Monday, May 10, 2021

Kevin Johnston - Calgary Mayoral Candidate is interviewed by a CBC Propaganda Reporter - Watch the interview and then read the CBC report based on it

Kevin Johnston - Calgary Mayoral Candidate
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Watch the video interview that CBC "Crime Reporter" Megan Grant had with Anti-CovIDian Lockdown activist Kevin Johnston

Kevin J. Johnston Interview With CBC Crime Reporter Meghan Grant About AHS Crimes (

Now, here's the report written by Meghan Grant that showed up on Taxpayer funded CBC.

Racist mayoral candidate Kevin J. Johnston is about to have all Calgary voters' names, addresses | CBC News

Greencrow comments:  It's No holds barred all out war between the MZM and the Anti-CovIDians.  Every single thing said by the Anti CovIDian Johnston was twisted and turned against he predicted it would be.

But, I really wish Johnston had avoided personalities and just stuck to the criminal behaviour of the CovIDians.  I wish he had asked Megan what she thought of the fraudulently misused PCR test; the fact that the CovID-19 virus has never been isolated in a lab and that the overall World death rate in the past Plandemic year has actually gone down.  I wish he would have asked her whether she planned to get vaXXinated and how she felt about having something injected into her that had no testing done on it regarding how it affects female fertility and reproduction.  Now, THAT would have made a very interesting interview.

Instead, the CBC perp assets got what they excuse to rile up the public in order to have Johnston removed from the Calgary mayoralty candidate's list...simply because...the way things are going in Alberta...he's most likely to win the mayoralty...if he remains a candidate.

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