Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Pure, Unalloyed Evil, by Mike Whitney - Plus RAH catches Bonnie Henry in an Awkward Moment

Bonnie in the Morning - Before She's Put On Her Makeup

Good afternoon Readers:  First I invite you to read an excellent Op-Ed from one of my favourite commentators, Mike Whitney.  Mike relies heavily on my favourite immunologist and Research Scientist, former Pfizer VP and CMO, Dr. Michael describing the evil machinations behind the "vaccine" roll out.  Few describe the mushroom cloud of evil that is hanging over this planet better than the combo of Whitney and Yeadon.  Enjoy!

Pure, Unalloyed Evil, by Mike Whitney - The Unz Review 

Next, we have a video submission by my BC war correspondent RAH who writes as follows:


"Hi gc:  

My colleague and I caught this interesting incident,. (see video link below). Dr. Bullshite was submitted a question she clearly wasn't comfortable with re: her Public Health Orders being thrown out by Courts in Northern BC (duly note her facial expressions) and the broadcast was abruptly cut.  

My colleague said this is NOT normal, as standard protocol is to formally announce the end of  the broadcast. This implies "someone" made a call to "pull the plug" asap and, further to this, they may have another protocol at the ready to pull the plug asap in such awkward circumstances." 

RAH - BC Patriot

Greencrow comments:  Readers, please watch the BitChute video below [and also linked above] and listen to our GATCF BC Bureau Chief RAH analyse the "Black Cone of Silence" that suddenly fell across BC TV Screens--when a Northern BC Reporter dared to ask Bonnie an unscripted question pertaining to all the "HELLth Orders" that are subsequently thrown out of court in BC.  

Folks...this is how the MZM deals with inconvenient reality.



 Thanks, RAH.  That was worth the price of admission+popcorn lol.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous(X) here:

Just started reading Mike Whitney article.

They nail it early on re: discussion of COMMUNISM.

Truthers that have gone down the rabbit hole realize that GLOBAL COMMUNISM is the END GAME.
....this time around its for ALL the marbles...a total GLOBAL ONE WORLD GOV'T and "the army is HELLth care professionals" .....with "vaccines as the bullets".

The sheeple are locked into the mindset of olde school COMMUNISM like China, Russia, East Germany etc....and that we don't have that all is well.

If one can escape the aforementioned mindset...we are under medical martial law with UNelected Public Health Officers locking us and the life- giving -economy down...this is totalitarian dictatorship on par with Stalin and Mao.

Every example of COMMUNISM is synonymous with culling the herd...Mao and Stalin murdered tens of millions.

Again, they are using "bullets" of vaccines as vectors of stealth COMMUNISM 2o21...this time every nation and culture is being taken down concurrently/simultaneously in one fell GLOBAL swoop.

Many have called this stealth COMMUNISM ..."Trotzkyism"....slower,undermining , infiltrating ,poisoning etc. ALL aspects of society.

Understand now Sheeple ?????

greencrow said...

Hi Anonymous [X]

You nailed it here as well.

"...we are under medical martial law with UN-elected Public Health Officers locking us and the life-giving-economy down...this is totalitarian dictatorship on par with Stalin and Mao..."

One of the worse aspects is the silencing of all alternative views and about the relentless uptick in "overdoses" and suicides. The late night and early morning police/Emergency vehicle sirens...screaming..."Bring out your dead...Bring out your dead!"

FreakedOut said...

"Danish drug regulator FAINTS at press conference announcing AstraZeneca vaccine halt (VIDEO)"

I wonder if she got the JAB?? :-O

Anonymous said...

Anonymous(X) here:

This could be a game changer:
The upper brass may have amnesty...but if SHTF with rank and file troops...Game Over.

Steven Fishman - People Who Administer Covid Vaccines ARE Liable

greencrow said...

Hi FreakedOut

Oh, those "Black Swan" events! Things that happen that are unscripted are VERY rare these days...thanks for bringing this one to our attention.

greencrow said...

Hi Anonymous [X]

We will be referencing "Informed Consent" in the next post tomorrow. That is certainly going to be a pillar of our currently being planned "Nuremberg 2.0 Trials" that will be going forward to bring the perpZ to justice.

I agree that all the injectees should have to sign a paper which explains all the (((known))) possible adverse events to the Experimental Gene Therapy and which indicates they have read and understand same. I don't know if this is happening. We should do a shout out to those poor suckers who have been vaccinated to see if that's the case.