior Health) has denied him from practicing in the Emergency Department of a Lytton Hospital where he worked two weeks of the month in rotation with two other doctors. One of the doctors in the Emergency Department rotation has resigned, which leaves Lytton with ONLY ONE doctor to staff the Emergency Department.

In addition, lab services in Lytton had been curtailed to two days a week. One has to wonder if the INTERIOR HEALTH AUTHORITY is deliberately trying to sabotage the delivery of adequate medical services, given it is generally quite difficult to attract qualified MDs to such small rural towns.

We mention the possibility that early vaccine rollouts will soon exhibit a large number of adverse reactions as many experts have predicted will be unfolding soon. Is Lytton being positioned to become a "Canary In The Mine"???

Further in the video, is the discussion regarding a nearby town of Lillooet which appears to be losing a medical clinic and two doctors retiring. Lillooet is approximately an hour's drive north of Lytton."



Greencrow concludes:  Thanks for this report, RAH. Dr. Hoffe is just one of several BC doctors who have tried to warn the population of the dangers of the Experimental mRNA Gene Tampering Injections.  All have been criminally ignored by the BC "government" assets of the Globalist PerpZ.  The NDP government of John Whore-gun and the HELLth Authority run by Bullshit Bonnie only take orders from the Satanists over in Davos, SwitZrland.  They don't care a whit about the ants [doctors and health workers] who toil in the ant-hills known as  the hospitals and clinics.  But, if the ants ever crawl onto the picnic blanket and get into the sandwiches...they immediately get squashed between the thumb and forefinger of the PerpZ.  That's just how Dr. Hoffe has ended up, according to the above report.

Avoid the "vaccination" scam and the medical system at all costs, folks.  Your health and your life DOES depend on it.


Karmellis said...

Hey Greencrow!

We already have the federal NDPs already pushing their narrative and agenda across, so why stop at the provincial level:

- Federal New Democratic Party Leader Jagmeet Singh was the latest on Monday to note a connection between anti-mask and anti-lockdown protests and far-right extremism. His comments came as rallies against COVID-19 health orders are being staged across the country while many provincial doctors battle a deadly third wave of the pandemic.
- "To brazenly not follow public-health guidelines puts people at risk and that is something that we've seen with extreme right-wing ideology, " he told reporters.

They are also trying to rile up all the 'anti-hate groups' to equate legitimate criticism of this fabricated health crisis with extremism and right-wing hate. Meanwhile, their controlled media will only 'report' (I say that in the loosest terms possible) what they are told to, effectively making them useless.

If it wasn't for the fact they are pushing through their own agendas to criminalize anything resembling independent thought, I would laugh at how absurd this whole thing sounds, laugh at how bad their divorce from reality that must be. Anything that challenges a government narrative much be treated as outrageous behaviour while willfully neglecting just how outrageous their own behaviour has been this whole time: These narratives that are absent of any real scientific proof, the deliberate blurring of the line between ideology and science (Which anyone can argue was started long before this scamdemic started with things like 'global warming'). Our Cambridge PPC candidate tried to warn us 2 years back about how dangerous this push was and I doubt very many people bothered to listen to this. I sure did, and he was right.

Also, I am glad to see you agree with me on the my notion that TV is the enemy of humanity (Or at the very least I didn't see you disagreeing with it, earlier). :)

greencrow said...

Hi Karmellis:

Saw the disgraced "leader" of the NDP's statement on the anti-vaxxer far right. This guy is a cardboard cutout placed where ever an NDP leader is required to be. He means nothing...and I doubt whether any "real" former NDP party members even listen to what he has to say anymore.

A recent "poll" said 67% of Canadians want Trudeau gone. Well, Jagmeet Singh is one of the reasons why Trudeau will (((win))) by a (((landslide))) next (s)election. Singh gets paid a handsome salary to divide the vote or pretend to divide the vote--so that they can fudge the figures more believably. Same with the "Tool".

As I did last (s)election, I will be voting PPC. At least we do have someone to vote for this time...unlike many (s)elections in the past. The PerpZ must be peeing their pants about the existence of Maxime Bernier as a candidate in the next federal (s)election. Watch for some major efforts to "take him out".