Friday, May 28, 2021

BREAKING NEWS: Canadian Federal Elections Suspended Indefinitely...wait for it...due to Plandemic HOAX

Canadian (s)Elections Suspended Indefinitely
As I've been saying for over a year and a half now
They're all a bunch of Satanic Criminals and Murderers

Greencrow comments:  Amazingly, there is no mention in the MZM of this "remote" vote held yesterday, May 27, 2021, to suspend all federal elections in Canada until "after the Pandemic".  It is difficult to believe it even happened.  That all MP's with the exception of MP Derek Sloan voted to suspend elections in Canada. 

Why was there such uniform treason perpetrated by the so-called "elected representatives" today?  It's definitely NOT rocket science.  No doubt the pollsters told them behind closed doors that Maxime Bernier's popularity was rising like a rocket...and the uniformly corrupt [with the exception of Derek Sloan], Parliamentarian professional pig trough feeders only had a limited time to foreclose Bernier from ever forming the Official Opposition or even, winning the next (s)election.  IMO, Bernier did far better than publicly acknowledged in the last (s)election and this time was polling gangbusters in the real public opinion polls--which Canadians are NEVER privy to.  So, they judged that they could not fraud or fake their way through another (s)election--and so had to cancel it altogether.  We are in Nazi Germany now folks.  Yesterday was our Kristallnacht.

If this doesn't set a fire under the asses of the constitutional lawyers of this benighted country...nothing will!


Anonymous said...

Anonymous(X) here: have to understand that these are the best..err...most err um...u....perfect parties to fulfill the roles re: task at hand as they have tipped their hands.

In a non partisan way they, the M PEES have collectively exposed their true nature to a degree close to UNanimous as is possible.

When SHTF...we won't need any silly things like Nuremberg Trial...we'll be doing the Ceausescu.

Somewhat dry black humour, but then again...when you provoke the masses to a certain point...ALL BETS ARE OFF !!!

greencrow said...

Hi Anonymous [X]

The most incredible thing about this story is the complete blackout about it in the MZM. I have scoured the Canadian media and have not seen or heard Word One. Have you seen anything about it? I got this off of timeline. Someone linked a facebook post with the video.

Otherwise I and my readers would be totally oblivious that our democracy is now officially kaput!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous(X) here:

This was a great scoop gc.

Those of us with even a modicum of understanding will deduce this is MARTIAL LAW pure and simple.

The intro to video discusses Bill C-15, but this is far far deeper.

This classic Godfather scene came to mind re: collusion behind the scenes:

Godfather-Meeting of the five families

Oh to be a fly on the wall of Parliament and to see what has unfolded behind the scenes.

I watched the video and realized that literally every MP voted on this suspension of the democratic process either in person few and far between or via remotely(not that I had much respect/trust in this charade anyway).

Clearly each and every MP across ALL party lines except Sloan voted (i) IN FAVOUR OF MARTIAL LAW and (ii)DENY citizens a "peaceful" means to kick their asses out.Recall we have an alleged Pandemic based on Junk Science hence no end in sight.

To some this is very disturbing and reeks of Totalitarianism/Technocracy/Communism, but IMHO it should be used like a martial arts move as we, the General Public, at least know where we stand and there is nowhere to go but UP and thus adjust tactically.

These M PEES are in over their heads and evidence suggest they are compromised...(aka they don't dare go against the tide). Classic evidence of this are parties such as Independents like Wilson Raybould who could have easily played the olde political trick of knowing the agenda would pass, but register a NAY vote for at minumum sheer optics of being the dissenting voice.

Instead????, this vote shows the M PEES are beholden to some Masters yet unknown, but who increasingly reveal themselves. In my experience, I can't recall such a near UNanimous vote EVER.

Questions arise as to why Turdeau didn't simply garner support from BQ and/or NDP? and let the PC's vote freely? Clearly this current cabal of M PEES are ALL traitors that are in waaaaayyy over their heads and "ALL IN" on the present and future COVID scams

The irreversible die have been cast..the 30 pieces of silver are taken. Canada and Canadians are being set up for something HUGE on the world stage...

F*ck all of em...
Nuremberg 2.0 baby !!!

greencrow said...

Hi Anonymous [X]

You've called it. Great analysis of what's gone down here. Mafia-style...the PerpZ made the treasonous MP's "an offer they couldn't refuse"....and the MZM played the orchestra on the Titanic.

Karmellis said...

Hey Greencrow! Good to see you had a decent enough vacation and you are back! \o/

'How' did you find out about this, anyway? You're right that there seems to a total blackout of this in our Ministry of Truth, but I can't find any mention of this in alt-media both here and internationally (And sometimes the only time I find out about anything regarding Canada is internationally).

This incident comes as zero surprise to me. I have been saying since 2015 (though maybe not on here as much) that the obscenity that pretends to be our government has been pushing to be a total dictator since stealing office. At least I am quite relieved to see (that once again) I was right the whole... damn... time... Maybe those who acted/thought I was mentally ill or something will realize that calling something that looks unlikely, but possible years back is not a sign said person is nuts.

- The total purchase of what is supposed to be our media, reshaping it into a complete and total 'Ministry of Truth', answerable only to Canada's owners.
- The deliberate fraud that was our election and debate in 2019, with Elections Canada and debaters having excessive contact with the Lieberal party and promoting their propaganda.
- The successful test to see if they can completely get away with mass murder in Nova Scotia (And using a bypass of our democracy to force another seizure of guns).
- The suspicious as hell death of our Canadian health officer right before this scamdemic happens (As well as the casual and oblivious ignorance of ALL evidence that points to this being a total fraud).
- Scandal after scandal after scandal after scandal after scandal after scandal after scandal after scandal which would have resulted is mass resignations years back.
- The ramming of C-16 and C-10 down our throats, criminalizing nonsense that should be outright trivial, at best.
- The absence of a Governor General.
- The purging of entire upper echelon military chain-of-command.
- The endless printing and spending that makes drunken sailor appear to be the responsible adults in the room, ultimately designed to make sure the average Canadian will be flat broke, quickly.

The list really does go on and there has nothing resembling consequences for all of this. So much of what has happened has been for the consolidation of power, suspension of anything resembling freedom, and eventually the outright, full-time takeover into a two-tier setup: They are rich and we are fighting each other over the scraps, assuming any of us survive this.

The only time it even looks like there might be consequences is pushed upon scapegoats who their own party will bury, ruin, wreck and do everything possible to silence (Frankly, I am surprised they haven't been showing up dead, either). This is why I believe fraud and agenda pushed this brainless puppet upon us and NO ONE ever asked for this obscenity. It's no wonder I cannot look at or hear that obscenity's voice without wanting to throw up all my stomach's contents; That obscenity is so vile...

As commenters above have said, something is definitely in the works and if we are still alive by the end of the year, it'll be amazing.

Sloan voting against comes as no surprise to me. He's been taking a lot of pro-Canadian actions as of late, including writing a letter to our C-16 political prisoner out in B.C. No doubt showing he has anything resembling a conscience, conviction and a spine is why he was tossed out of the Conservative party, not some dubious, hidden contribution that supposedly passed their own smell test (If you ask me, it was completely fraudulent setup).

I think we're beyond peaceful anything at this point. The dictatorship (which answers to foreign lobbies, etc., NOT US) has declared war on the population.

RIP Canada. Our bought-and-paid-for land...

greencrow said...

Hi Karmellis:

I wouldn't believe it either...if the YouTube video wasn't a complete official transcript of the House of Corruption vote. It is truly incredible--the equivalent of Building Seven imploding in 6.5 seconds neatly into its footprint...and nobody in NYC being any the wiser. Never underestimate the stupidity of humanity.

Or, more graphically, it is a huge turd shat out by Lil Turd Jr....and then shat on by every other Member of Parliament...except for Derek Sloan. At least, that's what it stinks like from way out here in British Columbia anyway.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous(X) here:


International Foundation for Electoral Systems5/11/20214:11p.m. ETElections Postponed Due toCOVID-19 -As ofMay 11, 2021

NOTE: I found this via attempting to see any MSM story re Canada suspending elections.
This story is seriously censored .

greencrow said...

Hi Anonymous [X]

Thanks for this sleuthing. Never before has anything so important been covered up and hidden from so so few. [to paraphrase Winston Churchill]


Anonymous said...

MPs adopt Bloc motion saying it would be irresponsible to hold election amid COVID-19

I see our biggest nuisance in Canada, QUEBEC, is again playing us for fools. I say we kick their sorry asses out of Canada. In La Grande Charade...this self -serving treasonous BQ separation party has stated that ALL OF CANADA should be denied the right to vote indefinitely. Huh???

My guess is Trudeau wanted this absolute power badly, and behind the scenes Quebec has, as per usual, been trying to acquire even MORE special Quebec takes the role of instigator and Trudeau knows that with Quebec BQ he has a solid majority.

