Tuesday, May 4, 2021

From my mail box - Some Letters and Links

Old Fashioned Mailbox

Good morning sentients!  Its a cool Spring day in the Pacific North West with a mix of sun and cloud. The blossoms on our Pink Dogwood tree in the front yard are in full bloom...a sight to behold.  Yesterday I posted up a storm with so much going on so today I'm going to take it relatively easy and allow some of my fabulous regular sources to provide most of the input.  I apologize for not posting all of the mail and links I receive over the past year or so.  Sometimes I just get overwhelmed with the volume and letters and cards fall behind the desk, so to speak.  That makes me remember a funny incident from my youth.

One of my first jobs when I was still a teenager was as an accounts payable clerk for a very large company.  We got bills by the hundreds every day and it was my very simple job to open the envelopes, take out the invoice and stamp it with an "automatic, numerical stamp"  Then stack up the invoices and give them to the next worker in the process.  That was the job, lol.  But do you think I could do it properly?  No!  I worked in a very crowded office and my desk was jammed against a wall.  Inevitably some of the invoices would fall between the desk and the wall and be lost for weeks or months!!!  The worst thing was the numerical stamp that automatically changed every time you stamped it.  It wouldn't work and I would stamp the same invoice twice...giving an invoice two different numbers...a real no no.  Then I would have to fiddle insanely with the stamper trying to put it back to the right number...it went on and on all day.  I got further and further behind with the invoices,  Finally, one day I happened to look behind the desk and saw a huge pile of invoices that had fallen and been missed.  I got up from my desk...walked down the long isle to where the supervisor sat and told her I was quitting.  I walked off the job and that was that...lolONE of the worst jobs I ever had.

Anyhoooooooo. back to the letters in my mailbox.  I have a few good ones this morning but before I get to them I'd like to touch on some unfinished business from yesterday about the Baal and Malinda GateZ divorce announcement.  My spideys came early this morning and told me that their upcoming "divorce" is just a business decision to protect their assets from the coming tort lawsuits related to the "vaccine" crimes against humanity.  She will take half their assets, thus shield them from the coming tort settlements against Baal which will render him penniless.  It would be stupid for them NOT to take this pre-emptive step with the legal walls steadily closing in.  Here's my blogging colleague The Stark Raving Viking with a compendium about the divorce and "vaccine"-related matters:

The Stark Raving Viking: Is Melinda Gates divorcing Bill to NOT be prosecuted for CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY?

Also, I had a chance to reflect further on the latest news about the "shedding" controversy as described by blogging colleague NTS below and have now reverted back to my first conclusion about it...that it is dysinfo...created and spread to promote dissention in the Resistance ranks and cause general confusion and mayhem in the population...out of Chaos comes Order...kind of strategy:

The reason I have reverted to my original position is due to the SOURCES that this theory is emanating out of.  Johns Hopkins University is PERP CENTRAL.  It was one of the hosts of Event 201...the "drill" that planned the Plandemic just three months before it was kicked off.  More comments to follow but first, here are the e-mails and links that I've received in my mailbox over the past 48 hours or so:


From: DC

To: greencrowcreativeresources@gmail.com
Subject: request for knowledge for Canadian colleagues 

Hi Greencrow,

I found your site a couple months ago and check it frequently for the excellent info you share and the inspiring, self-sovereign group you are enabling. 

I am writing to you because it occurred to me that if anyone would know where Canadians can get prescriptions for HCQ and/or Ivermectin, it would be you. I live in Colorado, but work for a Canadian company. I’ve got Canadian colleagues would also be interested in getting HCQ or Ivermectin prescriptions, but I’ve confirmed via email that speakwithanmd.com does NOT serve Canada.  

You probably know that in the US we have https://AmericasFrontlineDoctors.org and on their site is link to https://speakwithanmd.com/americasfronlinedoctors/ 

My wife and I have taken advantage of this and now each have 26 weeks’ worth of prophylactic HCQ. 

I did send this info to my colleagues, but it’s not ideal: 

The first link is one that provides tele-consultation with a Canadian MD who can prescribe what is needed. 

The second link is how to talk the MD into giving you what you want in spite of any possible tyrannical moronic resistance on their part. 

