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National Militaries all over the West feeling pressure from Globalists to abandon their posts and their missions

Members of the Royal Canadian Air Farce?

Good evening, readers.  I took most of today off to have a bit of downtime and take care of some personal business.  It never fails, however, I was away from my computer not even for a day and the SHTF.  Apparently Google has designated this blog [and also the blog of Northerntruthseeker] as a "deceptive site".  Oh!  The Orwellian Irony.  My site tells the truth...but the MZM sites that spew non-stop lies and mis-information...flourish under the benevolent flashing yellow eyes of the Satanists.  I will check into it further tomorrow.  I suppose we're all supposed to waste our time chasing down the "responsible" decision-maker...and our own tails...instead of breaking important news like the following.

Readers, as those who visit this blog regularly will know...I have been following the concerted effort of the Globalist perpZ all over the West to strip the militaries of Globalist-occupied nations such as those in the the EU and NATO...of any power.  The following are several nooZ stories relating to this ongoing effort--in preparation for a World Military where all humanity will be policed and "protected" by foreign soldiers and eventually robots and even transhumans.  Kind of a musical chairs of militaries moving from their own nation to some other nation--where they have no relatives and little empathy with the citizens.

The first story below would be laughable if it were not so disgusting, creepy and misleading.  I will cut to the chase.  I suspect Maj-Gen. Dany Fortin, like all the other generals and former generals in the Canadian Military who are now under a Federal Government conjured-up reputational "cloud"...has been dragging his heels with the medical martial law he was ordered to impose on Canadians.  Perhaps it is not in his job description.  Perhaps it goes against his "Oath of Office".  Who knows.  But, like the half dozen other military personnel who are now under similar permanent reputational clouds...Fortin's reputation has been placed on the butcher block and he will die from a thousand "anonymous sources" cuts, slings and arrows.  Please read the report and I will have further comments to follow:


The Department of National Defence announced in a news release Friday evening that Maj.-Gen. Dany Fortin is off the high-profile job. There was no information released about the nature of the investigation. The release says acting chief of the defence staff, Lt.-Gen. Wayne Eyre, will be reviewing next steps with Fortin.

Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan issued a brief statement.

"As I have stated previously, I am committed to working to build a true culture of inclusion for the Canadian Armed Forces and the Department of National Defence, where everyone is treated with dignity and respect," he said in an email.

"We are committed to this lasting change – one that sheds toxic and outdated values, practices, and policies.

"The Acting Chief of Defence Staff has advised me that MGen Fortin has stepped aside. As there is an ongoing investigation, I will have no further comment at this time."

Sajjan said the Canadian Armed Forces continues to fully support the vaccine rollout and the rest of the government’s response to COVID-19 across Canada.

The Public Health Agency of Canada and Health Minister Patty Hajdu's office refused to comment on the impact of Fortin's departure on the vaccine campaign. They referred all questions to the Department of National Defence.

Last November, Fortin was appointed by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to oversee what he called the "greatest mobilization effort Canada has seen since the Second World War."

Fortin has served in the military for almost 30 years. He commanded NATO's training mission in Iraq and led Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan at the height of the fiercest fighting there.

It’s the latest blow for the military, which is currently dealing with the fallout from a sexual impropriety allegation levelled against the former chief of defence staff, retired general Jonathan Vance.

Military police are investigating allegations that Vance had a sexual relationship with an officer under his command and that he sent an off-colour email to a junior offer in 2012, before taking the military’s top job.

Vance has not responded to requests for comment, but Global News, which first reported the allegations, says that he has denied any inappropriate conduct.

Shortly after reports of the Vance allegations, his replacement as chief of the defence staff, Admiral Art McDonald, stepped aside due to an unspecified allegation of misconduct. He, too, is now under military police investigation.

And another top commander, Vice-Admiral Haydn Edmundson, the officer responsible for human resources, is on leave while being investigated by the Canadian Forces National Investigation Service. Edmundson has not responded to requests for comment.

There is nothing in Friday's news release that suggests the investigation against Fortin deals with sexual allegations. This report by The Canadian Press was first published May 14, 2021.

The Canadian Press"

Greencrow says:  Here is another story about the Canadian Military. 