But wait..there's MORE.
Covid 19 scam has turned into motherhood issue and remaining opposition parties don't want to be painted as "Granny Killers" so they all support the BQ motion..again remember the anti- Canada BQ party first tabled it. These M PEES have shown themselves to be useless and spineless, they are in fear and dread mode..with Bunker Mentality.

Remember elections are suspended...but we have to pay attention to how the M PEES vote from now on...that is the warning sign.

Quite possibly, the table is being set for Quebec to separate...that is the BQ agenda.
IMHO, Canada reaction to Covid scam is clearly against the best and better interests of its own citizens, we are being led like lambs to a slaughter and given a huge country with smaller and scattered population we are prime for the picking whether invasion or under iron fist of UN.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous(X) here:


THE EMERGENCIES ACT1 ALLOWS the Canadian Governor in Council (i.e., the federal Cabinet) to declare any of four different kinds of emergencies. Under a declaration of an emergency the Governor in Council can exercise extraordinary powers without getting the prior approval of Parliament.
The analysis of the Act which follows suggests that it creates an even greater threat to civil liberties than the War Measures Act. It is argued that, though-there-are-significant-improvements over the War Measures Act in certain respects, the provision of a sliding scale of "emergencies" substantially increases the likelihood of Canada being ruled by emergency decree



Recall Pierre Turdeau and the War Measures Act(replaced by THE EMERGENCIES ACT) invoked in 1970's on all of Canada due to the FLQ crisis in usual suspect Province . There were lots of rumours of what was really going on such as Pierre and pedophilia and the crisis was a cover up

IMHO....Drama Teacher son Justin Turdeau has no b*alls to invoke the EMERGENCIES ACT using the powers in his they pulled this card of suspension of elections by ALL M PEES as a prelude. No going back...they are ALL IN NOW. As I have stated previously..this is quasi Martial Law.

My prediction is places like Manitoba will continue as "purported basket cases" with hot spots, contrasted with BC's Dr. Bullshite loosening things up.Good Cop Bad Cop ad nauseum.

What I foresee is the ducks lining up that ALL provinces will surrender control to Feds in the next few months.Fasten your seatbelts !

Anonymous said...

Anonymous(X) here:
More digging
(NOTE: This analysis is from March 2020,just as Covid scam was unfolding)

COVID-19: Can they do that? Part II: The Emergencies Act
March 18, 2020


To date, the federal government’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic has drawn on other federal legislation, and has relied on the efforts of the provinces to combat the spread of disease within their own boundaries. So long as this approach remains adequate to the task, the Cabinet cannot lawfully proclaim a “public welfare emergency” under the Emergencies Act.

Yet, once Cabinet concludes that other federal laws and the provinces’ combined efforts are inadequate to respond effectively to the crisis, an emergency proclamation under the Act becomes possible. If Cabinet proclaims a “public welfare emergency” in response to COVID-19, then it would immediately enjoy sweeping powers under the Emergencies Act. Its exercise of those powers would be subject to limited judicial oversight, as courts would defer to Cabinet’s interpretation of the Act, its assessment of the situation, and its determination of which particular measures are necessary to meet the moment.

As the global response to COVID-19 continues to evolve, Canada’s federal government may invoke the Emergencies Act and impose any of the potentially drastic measures it authorizes on short notice. Parliament must quickly confirm the proclamation of a “public welfare emergency”, but Cabinet can make the proclamation entirely on its own. Such extraordinary steps would have significant implications for businesses, organizations, and the broader public. The time to prepare is now.



As noted in previous posts,the BQ motion(the BQ never had anything to loose) was simply theatre and excluding Sloan , the 300+ M PEES have effectively all jumped onto Covid scamdemic wagon. These M PEES can NEVER EVER be trusted again, moreso as more and more people wake up.

Again...These M PEES can NEVER EVER be trusted again as it is without question they are fully prepared to sell us all out. Don't deny this nor forget it. Many KNOW this Covid is a scam, but its too late now...30 pieces of silver X's # of Canadian MPs

Classic Godfather line

The next act in this grand deception Cabinet NOT having to make the all M PEES are now de- facto members of the Canadian Communist Party. The Covid scam is simply a gutless cowardly backdoor way to invoke the Emergency Act. No M PEE breaks ranks now.

Forget your "Charter "etc. rights ..they have already tested the waters whereby Police can arrest Pastors, Business Owners, people in public without masks etc etc.
Doctors have sold us out..the majority of Lawyers have remained silent. NOBODY in authority is there to protect you.

The Gov'ts had a lot of power then via Covid its no surprise they have dug their hooks even deeper as they will NOT allow power to be taken back by the rightful owners, namely WE the CITIZENS.