I’ll see if I can come up with anything else. In fact, I just realized that I do know a Canadian who would know if anyone does! 



The Canadian I thought of is you of course! Let me know if you have any knowledge / advice! 

And thank you for everything you do.

Best regards, 


Nothing about us, without us, is for us

From: Green Crow <greencrowcreativeresources@gmail.com>
Hi DC:

I do not know where Canadians can get RX for HCQ and/or Ivermectin. If you give me permission, however, I will post this e-mail and see if we get a response.


Thank you Green Crow. Yes please do post this to see what people know. 

Also – not sure if you saw this yet: https://www.salk.edu/news-release/the-novel-coronavirus-spike-protein-plays-additional-key-role-in-illness/ 

From the Jonas Salk Institute of all places! 



Nothing about us, without us, is for us


From Dennis:

Good Morning GC:

I hope that your move to the Island is providing some excitement and a chance to focus on something positive.

As someone who has received personal threats from Statistics Canada (prison) in 2001, I am inclined to believe Mercola.

The hideous Dr. Tam told the media, " We have come too far to turn back now". These Nuremberg candidates will stop at nothing. They are now in way too deep to backtrack, and the whole plan has come off the rails. Cornered rats can be very dangerous.

Why I’m Removing All Articles Related to Vitamins D, C, Zinc and COVID-19:




From John Kaminski

Date: Tue, May 4, 2021 at 7:20 AM
Subject: Pfizer admits vaccinated people are dangerous to those around them from protein shedding...
To: Andre Anglin <andrewanglin84@gmail.com>, Gilad Atzmon <atzmon.gilad@googlemail.com>



From Simon Hicks

...& a year from now they'll say that yes, the vax does cause deaths & there is transmission/shedding of the vax


I've gone through that long document.  I would imagine other vax co might be reporting the same...will do some research.  This isn't a pretty situation & is that why our #'s are rising?????



Greencrow concludes:  In addition to the "consider the source" reason for rejecting the "Shedding" theory that I mentioned above...another reason for rejecting the "shedding" theory is because--if it were true--then the PerpZ themselves and their families and allies/assets would be affected by it because of its transmission via "floating through the air".  The PerpZ are all about "control" and this cross-contamination would be out of their control.  So, no.  I am rejecting it for now--as being yet another ramped-up psychological warfare strategy/operation against humanity.  Making us afraid of one another and thus further dividing society into manageable units.  Forcing us to fight one another instead of them...the oldest Perp strategy in the books!!!


Anonymous said...

Anonymous(X) here:

Devils Advocate here:

IMHO, unless someone can submit a better thesis that the phenomenon we are seeing have other explanations that can exclude "shedding", I would say it's the most likely vector via deductive reasoning.

Far too many credible scientists are supporting this possibility.

The only other option is to actually test the vaccinated parties for what they may be transmitting.

greencrow said...

Hi Anonymous [X]

We are hearing anecdotal evidence by anonymous sources. Whose to say that these aren't assets and/disinfo agents? Even if there are some real disclosures such as Odessa Orelwiez whose to say that it isn't just "one off's" or some other reason.

Frankly, I am waiting for Dr. Mike Yeadon to change his mind. When this theory first came out he said it was likely disinfo and was "suspicious". Two things I automatically do to filter new information that comes my way is ask these questions:

1. Qui Bono - Who benefits. IMO, only the perpZ can benefit from such confusion and division within the population...further isolating the non vaxxers.

2. Consider the Source: The sources are primarily Johns Hopkins and Pfizer...both are Prime PerpZ in this war on humanity...both are in it up to their eyebrows with no turning back...both long time liars.

But mainly...think about it...why would they do such a thing [release airborne cross contamination] and subject their own kind to the ill effects? Riddle me that?!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous(X) here:

Devils Advocate here again:

IMHO, what Big Pharma says is often irrelevant....their strategy seems to be to sh*it in the truther punch bowl and create some mind fog amongst the rest of us. Like most rich and powerful parties they can speak 100% truth at times and 100% lies and everything in between.

Re would they expose themselves ???
Desperate psychos don't always have the infallible master plan.