 Apparently they're going to get "foreign pilots" to do the work formerly given to...wait for it....Canadian military pilots.  Wuz dat all about???!!!  Do you think they can get foreign pilots do things that Canadian pilots wouldn't do?  Like seed the clouds and otherwise tinker with geo-engineering?  Again, who knows.  The skies the limit [literally] on that one. Here's that story:

RCAF turns to foreign pilots to help with shortage as commercial aviators stay away

RCAF turns to foreign pilots to help with shortage as commercial aviators stay away | The Star

OTTAWA — Canada should open its doors to military pilots from other countries as it seeks to address a critical shortage of experienced aviators to fly its helicopters and planes, according to the head of the Royal Canadian Air Force.

In an interview with The Canadian Press, Lt.-Gen. Al Meinzinger said the military is currently working with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada to facilitate and streamline the enrolment of seasoned pilots from overseas.

“We would not be in a position to influence ... or demand certain outcomes,” he said. “But I do think it’s a valuable opportunity space for us to continue to leverage individuals who want to come to Canada and want to serve still as an air force member.”

The initiative is the latest in a long list of moves by the air force in recent years as it has scrambled to make sure it has enough experienced pilots to both train new recruits and lead air missions at home and abroad.

The seriousness of that pilot shortage has been repeatedly noted by military officials and others such as the federal auditor general, prompting concerns about the short- and long-term impacts on Canada’s defence and security.

Meinzinger said there has been some progress in addressing that shortage. The air force is supposed to have about 1,500 pilots and was short around 225 at the end of December 2019. Currently, Meinzinger said, the air force is short about 130.

Yet most of that progress can be traced to a reorganization that saw about 60 unfilled pilot positions reclassified into what the air force calls “air operations officers,” which are responsible for planning and co-ordinating missions rather than flying them.

“We're short 130 pilots,” Meinzinger said. “But if you add 61, you're really at a number closer to 195. ... So there's been a small improvement in the aggregate.”

The progress has been less than the military and government had hoped.

Efforts to retain experienced personnel have been underway since 2018. They include providing better supports for military families, tapping reservists to help with basic maintenance work and creating the air operations officer position to keep pilots in the air rather than working desk jobs.

There was also optimism at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic that the financial difficulties facing commercial airlines would result in an influx of former military pilots who had left for private-sector gigs but were now furloughed or unemployed.

Despite a dedicated unit in his office responsible for reaching out to former air force personnel and an advertising campaign touting the benefits of re-enlisting, however, Meinzinger said only about 15 pilots have decided to put their uniforms back on.

“It’s not a significant number,” he acknowledged. “I would rationalize it in that individuals may have already transitioned into a civilian job and they're probably trying to ascertain whether they can maybe get their old job back or in some cases, individuals have been furloughed.”

It is in this context that Meinzinger is hoping to ensure pilots who have flown with other militaries and now want to fly for Canada aren’t blocked by bureaucratic red tape or other technical barriers.

The air force commander suggested the majority of those who would be interested in putting on a Canadian Armed Forces uniform are from NATO or European countries, but may also hail from others such as India.

“Of course, we would value that clearly because often they have thousands of hours of experience and it's a great opportunity,” he said.

The push for more pilots comes amid challenges in the military’s entire recruiting and training systems caused by the global pandemic. Acting chief of the defence staff Lt.-Gen. Wayne Eyre has said recruitment was down by two-thirds last year.

Meinzinger said that decline has had an obvious impact across the air force, which was exacerbated by the closure of various training institutions due to the pandemic.

“That will be a challenge for us,” he said. “We will strategically have to manage that demographic issue.”

This report by The Canadian Press was first published May 9, 2021.
Lee Berthiaume, The Canadian Press

Greencrow says: But it's not just Canada where the military has been attacked and stripped [sadly, without lifting a finger in self-defense] by the Globalist Perp Assets who run the Federal government.  France has basically been destroyed.  Read the following:

'Civil war is brewing in France and you know it': French military launches another salvo at Macron with new open letter


Greencrow concludes:  Yep.  At least the French military are fighting back with an open letter.  When will the Canadian military do what its mandate tells it to do...fight to protect and defend Canada as a nation?  All they seem able to do up till now is drag their heels carrying out the illegal orders--until they inevitably get their reputations smeared and are removed from their posts.  It's a war to the death [of Canada] that 99.9% of Canadians are totally unaware of.  

Speaking of War.  Here is some appropriate music from a very good anti-war blog listed on my favourites.  Enjoy.


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" I will be very surprised if this blog is still on the Internet in a year from now"
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