Watch your backs !!!
Invest In Rope.

greencrow said...

Hi Anonymous [X"

"Invest in Rope".

Naw..... We'll have them publicly injected with their own "vaccines". They can have their choice...ModeRNA, PfiZer, or AstraBloodClotia...Then they will be consigned to one of their "Covid Protocol" Hospitals to experience the kind of "care" that vulnerable Canadians have been receiving...while they die slow, painful deaths from Pathogenic Priming/Cytokine Storm/Prion (Mad Cow) disease...or just a quick merciful blood clot to the brain. It will be delicious to watch!

And true to their age-old, tried and true method of terror...Canadian-style, they've resurrected the spectre of "Quebec Separation". Some of us are old enough to remember the last two go-rounds of this culminating in the Quebec Referendum and the Meech Lake Accord fiasco. I was very active in politics back then and traced the BQ following the money all the way to....wait for it....New York City where it got its financial means from the usual suspects who were up to divide, conquering Canada and then feeding like the vultures they are off the carrion. Didn't work then...IMO, won't work now.

There are a lot of sentients still around who remember the caper.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous(X) here

Hi gc

My thesis, based on a LOT of research, was French/Quebec were imbeds in Confederation to be played later, just as Black slaves were in the USA.

This tactic goes back thousands of years "GOOGLE" (((Hyksos)))

Anonymous said...

As I stated previously elsewhere ... I'm watching from South of our shared border with concern and ...nothing folks. Not any of the sites/content creators ect... are picking this up! Here in the US I have seen a media blackout underway. ((They)) love to say "we are all in this together." , to that I almost retch and serves as a constant reminder that We The Awake are together and what ((They)) will do in Canada, seeps South like poison from a wound. Stay Strong, Be Prepared, Sic Semper Tyrannis

greencrow said...

Hi Anonymous [X]

Yes, the "embedding" goes hand-in-hand with the later "divide and conquer".

greencrow said...

Hi Anonymous:

"...watching from South of our shared border with concern..."

Last year I saw a future "new normal/Great Reset" map of North America. Instead of Canada and the United States...North America...or "Turtle Island" as the indigenous call it...will be divided into...wait for it...."Health Regions". will all be Bantustans just like in Apartheid South Africa. Where communities will be separated by fake borders and checkpoints...and there will be no inter-travel for the unvaccinated...anywhere. They will all be held under house arrest.

I've been meaning to do a post on it.

Anonymous said...

Shopping at crowded Costco is ok to cast a ballot is not.
Just saying

John The Savage said...

I was asked me to check to see if it was a faked video

The link to the session from the you tube video has been removed

If you go to all videos of the parliament's session and meetings that day..the session has been edited and everything from 315 (where the motion is supposed to start as per Ron Vaillant's directions) and on has been removed

do a filter for May 25th and you only get from 2pm to 315..

So i checked PEI member Laurence Macaulay
No. 118
Opposition Motion (Elections during a pandemic) Yea Agreed To May 25, 202

Motion Text

(a) the House remind the government that a general election was held in October 2019 and sadly note that more than 1.3 million Canadians, including almost 360,000 Quebecers, have been infected with COVID-19 and that nearly 25,000 people have died as a result; and

(b) in the opinion of the House, holding an election during a pandemic would be irresponsible, and that it is the responsibility of the government to make every effort to ensure that voters are not called to the polls as long as this pandemic continues.

See the published vote in the Journals of May 25, 2021

Results: Agreed To
Yea: 327
Nay: 1
Paired: 0
Total: 328

So what we have here is intentional deception...what we have here are 327 traitors. who tried to cover their daylight public "Bipartisan" betrayal under the cover of digital darkness.

We have 327 of Lenin's Useful UN Idiots..aided and abetted by the media..for not mentioning a thing.


Published Friday, November 8, 2013 10:11PM EST Last Updated Friday, November 8, 2013 11:22PM EST

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau met with criticism for the second time in as many days Friday, after telling a Toronto fundraising crowd that he admired China’s “basic dictatorship.”

Speaking to a sold-out crowd of women, Trudeau was responding to a question about which nation’s administration he most admired.

The Liberal leader said: “There’s a level of admiration I actually have for China because their basic dictatorship is allowing them to actually turn their economy around on a dime and say, ‘We need to go green … we need to start investing in solar.’”
Queue the Fat Lady

The illusion of freedom will continue as long as it's profitable to continue the illusion. At the point where the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, they will just take down the scenery, they will pull back the curtains, they will move the tables and chairs out of the way and you will see the brick wall at the back of the theater.
Frank Zappa