Monday, May 17, 2021

How Bullshit Bonnie Can even Show Her Face after the Injury she Caused the BC "Vaccine Victim" is a Mystery to all Sentients - Plus: AstraZeneca on the Loose!

Dr. Vernon Colemen gives us an update on the latest information about the harmful effects of the Experimental mRNA Gene Tampering Injections.  He's been warning humanity for over a year now.  And a year from now, according to several top microbiologist/vaccine researchers, we will be in the midst of a catastrophic die off...of our own species! Here we have Jon Rappoport saying that the Adverse Event statistics are already staggering and growing by the day.

British Columbia's very own Bullshit Bonnie is scheduled to bullshit her way through another TV press conference today.   As readers know...I have never actually listened to even one of her "psychotic school marm" blatherings.  I have heard certain phrases uttered by her on TV before I could quickly grab the remote and change channels or press mute:

B.C. health officials to give live COVID-19 update Monday (

Look at the photo below of the injury done to a Langley BC man by Bonnie.  Yes, Bonnie herself did that to him.  She started the lies and the bullying and the psychological brainwashing and conditioning that made him think he had no choice but be injected with her Snake Oil Medicine...the Experimental mRNA Gene Altering Injection.  Now he's close to death.

On a related matter, Penny of Penny for your thoughts Regular Analyses of the CovID Vaccine Weekly Death and Injury Reports are now so lengthy she had to Break it down into two parts.  See the links below:

Penny for your thoughts: Pt 1:Canada’s Covid Vaccine Weekly Death and Injury Report- As Deaths and Injuries Increase (

Penny for your thoughts: Pt 2: Canada’s Covid Vaccine Weekly Death & Injury Report: Saskatchewan Confirms 1st VITT, BC & Alberta Men Vaxx Injured. Vaxx Injured Royal (

CovID Injection Injury Suffered by BC man
Bullshit Bonnie Did this to another Human Being!

And this just in.  H/T Dennis:  Just as we warned would happen, people injured by covid vaccines are now on their own.


Greencrow continues: Folks, when I was a social worker I used to visit parents in hospitals who were in very rough shape--and so could not care for their children. I have seen people with injuries like the one above...but usually on the legs and extremities...never in the stomach. All the people I saw with such injuries did not survive. This man has likely received a fatal wound from Bullshit Bonnie's "vaccine" attack. How she can even show her face before a TV camera after British Columbians have seen the above photo of her handiwork? This is a mystery to me and likely to all sentients. She should simply resign and wait for the police to come, handcuff her, and take her away. This is just a tiny taste of what will be going on all over the world next year at this time. We will all be caring for our friends and relatives in their or our homes who are dying of such horrific injuries...but who are too afraid to go to hospital or unable to go there...because the medical system has completely collapsed [IMO, it already has].

Finally, here is a note I received from a friend/reader living in the Eastern Part of Canada describing what is going on in her family: 

"...I wanted to share something with you....As you know my daughter birthed a daughter FOUR weeks ago today. During the delivery she lost a lot of blood. About a litre. This was expected because it happened the first birth several years ago so is not related to the vax. She is a very healthy woman and recuperated quickly. 

Two weeks ago her the AstraZeneca.  On Friday night past she suddenly began bleeding heavily and the ambulance was called. Fortunately it was the middle of the night and the toddler only knew an ambulance had been to his house and excited about that.  She lost about 2 L this time. I am taking her a whack of bone broth later today… help a little. I only asked her what her man was given and she said, softly and very firmly, “...We won’t go there.” So we did not. She rarely speaks that way and she is terribly exhausted at this time. 

My other girl had 4 months in Canada. She returns to Europe in 2 weeks. Her visit was next to miserable due to covid rules. She could not visit life buddies or family members other than our bubble of 6. We FINALLY had a family gathering on Mother’s Day. New style. Old style was around a big table in a fine dining room with a magnificent feast. This is the new style as wonderful as it was… new style. Outdoors in their estate garden with stoves around our group, a big table, finger food (fabulous but different due to … covid). Two of the group hugged and kissed no one. I am not complaining. Who can complain about a gorgeous garden, a fountain, hummingbird battles roaring around your heads, chickens clucking around your feet, dogs, babies and eagles, turkey buzzards, you know the critters… all overhead. (Looking for stray chickens of course!)  It was just … different. However it was still so good for family to finally gather. Thing is, it took SO LONG for my visiting daughter to see anyone. The lockdown really affected her trip and we still dunno what she will have to do when she returns to Europe but she has to plan on 2 weeks in a hotel since she has no home to return to. But apparently those hotels are better than those here. Did you know that most of these hotels internationally are owned by Chinese Nationals? 

Anyhow, I thought I would toss the AstraZeneca tale your way. Just add it to your list of [blog] anecdotes.

Later I plan to listen to Dr. Guiseppe and Dr. Mikovitz discussing things you can do and take to alleviate symptoms if you have had to take the shot…. Should be interesting.  

I will be honest; I have almost given up on Canadians. But not quite. I am at the point where I am tired of casting pearls before swine. Decade after decade after bloody decade. It gave me a Cassandra complex. Now it is all happening and they still don’t see the gate slamming shut behind them..."


Greencrow concludes:  One of the goals of the CovIDian Agenda is to accomplish something they've been trying to do for generations...destroy the nucleus of the human species...the family.  Now every family has a civil war going on.  Brother against brother, Parent against child.  Child against child.  All according to a plan that had to have been conjured up over some very evil all being rolled out in "lock step".  Bullshit Bonnie's just one of the frontmen for this horror.  Resign, bullshitter...RESIGN!!!

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Hi Greencrow!

Another doctor is in the censorship crosshairs:

Basically, he has been saying this 'virus' is no worse than the regular flu and he has been attending anti-mask rallies. No wonder they put this guy on the front page. His message might actually make people think (and we wouldn't want THAT to happen)

In addition, another pastor has been arrested:

And once again they are going on the offensive for anyone that thinks these [{(narratives]}) are complete b.s.: