Friday, May 28, 2021

UPDATED: Letter from Melbourne, Australia PLUS: What is Really Happening -- a Video about Hidden History

UPDATED: May 28, 2021 - Australians in Victoria defy the new draconian Lockdown.  Bravo!

BRAVO to the Australians for Resisting Globalist
Communist Tyranny

Flag of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Is that a sheep hanging in the top right???

Good morning Readers.  In yesterday's post I mentioned what is now unfolding in Australia which, I submitted, is four months ahead of us in the Globalist PerpZ Program of Genocide.  I noted the new and even more stringent "lockdowns" based on no real science whatsoever but which are strictly a program of tightening controls for the "soft kill" ahead.  The sheeple [Say, is that a sheep in the top right corner of the Melbourne flag above?  Just asking lol] are benignly going along with the criminal caper.  Meekly trodding, single file, up the slaughter-house ramp.

But not my regular sentient reader/commenter AB BA, who hails from Melbourne.  He sent me the following e-mail yesterday.  Please read and I will have more comments to follow:


Hi greencrow,


So we are in lockdown over here yet again.  Supposedly, I'm not allowed to travel further than 5km from my house and can only leave my house for the four essential one additional reason.  D'You know what the additional reason is?  To get "vaccinated!"


Now in 2021, even according to the fallacious official statistics, only 1 person has died in the entire country, yet we are going through our second lockdown of the year. Ironically, more people have died from the vaccine than the disease this year.  Officially I think they are admitting that around 5 people have died from the vaccine. In fact, I saw someone post this morning on Health Impact News that the TGA (Our CDC) is actually reporting 210 deaths after vaccination but I was unable to verify that on the TGA website because it's seemingly impossible to access the full report.  Unofficially the deaths are no doubt, much higher.


Yesterday, the wall-to-wall coverage continually emphasised that "we may have been able to avoid lockdown, had more people been vaccinated" and "Hotel quarantine is inadequate (The supposed culprit yet again for this current "outbreak") and we need some sort of large out of the way quarantine facility built ASAP to house the new arrivals and remedy the problem."


Translation for the above paragraph: "Not enough of you have taken the vaccine willingly, so we're going to give you one more chance before we make it mandatory.  We'll give you 7 days to think about it under house arrest and if we don't get the appropriate response, look out!"


The stage is now set.  The new narrative has now been implemented. Everyone is now being trained to blame us - the never going to be vaccinated - for the next lockdown and we will all be rounded up and sent to the concentration camps (out of the way quarantine facilities.)


One of the many questions that nobody is asking - Was this man that supposedly triggered the latest outbreak vaccinated?  He is said to be over 70 and arriving from India, so there's a good chance, but I have no way of finding out.  Surely they know if he was. Through the contract tracing process, they extract every intimate detail about his life over the last few weeks, yet they can't work out if he was vaccinated or not?


Thanks for listening,



Greencrow comments:  None of what AB BA describes above makes any sense in a sane world.  The only conclusion to be drawn, then, is that we are NOT living in a sane world.  It has been taken over by some very evil entities.  Coincidentally, fellow blogger and one of the founders of the modern Internet Truth Movement, John Kaminski, sent me the link to this fabulous alternative history video.  If you watch this, which is an hour long, what AB BA writes above begins to make some sense.  Particularly the last 10 minutes of the video.  The ritual dance at the opening of the CERN Collider in Switzerland a few years ago reminds me of the TIK TOK dances of the doctors and nurses during the initial roll-out of the Plandemic/Scamdemic HOAX.  As I always say, knowledge is power.

CERN Dance of Satanism
Marking the Opening of the CERN Collider
BitChute Video H/T John Kaminski

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