IMHO they are in desperate doubling- down mode now to ramp up fear porn. Vaccine Hesitancy is ramping up and they fear an UNvaccinated mob soon out for blood.

Anonymous said...

Regarding HCQ;
HCQ was developed as cheeper synthetic alternative to Quinine which is a cinchona bark alkaloid. Quinine played important role in the history.
Cinchona bark is easily available and it is potent herbal remedy.
BTW, HCQ is sold in stores as tonic water (read label) , however concentration is not enough to bring any meaningful results.
I am amateur herbalist.

greencrow said...

Hi Anonymous [X]

You still haven't dealt with the question of why they would release a bioweapon that would decimate their own ranks.

Big Pharma hasn't told the truth about ANYTHING for decades.

"...Desperate psychos don't always have the infallible master plan..."

True, they ARE capable of monstrous Fuck-ups. Is this one? Stay tuned.

Northerntruthseeker said...

Greencrow... I too do look at Johns Hopkins as disinformation at the worst of times..

To me, these liars and criminals, just like so many others, do leak real and truthful information out, including that startling chart the other day about what is really causing the situation in India.... It just shows that even the liars do put out some truth from time to time, while the rest of the time they are lying sacks of goo....

It is at those times when they do try to show some truth that I prefer to pounce.... Otherwise just like yourself I would not give Johns Hopkins even the time of day as they are indeed part of the program.

Thanks for your perspective as always...

greencrow said...

Hi S75p:

Thanks for the information about HCQ. I do believe it is a much more rational response than vaccination...to whatever they say CovID is...i.e., the flu.

To create at warp speed a genetic modifying therapy to treat the flu is prima facie evidence of psychosis and pathology on the part of the "pushers".

And that is exactly what they are..."Pushers".


Anonymous said...

Anonymous(X) here:

Devils Advocate here again:

QUOTE from gc:
Hi Anonymous [X]

You still haven't dealt with the question of why they would release a bioweapon that would decimate their own ranks.


My analysis doesn't necessarily try to answer the fair question you pose.
My focus is on the validity of the "shedding" evidence.

An article on Makows site claims the elites have underground bunkers ready.
Who knows ?

At this juncture for the elites to succeed something massive and expeditious needs to unfold ASAP(my guess is in next 2 months) to save their asses as more and more wake up.

greencrow said...


I have not followed the minutia of what's going on in India other than to say I'm sure there is overwhelming skepticism for the vaccine...due to hard past experience of the population. Whatever Johns Hopkins said in the report you refer to...IMO it was just distraction from this "non-uptake" of the vaccine.

Hey, just today even on Vancouver Island the report is that only 40% of eligible suckers have taken the Vaxx. That means the majority, 60% have turned thumbs down. I call this a massive "fail".

greencrow said...

Hi Anonymous [X]

You are very likely correct in predicting something massive needs to happen one way or the other within the next two months. Either people will start dying in mass quantities and the Sheeple will finally wake up...

Or the steady drip, drip, drip of truth coming forth by scientists/Doctors and others on the front lines will destroy what tattered credibility the perpZ have left and they will run for the hills [or their bunkers] chased by the world's "villagers"...just like what happened in India:

Watch as it appears this courageous village tells a #COVID19India test & vaxx brigade to go pound sand: https://twitter.com/21WIRE/status/1387865390928236547

Canadian Wildflower said...

In regards to the possibility of the covid “vaccines” being able to self-propagate to non-vaccinated individuals, it did come to my mind as another way of creating fear in the minds of those who resist the real shot. It wouldn’t be beneath ‘them’ to want to make resisters afraid of the compliant masses, seeing as how most resisters are not afraid to resist, at least! The compliant masses are fearful of us, and what better way to reverse it than to make up some story to create fear where it doesn’t already exist?

But that doesn’t mean this “vaccine” self-proagation is not within the realm of possibility. After all, the very devil is behind the entire thing!

greencrow said...

Hi Canadian Wildflower:

It is a sad "given" that NOTHING is beyond them.

But, to create "mutual fear" is the ultimate "divide and conquer" strategy...and that's why I think it might will be yet another of their diabolical ploys.