Saturday, May 8, 2021

Canadian Independent Journalist Josh Sigurdson, starting at the 16 min mark paints a very accurate picture of our country

Canadian Independent Journalist Josh Sigurdson - 
Interviewed by Gareth Icke

Good afternoon Sentients.  Regular contributor Dennis sent this video interview our way.  Josh Sigurdson lives in Mexico now after being blackballed by Lil Turd Jr and his phalanx of bought and paid for MZM "journalists".  

He still has his fingers on the pulse of the dying nation of Canada, however, and describes it accurately in this interview.  It makes me feel a sense of relief that the younger generation of independent journalists like Gareth Icke and Josh Sigurdson are holding the banner of "Freedom of the Press" high in this, as Gareth calls it, "War on Humanity".

Dennis says:

"For Josh Sigurdson, start at the 16 min mark. He paints a very accurate picture of our country.

 Right Now – Gareth Icke Talks To UK Nurse Jenna Platt and Canadian Journalist Josh Sigurdson – David Icke"


Greencrow concludes:  Thanks, Dennis.  Josh Sigurdson paints an extremely dystopian view of the future of Canada.  He predicts eventually CovID Passports will be required to travel anywhere...even province to province.  I can see that coming as well.  THAT will definitely be the final nail in the coffin of the Canadian Dream.  The only minor correction I can make to what Josh Sigurdson says is that I do believe it was actually British Columbia's Chief HELLth Officer, Bullshit Bonnie, not transsexual Teresa Tam, who infamously recommended citizens use "Glory Holes" should we become starved for sex during the Plandemic HOAX.

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Karmellis said...

Greetings to the most wonderful Greencrow we know!

Unfortunately I doubt he'll get anything resembling a fair trail, if he even makes it that far. We saw the joke that was a trial in the US for Chauvin with a stacked jury, disgusting external interference, defense establishing Chauvin was NEVER on his neck, the list goes on.

If anyone even suspects the defense would call on expert witnesses from anything that passes for our government or are given a suitable chance to cross-examine them, a decent defense team would cut them to pieces, easily, especially if it involved lil t*rd jr (Why do you think he never followed up on the libel lawsuit with Scheer, huh?).

My personal speculation is he'll quietly die in jail due to covID and they'll call it perfect justice for daring to defy the system, a tribute to just how disgusting and inhuman that have become, exactly as our }[(handlers]){ would want them to be. They will never allow this to enter the courtroom. It's sad and I want to be wrong, but...