Saturday, April 17, 2021

Real Chris Sky is BAAAAAAck! - And other Plandemic News


H/T FreakedOut


"Chris Sky is a motivational speaker and the worlds most prolific human rights advocate. His vast knowledge and articulate delivery are second to none when it comes to examining and presenting the facts to find the truth. The truth that is intentionally kept hidden from you. Chris Sky not only provides the knowledge to assert your rights and preserve your freedoms. He leads by example and puts his very life on the line, everyday. His mission to help and educate others has seen him targeted and persecuted by our own government in previously unspeakable ways, which are now becoming common place as our country and much of the world slides steadily towards tyranny. Chris has been the victim of personal and even physical attacks. His message of truth and advocating for basic human rights has made him a target of our government. Placed on the “no fly list” and having his verified instagram of almost 250,000 followers disabled. Even was removed its very first day! All attempts to de-platform him. To stifle free speech. And ultimately suppress the rights of all of us. is here to provide you the knowledge and courage you need to preserve your future."


Good morning Sentients! It's a fabulous day in the Pacific North West.  Not a Chemtrail in the Sky.  Plus, Thanks to American war correspondent FreakedOut, we have the latest on Canadian Freedom Fighter Chris about co-operation between the two nations with the longest UNmilitarized  border[so far, at least] in the world!  FreakedOut has been on this issue like a June Bug and has watched closely while Chris was deplatformed from Instagram...then set up his own website...then had that website hacked and taken down within one day...then and now...up again with a newer and hardened website as linked above.  I've been on the website already and signed in to be a member.  Also, I jumped the several (((terrifying))) lol hurdles--to complete the questionnaire linked below:

World Vaccine Polls - #JustSayNo - Take the Unsensored COVID-19 World Poll
NOTE:  I have been advised that this link doesn't work.  Those who want to take the poll need to follow the links on Chris Sky's main page.

If readers try to access this poll they will be psychically attacked by a scary red page saying that the poll page is "dangerous"...then they will have to run a gauntlet of other pages to get to it.  I did...because as a full time truth blogger for over nine years now...I am well aware that the Internet gatekeeping PerpZ just put up those phony "warning" web pages to scare the gullible.  There is no harm to your computer by accessing the pages...just keep clicking your way through to the poll and complete it.  You will be shocked...but not the number of responses and the stats in the poll.  In most cases over 90% of the thousands of respondents are in agreement with the Truther POV.  Nice to be in the majority for a change!

As I've already said, I plan to attend the Chris Sky rally to be held next Tuesday evening at Sunset Beach on English Bay.  That will be quite a challenge for me to get there and stay there for the length of the meeting and then drive back home in the dark.  The organizers want everyone to bring candles...I believe they want the event to be somewhat meditative, rather than rambunctious.  I just hope the Vancouver Police Department is still aligned with our movement.  That is absolutely critical.

Before I sign off I just want to tell readers something rather intriguing.  As anyone with a "Blogger" blog [run by Alphabet]  knows...Google/Alphabet keeps our stats to themselves.  They blatantly lie and present numbers that simply do not add up as statistics on our blogs.  So I quit paying attention to them long ago.  But sometimes I see an anomaly that I just can't ignore.  Such is the case with a certain post I did several weeks ago about a Vancouver woman who was treated like a Mexican wetback [illegal migrant] when she tried to make her way through the Vancouver airport upon returning to her "home and native land'.

Also included in that post was an "inkling" I got from my spideys about who the creep might have been who attacked "Alex the Comic" while he was loud-hailing the masked sheeple as a passenger in a car driving down Robson Street, Vancouver.  In that post, I said that I believed the psycho creep could be ex con Vince Li, who was the guy who destroyed the Greyhound Bus service across Canada a decade or so ago, by committing an atrocious crime late at night while travelling on a Greyhound Bus in Manitoba.  Well, I can say that that post has performed astonishingly...getting about 10x as many hits as normal for my posts.  Was I, as FreakedOut often says, "right over the target"?  We'll likely never know.  But I just thought I'd point out that "statistical" anomaly.

Stay tuned.


Penny said...

vaccine poll link isn't working for me?
takes me to blogger page?

greencrow said...

Thanks for letting me know, Penny. I have added a comment to the post. Readers will need to work their way to the poll by following the links on Chris Sky's main page.