Sunday, April 4, 2021

Two Stunning Video Reports: Dr Reiner Fuellmich says "they've made mistakes" but a "wounded bear still dangerous" and Ezra Levant on vaccinating 6 month old babies with mRNA!!!

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich Interviewed on Status of Legal Case
against Perpetrators of Plandemic HOAX see LINK below

H/T FreakedOut

Go Full screen mode to see the English subtitles easier. Try this link:

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich Interview with Michael Mross - April 1 2021 ( 

Michael Mross im Gespräch mit Dr. Rainer Füllmich: Es ist 5 vor 12

Conversation between greencrow and FreakedOut last night. Frankly, it is not often that we communicate...we're far too busy reading and gathering material.  This is a rare instance of the "editorial team" of Greencrow As The Crow Flies briefly pausing to discuss our work.

FreakedOut's response is in red:

First, greencrow says:

Okay.  I watched it and read the subtitles.  It’s excellent.  Fuellmich thinks they’re “making mistakes” and have “lost control” to some extent.  I can feel that too.  My latest post about the hockey players all “testing positive” is such an indication. I sense the lid is going to blow here in Vancouver.  We have a fabulous activist network that is growing stronger by the day.  The City Hall demonstration yesterday was a great success.

Vancouver City Hall - Good Friday
Demonstration for Small Businesses
captured on Twitter:

FreakedOut Says:   I agree with you completely and when I saw your newest post about Pro Sports, after I studied the Fuellmich video, I thought much of the same about the “mistakes”, or as I think of it; cracks in the dam popping up in many places(lose control of narrative). The unexpected QUANTITY of deaths/adverse reactions so far seems to be contributing to the loss of control of the narrative. I don’t think the psycho perpZ anticipated so much death so soon.

I also like Feullmich’s comment about the >10%(probably more) of the Awakened Crowd of humanity or as he terms the “Moral Competence” in many. Good to hear… AND see… as you mentioned the big success in your demonstration. Awesome!

greencrow says: 

Was it you who sent me the Rebel News Ezra Levant RANT about Pfizer wanting to vaxx kids as young as 2?  I think that’s a gamechanger and will be posting that video with commentary tomorrow.  I also hope to post this Fuellmich video...equally as important.  I can barely keep up with the material. Not me that sent the Ezra Rebel Rant on kids getting the jab at 2 years old. Can you imagine the HELL that would be released when people see their perfectly healthy toddlers dying shortly after getting the jab? Once the grieving parents come up the emotional scale from intense grief they’ll hit the ANGER emotion, and look out because they’ll be LOOKING for a target, we all know how anger is, and that’s when you hand them a big sign for the Rally’s. Total wheels off the bus event, IMO.

I’m having a tough time keeping up with the latest reports too, while trying to watch for Misinfo/disinfo ! 😲

Thanks for all your help.  I don’t know what I would do without you and RAH.  What we’ve done in the last six months is monumental!!! Along with the other bloggers, of course.  Maybe someday we can take a breath and a step back.  But not now....this is the push OVER THE TOP!

You’re very welcome! Glad you can use the stuff I forward. Being 3 hours ahead of you guys I guess I have the Early Watch…lol! 😊

I consider us a Team, although I’m not sure your other contributors see it that way as I never see them giving each other shout-outs or support by ADDING to Post subjects at hand. When I read your posts I try to find something to add to it or I comment on the subject posted.

My current things of concern: things are heating up in Ukraine/Crimea with Russian large scale deployment of weapons/military and this China/Taiwan sovereignty issue. Apparently the religious cult NEED another world war to bring in THEIR messiah(false). PerpZ Plan “B” coming into play? Getting ready for North America/Europe to be EMP’ed  as the conscience level is rising amongst the “morally competent” ,and this scares the shit out of the PerpZ!

I’ll be watching  to see any indication of PerpZ possible plan change.

Happy Easter! 

Talk soon,

Rebel News Op-Ed on the Pfizer
 mRNA Vaccine from Ezra Levant

Dennis says:  "Rich in sarcasm.  Ezra Levant: really well done!"

H/T Dennis

Greencrow concludes:  The Ezra Levant video above is a must watch to grasp the evil overreach that the PerpZ are planning now.  They are already testing the mRNA on 6 month old babies!  Where are they getting these "test subjects"?  Why aren't the "authorities" stepping in?!  This is worse than the "scientific experiments" in Auschwitz--that we've been brainwashed about for generations!  At the end of the video Levant reads from the warning attached to the Pfizer press release.  These vaccines are NOT safe...even by Pfizer's own admission! I saw just yesterday where more adverse reactions took place in the last four months of the roll-out than in the past decade!  Also, this just in from the UK

SHOCKING! – U.K. Government release 9th report on Adverse Reactions to the Covid Vaccines

H/T FreakedOut


FreakedOut said...

Hey, speaking of deadly Pfizer jabs, lets take a short stroll down memory lane with regards to Pfizer lying and criminality:

"OOPS! Old Archived Video: CNN Exposes Pfizer's "Pharmaceutical Fraud"

Pfizer must surely have cleaned up their act by now....yeah....right.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous(X) here:

I like this pastor...from Calgary...came as close to telling (6) cops and bylaw officers to F*CK OFF without swearing. They left speechless with tail between legs.

First thing he did was ask if they had a warrant. They did not. And then he "Alex Jones ranted" them out of his church. Very unbelievable, and exactly what everyone should be doing.

The spiritually and emotionally dead are NOW arising
Happy Easter !!!

greencrow said...

Hi Anonymous [X] I posted this last night. See previous post. But great to know it's going viral. This should inspire a lot of people to prick the covID Bubble of lies.

They have no teeth when someone stands up to them. It's all a baseless pack of lies and they know it. You can see it in their eyes.

I went out to walk my dogs on this beautiful, sunny Easter Sunday and only a few of the VERY stupid were wearing masks.