Tuesday, April 6, 2021

UPDATED: Texas [Russell Bentley] from Donbass is Predicting an Imminent war between NATO and Russia taking place in Ukraine -

UPDATED:  April 7, 2021 Stephen Lendman fleshes out the escalating tensions between Russia and NATO.  There's another UPDATE to this post submitted by FreakedOut.  It is at the end of the post.

Ukrops do not want to attack but they will be forced
to attack Donbass by NATO.  Russia will respond
Watch the video.

Texas says that US bioweapons labs in Ukraine are a serious existential threat to Russia...as well as other environmental threats...i.e. West dumping nuclear waste, etc.  Putin is going to be giving a major speech on April 21, 2021 billed as supposedly one of the most important of his career.  In the past, the West has always tried to usurp Russia when they announce an important event.  Will this be the pre-text to start a war?  Stay tuned.

Regular contributor Simon Hicks sent the following background info this morning:


H/T Simon Hicks

"Are you aware of how serious this all is?  We've been following since the beginning of March when Ukraine began amassing weapons/troops along the border & when the president of Ukraine signed this decree March 24 https://halturnerradioshow.com/index.php/en/news-page/world/bulletin-ukraine-president-signs-order-to-re-capture-crimea-from-russia-kerch-bridge-now-a-target

There is a lot of info, with regards to the upcoming war, on this site.  We are members of it, so there might be some articles that are unavailable to you.  He is a former FBI Intelligence Officer with contacts.  We've followed him for years & he's been proven to be VERY accurate with his info.

Here is some other info that we follow & they both coincide with what we follow elsewhere.



Nothing like getting info & comments from all around the world instead of North American MSM which, right now, is pretty much silent on this scenario.

Canada said it will back up Ukraine in this war. [gc comments...of course we will...what with Chrystia Freeland slathering at the mouth...drooling about more dead Donbass children!] Ukraine is pushing for membership in NATO.  The US, under Obama, backed the 2014 war with Ukraine & Biden was majorly involved with it.  Iran is backing Russia as of now.  I suggest that you read many of the articles on Hal Turner's site as you will observe the gravity of what could possibly be coming our way.  Don't poke the BEAR!

Shortly after Biden was sworn in, he sent troops to Syria to "finish off" & now there is rumour that he & Zelensky (Ukraine) were also in talks.  I believe that most people are aware that most leaders are puppets & controlled by TPTB....so these orders could definitely be coming from elsewhere.  One world government, currency, & religion could be a result of a looming WW3.  Lots of the same talk from major leaders of countries & organizations....EU, IMF, IBS, Vatican, etc.  The Great Reset will present itself in a much different frame from a much different world scenario......c-19 will look like "child's play".  TPTB have always wanted WAR & it's accompanying booming business & of course ....power & control.....the love of money is truly the root of all evil.

I've always felt via my 6th sense since last summer that there will be a major war involving many countries that will put a halt on c-19 & all that goes with it.  I, in the meantime, pray that this won't happen but it doesn't look good from what I'm sensing in my spirit.

Donna Hicks 

ps:  We have the luxury of time on our hands & have been quite awake for many years since we've retired."


Greencrow concludes:  "Texas" aka Russell Bentley and I got to know each other quite well during the last war between the Fascist Ukrops and the peoples of the Donbass.  I thank him for this video "heads up" on how serious the situation is over there again.  I stood shoulder to shoulder with Texas and the peoples of the Donbass during the last conflagration and will do so again.

Thanks also to Donna and Simon for the above background and links...and for all the tips and stories you send my way.  I agree that if the PerpZ can't get their massive casualties by way of the kill shot covid vaxx...[because sentients are onto them now] they will fall back on the old tried and true way of population reduction--war!



says:  "Additional info to add to this Post/report:

As I’ve mentioned previously, there’s a certain religious (((Cult))) that believes that in order to usher in the return of their Messiah  they believe there needs to be another World War. This info I get from Steve and Jana Ben-nun, who are former Jews, now orthodox Christians and they know both Christianity and Judaism very well. So, it’s obvious it’s NOT just about the PerpZ trying to make more money , as “War IS a Racket”(General Butler) too. Note: Steven also has close Christian friends in the Pentagon and presidential administrations.

Things to consider here:

Will this escalation in Ukraine go nuclear?

Will China come in on this fray? Note: Taiwan and China are at each others throat’s presently over the sovereignty of Taiwan from China.

Jeff Rense interviews intel analyst Mitch Henderson on Nuclear War and EMP attacks and provides some good info on how to survive what may be coming soon:

WW3 And Nuclear Fallout - The Real Risks

  My own thoughts on an EMP attack: due to my electronics background, the high altitude nuclear burst(100 miles up) will probably effect mainly LONG conductive lines  like power/telecom wires and will SURGE the lines which can potentially destroy any electronic devices connected to them(i.e.… TV, computer, refrigerator…etc.). The high voltage power lines are equipped with fuses throughout the distribution network, the thing is will the fuses blow before the damage is done? Probably not. I advise having ALL electronics on surge arrestor power strips. There’s a company that sells surge protection that might help although I don’t have any of their products…yet. I use surge protection power strips for all electronics for lightning/power line surge protection. IMHO, I don’t believe auto electronics will be affected.

Side note: just think about ALL the electronic equipment used by hospitals for healthcare! ZAP! I hope they have good central surge protection.


Remember this General?: 

Look out US/Canada/NATO!!(H/T  Rense.com): 

See what ya think of this info and let me know,



Greencrow Comments:  I think it's an essential addition to the post, FreakedOut...and Thanks!


Anonymous said...

In deed serious situation and I am glad GC reports it. Canada is glass castle throwing stones.

janny said...

Yes I think to that it is very possible. As I already told you, there is a huge build up of troops on the German border for a so-called Nato exercise.
Over here people in 'the know' talked about that to.
We must keep our fingers crossed that it does not go that way.

greencrow said...

"If my sons did not want wars, there would be none."

Gutle Schnaper, Mayer Amschel Rothschild’s wife

Anonymous said...

Thanks Janny,
And as usual if CBC doesnt report on it then it aint happening, sad

Anonymous said...

Anonymous (X) here:

"....FreakedOut says: "Additional info to add to this Post/report:
As I’ve mentioned previously, there’s a certain religious (((Cult))) that believes that in order to usher in the return of their Messiah they believe there needs to be another World War...."

Yes, this is a crucial point.

The (((Tribe))) more elite factions MAKE "prophecy" happen..which has been the plan all along since Scofield's bogus Bible...and then delude "Christians" that the "Almighty's" plan is unfolding...and Christian Zionist want WW3 asap for "2nd coming".

Judaism took a major turn with Sabbattean Frankists.

Jews throughout history have sought a messiah from within their ranks and many have stepped forward. Sabbattean Frankists made a decision that since they cannot ever attain pure goodness, the only option was the opposite...PURE EVIL. Many elites such as Rothschilds are Sabbattean Frankists.

If you understand this concept,......then you understand much of what has unfolded in history, as this belief has them believing they are "Gods" over the rest of us...aka anything goes/no holds barred ie "PURE EVIL" ...in their goal to control the entire SECULAR world.